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Don't you know know I still believe

At long last our national nightmare is ovah.


I nevah thought it would last this long, frankly, but thank Christ that charade has played itself out.


Seriously, it's time to return to the former glory and once again unveil the God shed grace of the fruited plane.



Oh, how you drew me in, thinking it'd be a big political discussion today.

How tremendously shocking. I so thought they were 4ever.

Yesterday was perfect for the GOP. Two years of D harummphing to allow the R's distance themselves from George W. Shitforbrains. Then some new twat (generically speaking) will save us from all that in '08. Holy shit, what a depressing thing. Meanwhile, up here in Maine Gov. Dumbo got reelected with a 38% vote. A mandate for more taxation until my eyeballs bleed.

More importantly, FNL rocked.

And even more importantly (pay attention, Jen when you read this when you awaken 8 hours from now), an old friend of mine (yes, I have friends) is making his second appearance on Lost tonight. He lives in Hawaii, Jen. He appeared in season 1 as the head of the medical board in front of which Jack cornholed Dr. Dad. Tonight, he plays a minister, in a scene with E. Lilley. Casting against type, no doubt.

all the best,


Now K-Fed isn't even a footnote (a word several music critics have used to describe his "music").

H.B., what...no mention of Foulke's declined option? Of course, He can still exercise HIS option. Still, I get the feeling he'll end up playing wide receiver for the Seahawks next year.

This was the second-best piece of news yesterday.

I did think you might make a tie-in to the Sox breaking up with Foulke or Penn. breaking up with Sen. Man on Dog.

I feel for the judge that will have to decide who is the more fit parent, K-Fed or Britney.

Anybody else ever play with that face-recognition site? I did an A-Fraud comparison, and it seems he's a dead ringer for Gene Kelly (among others, including Gillian Anderson).


HB - is the last panel supposed to read "titties" or "tighties"?

Bob - that face recognition stuff was pretty funny, even if I didn't always see the resemblances. The best was his comparison to Lionel Ritchie. For some dumb reason that had me laughing out loud. Suppose Slappy's daughters will grow up to be bulemic, too?

Wow, if you ever need an ego boost, that Face Recognition software will do it. I apparently look like Stefanie Powers(?), Sheryl Crow, some really hot chick named Adriana Karembeu, Candice Bergen, Elisha Cuthbert and Cameron Diaz. I am now going to go soak my swelled head. :) Thanks for the link, Bob.

What I want to know is, why does Britney hate America?

Hilarious link. Phenomenal waster of time..Thanks!


You really really have to question the validity, though, see below

(70% Marlon Brando, 70% David Hasselhoff, 70% Mel Gibson)

Stefanie Powers? Sheryl Crow? Elisha Cuthbert? Cameron Diaz?

Damn, Natalie! I'm fantasizing about that teal dog-walk dress again. Ha!

I tried it and all I got was a cross between Richard Gere and Bullwinkle the Moose. 10% R.G. / 90% Bullwinkle. ("Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!")

Lou, you sure you're comfortable with being compared to three drunks? Man, which picture did you use, the one from the Post Office wall?

Bob- too funny, thanks!
Buck aka Bill Murray/Tom Hanks/Aidan Quinn/Steve McQueen

p.s. Asante Samuel ruined my Sunday night- how was the shower?

Gene Kelly was the man.

and after yesterday's comments, I'm glad to see Mike is back on track with what's really important in the world

Hey, Rob, if you're part Bullwinkle and part Gere, wouldn't it be "hey Rocky, watch me pull a hamster out of my ..."


//Gene Kelly was the man.//

Yes, Jason, he was. But like A-Fraud, his role was often cut in post-production.

//p.s. Asante Samuel ruined my Sunday night- how was the shower?//

You mean the football game with people in the background handing out gifts?

It was fine. Sorry the Pats played poorly. How'd you like the seats?

seats were great- Hell, I was in line for the INT of Brady myself on that first series. Your fellow row 22 citizens were a little disappointed when you didn't show, however. I tried to live up to your standards, but, alas...

Ike - LOL! Love those urban legends. Uh, it WAS an urban legend, right? right?

Oh my GOD!

//I tried to live up to your standards, but, alas...//

Don't worry about it. That just means you're not an extremely loud, bellowing know-it-all.

Still, I AM a great fan. If I have a voice two days after the game, I know I haven't done my job.

BTW, I assume you're talking about the two gentlemen to the right of my seats. They're great, funny guys.

Was it a hamster or a gerbil?

I guess it doesn't really matter in the end.


Ba-doom! Ching!

The dems take the House (and the Senate?), Rummy steps down, AND K-Fed becomes Fed-Ex. Oh joyous day! Oh rapture! delight!

"Fed-Ex" ... good one!

Ah, Rob, would that the software told the truth! I don't think I look anything like any of them (although my mom in her 20s was a dead ringer for the young Candice Bergen and to this day reminds me overwhelmingly of present-day Sharon Stone. I, alas, favor my father :). The only celeb lookalike I have gotten that I could actually see was being called a "blonde Lisa Marie Presley" by the guys behind the counter at Pizzetta in Beacon Hill. But they, and I, were likely drunk :)

Jen in HI- you said it, sister! A GLORIOUS day for the republic. We are in raptures here at my office.

and Lou, I'll keep my eyes open for your minister friend tonight on Lost. (is he single/cute?)
I dunno about that face recognition stuff...I got Barbara Stanwyck, Scartlett Johansson, Carrie Underwood and...Rob Reiner??

My face recognition brought up Russell Crowe (98%), Neil Young (64%), and Leonardo DiCaprio (0.00000003%).

//I'll keep my eyes open for your minister friend tonight on Lost. (is he single/cute?)//

yes/ doubtful / old (like me)


lou, perhaps most importantly...is he a Red Sox fan? And -ahem- might I remind you that with age comes wisdom and sometimes hot chicks (see: Jack Nicholson/hungry Lara Flynn Boyle)

Yes, he's a Red Sox fan. He's a shrink in real life.


//Yes, he's a Red Sox fan. He's a shrink in real life.//

Now there's a combination that's sure to mean guaranteed employment. At least he can self-medicate. :-)


Damn, I wish I'd thought of that. Best yet - HB-esque in scope! Expect that to find it's way into every Hollyweird gossip rag by next week. I fully expect to use it regularly myself (with attribution, of course...)

Alas, Fed-Ex seems to be popular with many of the celeb bloggers today. Great minds thinking alike? Probably just minds thinking.

Most folks here seem happy, or at least OK, with the election results. So what to expect out of a Democrat-controlled Congress? Realistically I'm thinking we can hope for:
1) Steps toward deficit reduction
2) Steps toward alternate fuels

and dont forget running like pussies from iraq.

oh and btw. im down with the alt. fuels thing but as far as reducing the deficit, its as of last report (about two weeks ago) is on the way down. and the only way dems ever pay for anything is by taxing us even more. not everyone was happy with yesterday i guess. please dont hate me.....lol

3) a more realistic minimum wage?

I'm sure IkeG was talking on a more broad time scale than a 2-day national debt windfall!

National debt adjusted for inflation graph

Notice that Clinton was the first since 1983 to turn in a slowing effect on the debt and actually even got us to shrink the debt in 2000 and 2001...until Bush and the warhawks got their hands on it.

means very little in much of new england, starting pay at mcdonalds is 8. to 8.50 per hour well in my little area of connecticut

brain fart, i was speaking for all of new england again.

minimum wage should be a living wage.

Overheard last night on the Daily Show/Colbert Report: "Connecticut: Richer than God".

//"Connecticut: Richer than God"//

Pretty funny. Maybe on the "Gold Coast" (Greenwich or Stamford) or quiet corners of Litchfield County and/or in mikeya2k1's corner of the state, but most definitely not in my neck of the Nutmeg State.

Esp. in the vicinity of my wallet... :-(

I'm elated that Mainers had enough sense to reelect Baldacci. I was not looking forward to trying to explain to friends and colleagues out here on the Left Coast why my home state elected a guy named "Woodcock" governor.

RIP, GOP majority, and good riddance. Somewhere up in Heaven, Bill Hicks are Hunter Thompson are chugging whiskey and laughing their asses off.

Sorry, that should've read "Bill Hicks AND Hunter Thompson." My giddiness at the GOP's ignominious defeat is causing me to commit multiple typos.

things cant be that bad rob you can afterall afford the internet. im in central connecticut cant get any more central hence the name of my home town. anyway all i meant was theres enough jobs here that keeps the low end wage above minimum. and by the way, screw bill hicks and hunter thomson scotch is a much better drink choice

I'm with you on the Scotch thing, mikeya2k1. And believe it or not, I used to work in your hometown in the big tower building. A monument to hubris if ever there was one. I'm North and East of you, a similar sized town also beginning with "M". And Richard Gere's hamsters turn the wheel to provide the electricity to run my computer. How they got there I'll never know (and am too afraid to ask.) :-D

Everybody -

On the political tip, just came from a party where Howard Dean spoke. Talked about the Democratic agenda, touched on a lot of points. Alternative fuel and living wages are on the agenda, along with a stop to torture (big priority) and civil rights (read: scale back the patriot act). Scaling back taxes for the middle class is on the list. Iraq is a huge part, and transitioning control of the country to the elected govt is going to happen in an informed, rational way. Plan is to encourage Americans to act as members of the greatest nation on Earth, to set an example for other nations by acting with grace and respect for other cultures, and to reach out to every potential constituency in the U.S. even if they would not vote Democrat. Dean was incredibly consiliatory through the whole speech, and cited stats about 33% of evangelical voters voting Democrat.

I tried talking to him afterwards but was only able to eavesdrop on a more interesting conversation. Impeachment is NOT on the agenda, Democrats have better things to do and having control of the legislature is going to give them enough power to provide oversight that has been missing. Someone asked him about his thoughts on Rumsfeld, he said something unpolitical (I did not hear exactly what and do not want to try to paraphrase) and was not smiling when he said it.

My thoughts about this wonderful victory that has fallen into Democratic hands: the GOP did it to themselves with Katrina, Iraq and the corruption. This was not a vote for a Democratic agenda, but a 'throw the bums out' sentimentality that is fairly common in American politics. The nation is waiting to see what the Democrats are going to do, and the people in charge are very, very smart. They know their undoing will only come at their own hands and they have very effective controls in place to make sure that will not happen. The Democratic base, the people who have been going door to door and devoted 100s of hours of their time to see these victories happen, are incredibly energized and understand what lead to the GOP's undoing. Expect the Dems to become more moderate over the next couple of years and field a very strong candidate for President in 2008.

If Schilling ever runs, he BETTER run Democrat. These guys are a different breed and I am really proud of what has happened.


Mike - Thanks for the update. I'm encouraged by what you have to report. While I'm far from agreeing with everything the Dems say and do, I'm hopeful the mean-spiritedness that has been the legacy of Bush 43's presidency has finally begun to be expunged. I agree the yesterday's elections were a repudiation of Iraq and Bush's administration more than they were an endorsement of any Democratic platform. Here's hoping both sides of the aisle recognize what's at stake and find a way to put the American people and the values we share as a nation in front of the intolerance, selfishness, greed and teenage page ass that has been the hallmark of the early part of this century.

Call me an optimist, but I believe that this country has an innate sense of doing the right thing at the right time. Mike's right (well, evidentally he's more left); this vote wasn't so much "we're a liberal, democrat country" so much as a "Jesus Christ, we need to change a little here folks."

Good to hear H. Dean's views. They do indeed sound smart and reasonable. My only worry is that "acting with grace and respect for other cultures" might include radical Islam (and I do stress "radical"), which deserves neither grace nor respect. (If I'm kidnapped, please forward this post to the CIA and Special Forces.)

Oh Jen in HL...

You expect reduced spending from Democrats? Did you forget the party that ran Congress when the budget WAS balanced? You want a balanced budget, start with term limits.

As for "living wadge" and "minium wadge" - suppy and demand - the more the minimum wadge, the fewer jobs there will be. If you want a higher "working wadge" enforce the borders and send illeags back... reduced supply of low cost labor would result in an increase in the wadges paid.

Capitalism is wonderful things.

According to Olney at ESPN, Sox have the highest bid on Daisuke Matsuzaka

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