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Get Your W.A.G. On

OK, this morning I have to give Gerry Callahan a tip of the cap. Saying that Theo has a "man crush" on J.D. Drew is spot on.


Sometimes that nasty side of the Boston Media is just what's needed. You know? Seriously, WTF is up with giving Drew $14 million per year. For the next four or five years?


Whoo-hoo! Let's trade Manny for a bunch of prospects nobody has heard of! If Theo Epstein thinks J.D. Drew is an offensive replacement for Manny Ramirez, then I have a chopstick fan to sell him.


Dude, settle down. Take deep breaths …


Settle down? Why so I can prep myself to see Big Papi walked 200+ times next season. Say goodbye to Mr. Walkoff, it's been nice to know you and shit, and say hello to Mr. Walk followed by Mr. Ground Into an Inning Ending Double Play.


OK. Granted. On the surface all of these rumors are, to use Callahan's term, obscene. But let's take a step back and consider a few things …


First, everything we're hearing right now is coming from media reports. And if the past is any barometer, 9 times out of 10, they haven't a clue to what's really going on.


Wait a second, are you saying the Sox aren't going after Drew and that they haven't been shopping Manny?


No, just saying that we don't know the why's and what for's that are possibly putting those actions in motion.


Look. While it's a fun joke, no one really believes Theo has a man crush on J.D. Drew or that Theo and Bill James et al have all of a sudden gone stupid and are going to just dump Manny for a sack of balls.


Hey, if it looks like a duck …


Humah me here … Remembah that a lot of this stuff is built on false assumptions and misinformation.


How so?


Take Manny. It's the media who are always bemoaning his lack of hustle and suggesting he's some sort of cancah to the clubhouse whom everyone else on the team can't stand. But we've no real evidence the front office or Manny's team mates feel this way.


And then there's the "Manny quit on the team last August with a phantom injury" story. Meanwhile, though, the other reports coming out of the front office were that Manny really did have a small tear in the medial meniscus of his right knee causing a bone-on-bone situation that is unpredictable and painful.


Reports which were dismissed by the media as management coddling a superstah.


Exactly. But what if those reports are the truth? Worse, what if the doctors looked at Manny's knee and said to the Red Sox that there's better than a 50 percent chance that his knee is so far gone that he's not going to be able to continue playing the outfield much longer and even serving as a full time DH is iffy?


That would put a different perspective on things we're hearing and reading these days wouldn't it?


Yeah, but that's just wild ass guessing.


Right, as opposed to Theo having a man crush.



I cannot wait for the 2007 Red Sox outfield! Theo's boyfriend J.D. Drew in left, Coco and his nine operational fingers in centerfield, and Wily Mo with Wally's glove in right.....an All Star Studded Outfield for sure!?!?!? Say it ain't so.


Or, "brilliant," even. Sigh.

Nickname for the new outfield: "Snap, Crackle and Pop".

I think the Man Crush theory has good legs considering Theo's hard-on for Edgah two years ago. Giving up on Damon to get Drew is like giving up on Cabrera to get Renteria.

I was reading Feeding the Monstah over the weekend and I've become more convinced Theo's motivated to trade Manny... they're looking at Manny like they looked at Nomah in Nov 2003. Which is going to be more productive between now and 2010, two years of Manny and two years of whatever JD Drew you have to pay top dollar for in 2009, or four years of JD Drew plus four years of Cla Meredith, Josh Bard, Anibel Sanchez level prospect? That's the sack of balls Theo's looking for... that and he's probably already looking ahead to some other man-crush outfielder he's lining up to pay $60M to in Nov 2007 (Wells, Dye, Hunter).

I just realized... am I trying to have an argument with a cartoon character?

Wow, 21 panels. The turkey-day lethargy has been cast aside by h.b.

What do I think "Jack Clark" whenever someone mentions J.D. Drew. Just sayin...


Speaking of man crush's, wtf with Julio Lugo? That has been going on for, what, 2+ years now? I just don't see it... and remember, "if your erection lasts longer than four hours, seek medical help immediately"

God, I hope we don't trade Manny. I mean, really, HB hit it on the head here. He's not REALLY a clubhouse cancer, and the man is a walking guarantee for 30 HR and 100 RBI if he DOESN'T stay healthy. That, my friends, is absurd. Trading Manny for a bunch of prospects would be the dumbest thing Theo's done yet. The only way I can stomach a trade is if Manny goes to the Angels for Orlando Cabrera, Ervin Santana, K-Rod, and Brandon Wood. Clearly, that won't happen, so I'm not holding my breath.

Amen, Notorious.

lc- so long as you're not thinking "Rob Deer."

totally off topic, but I know a lot of you guys use Firefox. I recently upgraded to FF 2.0 and have been having trouble with system crashes ever since. Don't know if it's FF or Media Player 11, which I installed at about the same time. Any one else having this problem? Thanks

The whole Drew/Manny/Damon connection thing stinks to high heaven, Axel. One note, though, is that the Damon thing happened during Theo's brief absence (as did the Beckett deal, I believe).

But enough of that ... didn't Kaz have his thesis defense yesterday?

Buckner: I upgraded to FF 2.0 the day before it was publicly available. I have not had any problems.

I'm on Windows Media Player 9. I have had problems in the past upgrading Microsoft products. You might try uninstalling Media Player and then reinstalling it.

One things for certain - if Theo dumps Manny and it turns out to be another "Renteria Special" he better have that Gorilla suit handy.IMHO

Wow, that was 21 panels! Funny thing is it came out quicker than some of the 3-4 panel ones.

As for FF2.0 one repeatable problem I've had with it is if I run Pandora in the "minimized" window in FF2.0, I'll lose the ability to type into text fields in the main window browser.

However, if I run Pandora just in its own tab, there is no problem.

BTW have I ever mentioned how much I love Pandora?


FF 2.0 here. No problems, other than my own cranial limitations.


Mark me down as being firmly in the "Keep Manny" camp. So many of the reasons have already been ennumerated here. Tell you what, Rich. If Theo "Renteria's" this thing, should it come to pass, that damned gorilla suit better be lined with Kevlar.

hb - that was actually a really well thought through exchange. I wish that I could be as objective in thinking about the arguments as you. My emotions (read man-love for Manny) prevent me from doing so. The guy is just such a gifted hitter. I just can't get why in the world trading Manny would be considered in light of the way he protects Ortiz in the lineup, his prowess with a bat, and even that arm in the outfield. I don't want to bother with looking it up, but he's had more than his share of outfield assists gunning down runners foolish enough to buy the Boston media hysteria about his "adventures" in the outfield. Gammons is saying it's likely to happen by the weekend. If so, it's a sad day in RSN.

"Manny Ortez, we hardly knew ye'."

I just can't get why in the world trading Manny would be considered...

What about Mike's gut feeling in the strip today that Manny's knee problem may be worse than we realize?

What if there is a better than 50% probability that Manny won't be able to play outfield regularly? What if there is also a non-trivial probability that such an injury may also mean that Manny would only be healthy enough to DH only every once in awhile and not regularly?

Now I'm not saying I agree with Mike's Wild Ass Guess, but it is one line of reasoning that makes trading Manny seem logical rather than crazy.

It just may be that the Red Sox fear that there is just too much of a gamble in his knee not becoming a major problem.

Assuming any trade would be contingent on a physical, perhaps another team sees the same medical data and feels it is worth the risk to bring Manny aboard?

Again, this is pure conjecture, but it fits with previous FO thinking. 1) They didn't resign Pedro because of fear his shoulder wouldn't hold out. 2) They didn't resign Damon for fear he'd go into decline well before his contract was up. With #1, Theo gambled correctly. With #2, it's still too soon to tell.

"And if the past is any barometer, 9 times out of 10, they haven't a clue to what's really going on."

Yes, Mike. Yes. I'll be occupying my time with news of Luscious going to Japan to establish "business relationships" and ignoring any rumor of Manny going to the Bay Area for...what exactaly? If SF thinks they have anything to trade for a player of Manny's caliber, they must have gotten some of the good shit from Haight St. If anything, it'll have to be a three way, possibly involving A Florida team and one Mr. Cabrera.

Lookit me! I can make up unsubstantiated trade rumors just like the rest of the media! Gimme a job, ESPN...

Hmmm Rob, Kevlar lined Gorilla suit vs.Rhino liner Rodeo clown suit. You be the judge :)

But what if Ditka is in one of the suits?


//But enough of that ... didn't Kaz have his thesis defense yesterday?//

Oh, how I wish.

No, it's this coming Monday and right now I'm sweating balls over getting a copy of it out to my committee in time for them to review it meaningfully.

So, what praytell am I doing commenting here? Well, I just got back from lunch and figured I needed 5 minutes to catch up on something other than formatting and figures and a laptop that's about to see how far plastic slides on wet pavement...

The crazy contracts in the last couple of weeks have probably driven up demand for Manny. Theo is probably looking at it simply as his only chance to sell high with Manny. If he can get 3 future stars for him, I'd be OK with it, I think. It'll suck next year, but hasn't the M.O. from Theo been all along that he was building for 2008 and beyond?

it's still too soon to tell re: Damon?

HAHAHA...woo, jeez, (wiping eyes) I needed that today, hb, thanks a lot.

Please, please, please Messrs. Epstein, Lucchino, et al: Trade Ramirez...please.

trading manny is not a loss of 30 homeruns a year its a loss of 70 plus.if drew can fill the 5 spot its a loss of 100 homeruns a year... theo... buddy... if your reading this call me so i can talk some sense to you ...dont make me havta bitch slap you again

Damon .324/.352/.618 vs. the scarlet pantyhose in '06...definitely still in "wait and see" mode...

As in: I can't wait to see his numbers in '07...

oh and btw. if you trade manny guess what...the yanks improve by standing pat

oh god is my manny man love showing?? please dont troll me!!!


Like with Pedro, it wasn't the first year of the contract that was the question with Damon. It was that FINAL year that was the bone of contention.

I don't think anyone in the FO expected any but a superior performance from Damon in 06 and most likely in 07 too.

It's beyond that they didn't want to be saddled with a declining, highly paid outfielder.

And, no, there's no given that Damon will decline, but that stats overwhelmingly suggest that the majority of ballplayers do decline significantly at those ages. (Can you say Bernie Williams?)

The Yankees like to play that risk. Theo doesn't, well, except for the Varitek contract.

I've vowed to stop reading all Sox media except this one - its the only one that makes sense anymore.

Why can't Manny play first base? Though i can see him spacing out sometimes...

I don't think thatis really Eddie Vedder.

Hey Eddie, write a song.

your pal,


You're wrong about JD Drew. Go to the MLB.com Dodger page and look up his splits. He is a much better hitter when the game is on the line or the opportunity to win presents itself. Late innings? RISP? Late innings with RISP? Big numbers. Plus he was so consistent, all season; and his best month was September. He is an elite hitter.

He's physically a little fragile. And his home run total last season was unimpressive. But on balance, he'd be a good acquisition.

Sorry to harsh the JD-hatin' buzz.

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