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These fish biscuits are making me thirsty

It's a new season of 'Lostaholix' Thursdays …

So Shaughnessy leads his latest paean to New York by talking about how awesome it is that one city can host two playoff games in the same day … Hey, how's that rainout working out for you bee-atch?


Yeah, that's what the CHB gets for messing with Carl Everett. His dinosaur hating god will smite the boyfriend's saggy, freckled ass.


Meanwhile, back on Lost island we waited all fucking summah to learn, wait for it, that Henry Gale's real name is 'Ben.' W00T. Now that's some serious sonxabitchin secret revealing I tell you what.


And, OK, I know you white folk all look the same, but, c'mon, I can't be the only one who gets confused between Juliet, Penny, Sarah, Libby? WTF? Blond bitches all look identical.


Seriously, at one point I was like 'What's the Grey's Anatomy chick doing the island?'


Yes, there was a lot of show mixing. They open with the Others at Wysteria Lane then move to Kate winning Reward on Survivor.


I swear I can't take another Jackback.


Exactly how many Jackbacks does it take anyway to reveal that that character has exactly one dimension?


Honestly, I know clipart characters from MS Word that have more personality dimensions than Dr. Jack Shephard.


Can't wait for the next episode, of course.


Me neithah. I mean it's a lot like watching the Red Sox. Any given episode is infuriating, mind-boggling, stupid, exasperating, but, our asses are right back on the couch to watch the next one.



"Lost" is starting to lose me. They better have a great episode soon, or they risk losing an actual, honest-to-God Nielsen viewer.

BTW, saw an interesting article today. Seems the Skankees are the most inefficient club in all of baseball. The Red Sox are third-worst:


The Skanks, with their bloated payroll, spend over $2,000,000 per win. We're a relative bargain at $1.4M.

Yeah, Jack was an asshole to his ex and dad. We get it. Move on. What the hell is going on at the South Pole anyway? Although I'll probably keep watching as long as the wife is watching. It's one of very few shows we watch together.

Here's what I derived from Lost last night:

The pudding faced-guy(Ben)is King Shit.
Dr. Dad gets more screen time than the Korean Chick. Zeke's contract wasn't renewed. Grass grows nicely on the "island".

Did I miss anything?
I didn't think so.


Watching the plane break apart and seeing The Others react to it was interesting. They didn't seem surprised by an plane exploding overhead.

After the first round of flashbacks, I was pretty much done with them. I really am more interested in how things are going on the island. Only Hurley and Kate have had truly interesting second and third flashbacks.

Bob, please watch Veronica Mars every week. Thanks.

Wanted to put this into the strip but forgot: Is Zeke gay? Or does his "you're not my type, Kate" mean that he digs the brown sugar, ala Miss Cleo?

Oh, I felt they were fully expecting the plane.

Okay - I've officially gone too far with Soxaholix. Watching last night's show, trying to keep track of who all the blonde bitches were, all I could think was "That blonde Other looks an awful lot like Circle/Susan."

Lost is starting to lose me, too. They really need to kick it back up a notch. More Big Papi, er, Mr. Ecko and his mofo Jesus stick.

Sorta got intrigued with "The Nine" though.

And did anyone doubt Grady Little would somehow be involved in a game where two runners get tagged out at home on the same play? Sweet Jeezuz! Yeah, we're all professionals here...

I got the impression that planes breaking up overhead was not an uncommon event. They seemed to have a basic plan in place to deal with visitors from the sky.

The book club was reading Carrie by Stephen King - any significance? Didn't Henry ask for Stephen King when he was locked in the hatch last year?

Rob in CT- that play was HILARIOUS. In one camera shot, you can see the one guy getting tagged out at home as the other guy is still 3/4 of the way to third and the third base coach is STANDING RIGHT THERE just watching. No raised hands, no frantic stop stop stopm motion, he's just a casual observer. I couldn't stop laughing. Did I miss something? Did the Dodgers hire Dale Sveum?

Have to confess, I have never gotten into Lost, so you've lost me with today's strip (oh, I kill myself). But Friday Night Lights is FANTASTIC. Anyone else catch that on Tues night?

Glad I'm not the only one who's sick and fucking tired of Jack's flashbacks. Here's hoping for a season full of Others' flashbacks :D

And yes, re: blond women on the show. Actual coversation at my microparty last night -

*show starts*
Me: Is that Desmond's girlfriend?
1: No, that's Libby.
2: No it's not. That's Shannon.
Me: Shannon's dead.
2. Yeah, but so's Libby!
Me: It's not Libby.
1. Wait... that's Jack's ex-wife! The one he fixed.
2. Why is she hosting a book club?

...they're seriously all the same. Can we get a redhead up in here, please?

Love Friday Night Lights. But it had dismal numbers from Tuesday. Hope word of mouth picks it up a bit or that'll be headed to hiatus.

Friday Night Lights reran the pilot last night.

BTW, anybody else notice that Grey's Anatomy beat CSI in their premieres?

Bob, I second the plea for you to watch Veronica Mars religiously. We don't want to lose Weevil from the screen.
Sorry to hear that Friday Night Lights didn't do well, and even sorrier to hear that they reran the pilot last night and I missed it the second time. The first time was legit--I had to haul my ass to an Eric Clapton concert, where I watched four poeple in the seats in front of me fall asleep during the acoustic section of the concert. I guess if you're a 61-year old rock star, your fan base can't stay up too late.

In Re: Friday Night Lights.

It has a unique feel and pacing, in the same way the Hill Street Blues was a departure from then-existing form. I watched the same show twice. If you can't see and hear the sound of a saw being cut through the kid's helmet without being affected, then I would rather not know you.

Let's pump up FNL.


hb, Lost is rapidly becoming a 35 minute excuse for airing 25 minutes of commercials. Its really tough to follow whatever the hell is going on when theres a 5 minute commercial break for every 2 minutes of substance. Do yourself a favor, watch The Wire on HBO some time to see what real drama is about. (ps. we're going to find out this season that Zeke is actually Sawyer's father's gay abusive ex-lover, and I guarantee that there will be an episode with Walt chatting with Maf54 on that 70's computer thing....you'll see)

Who said I don't watch The Wire?

Something to keep in mind: Just because I don't do a strip focusing on something doesn't mean you've caught me unawares.

Remember the golden rule for Soxaholix themes: It must be something that is funny or can be made fun of and/or that a good line can be developed from.

The Wire? Yeah, effin barrel of laughs that is. :)

Coming soon: The Soxaholix discuss Schindler's List and The Killing Fields.

"Coming soon: The Soxaholix discuss Schindler's List and The Killing Fields"


Maybe they could form their own book club and invite Juliet from the Others to join in. (Yeah, I had to go look up her name...) Nah, nevermind. I'd never be able to keep her and Susan straight.

The vote's in, btw. Circle is definitely hotter.

More importantly, could you repost the Soxaholix (r) panels on Amish school shooting. I think I missed that one.

sf lc

You can add one non-Nielsen to FNL. I tivoed Heroes because of a comment here a week or so ago. Still haven't gotten around to watching it. Now I guess I'll add FNL. As it is, the only reason that I watched Lost last night instead of letting sit on TiVo for a few days was so that I could read Soxaholix today. I think that makes me obsessed in a scary kind of way. If it's good enough for h.b., it's good enough for me!

I third (or is it fourth?) the support for Veronica Mars (even though I loathe the new intro).

I confess that while I've heard great things about Veronica Mars, I haven't ever watched an episode.

I vaguelly recall not watching it initially because it wasn't in HD. Not sure if that's still the case.

Okay, all you Veronica Mars fans, I'll do you a favor and program it in so it's recorded as such by Nielsen.

But you guys DO know that the first, orginal Weevil is Wiley Wiggins, right?

Very cool guy.

Oh, BTW, after lunch at All Star Sandwich in Cambridge (pretty damn good), I had the honor and priviledge of seeing A-Fraud strike-out looking with the bases loaded. A beer at the Beacon Hill Pub was never so satifying.

Frickin' Judas Damon...3-1 Spankees. Verlander may be imploding.

"I know clipart characters from MS Word that have more personality dimensions than Dr. Jack Shephard" is the funniest line in the history of Christendom.

"Coming soon: The Soxaholix discuss Schindler's List and The Killing Fields"

Aye, never thought I'd see the day when Soxaholix classify something as taboo...but alas, these are the days of watching ones own ass lest it be rendered indefinitely. The Wire is hardly devoid of comic relief...just figured I'd get the creativity flowing for the offseason, though this offseason should hold all the drama and comedy of any of the above :)

Not "taboo." Not at all. Just not something I have the ability to turn into humor really easily.

If you do, please be my guest.

But remember, you only have 30 minutes total to write the strip, proof it, code it, and publish it. That is, if you want to match my pace.

Any takers?

C'mon, I'll kick all your asses. :)

(I'm getting my Bukowski mood on.)

H.B., have you seen Factotum yet? I liked it.

I want to get to Factotum this weekend if I can.

Saw a documentary on Buk the other night and it really got me wanting to check out out how they do on this adaptation.

Has to be better than the Mickey Rourke one.

Somebody should do Post Office though. That seems like it'd adapt so well.

Bah...time limits suck, and we all have complete faith in your ability. You should be writing for TV or film...something that would allow you to stretch out and ditch the 30 minute deadline thing. Yours is the stuff of legend and endless cooler chat in my office. If Werner is reading this, he could do much worse for a writer...and probably has (That 80's show comes to mind)

Thanks, Bob!

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