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Maybe they should just let people vote on who deserves to win a ballgame?

So Cafardo writes, "If Theo Epstein or Brian Cashman tried to parade a rostah like the Cardinals' onto the field in Boston or New York, they'd probably be run out of town."


Well, considering the World Series ratings, I've got a feeling it's more than just Boston and New York fans who dig rostahs made up of players whom, you know, you've actually heard of.


Baseball's lucky it's on Fox, because that eliminates any chance it'd evah have to go up against American Idol.


Seriously, because let's face it, America's "National Pastime" is watching talent shows on TV.


Speaking of people you've never heard of getting into the spotlight, who the frig is Tony Romo? Did you see that last night?


Poor Drew Bledsoe. Once again he's benched, and once again his aftahthought replacement comes out and plays like the second coming of Johnny Unitas.


You gotta figya Bledsoe must have done something heinous in a previous life, because kahma is pimp slapping the shit out of him in this one.



I was really bummed the Cards won. I wanted the Tigers to be our feel-good story of the year... Oh well.

On a football note, have a book recommendation for the group: "The Blind Side," Michael "Moneyball" Lewis' latest about the evolution of the left tackle was PHEnomenal. Edifying, moving and very well-written-I gobbled it up in the time of one cross-continental flight. Two thumbs WAY up...

FNL tonight, y'all!!!

Still though, as bad as Parcell's benching him might be (for Bledsoe, not the 'Boys fans), it pales in comparison to the bitch slap that NE gave him trading him to an intra-divisional rival (Buffalo). That's when you really know your (ex)team doesn't think too much of you. "Yeah we'll be playing your new team twice this season. We think you're gonna help us by playing for them." Ouch!

Might have something to do with the fact that he stands there motionless as a tree stump then guns the ball 10 feet over the receivers head and into the arms of the deep cover just as he gets hit. Can't say I was a big fan of the Bledsoe years with the Patriots...

Oh, and as I recall it, all the Pats got was a future draft pick. (And they made out on the deal, needless to say.)

Thanks for the reminder on FNL tonight (I had forgotten)

Ya, I guess they hgad the WS and noone came. Apparently Chris Duncan has been drunk since Friday, though.

//“For those of you who have been on the streets, I am not responsible for Tyler Johnson and Chris Duncan,” the manger joked Sunday. “I just hope they quit celebrating the day before spring training starts in ’07.”//

ps what's a manger?


Isn't a manger where you feed and house a horse? I think, inevitably, it fills up with horseshit.

I would have liked to see the Tigers win it all, same reason as Natalie, but man did their defense instantly suck in the WS, or what? Yikes. Worst. World Series. Ever.

I love how Tuna's nakedness has been pointed out by his many post-Bellicheck failures. And yet, he's still touted as a genius. How? Why? Don't look at that man behind the curtain!

Once again, B. Beane's hypothesis about the post season receives support...the Tigers sucked in the 2nd half, got hot for 2 weeks, and regressed. Meanwhile, a barely above average St. Louis wins it all.

I will lament the day Parcells retires. For he's only person who addresses the media as they should be addressed.

I picked up Romo for my FF team this week. Still lost. Damn Cinci D.

Maybe Mystique and Aura can pay Drew a visit and cheer him up, seeing as it's the off season n all...

I feel for Drew. Class act all the way. Team player. Doesn't cause any problems like some players would if they were benched. He helped revitalize the NFL in New England. Not many Pats fans before Drew and Parcels came on board.

I do blame Parcels for losing the SB to the Packers though. Not a fan anymore, but he helped set the wheels in motion to where the franchise is today and you have to acknowledge that.

Big game tonite.

Go Pats!

Are you sure FNL has moved to Mondays? Everything I've checked still has it on tomorrow.

Rich: Tonight at 10. I just heard an NBC promo on the radio.

see http://tvcocktail.ivillage.com/entertainment/2006/10/special_friday_night_lights_to.html


...does it seem strange that they'd put a tv show about football on Monday night?

It hasn't "moved" to Mondays; instead, they are putting it in Studio 60's time slot since all indications are that Studio 60 has been axed.

Oh man I don't want to start hearing about "another great show cancelled by the suits only interested in viewership" if Studio 60 is done. It was entertaining, but not even close to legendary humor or plotlines. Let's not canonize it please.

Oh yeah,Friday Night Lights vs Monday Night Football. I wonder who'll come out on top on that one? Anyway thanks all for clarifying that for me R.

h.b.-are you in some time warp? I could have sworn you just posted before me.

The worst ratings in WS history? It only makes sense, because at 83-78, St. Louis had the worst regular-season record of any World Series winner in history.

Yahoo TV listings do show FNL coming on at 10:00 pm tonight, right after "Heroes". I know, I know. I'm a broken record about that show. But dammit, somebody watch so I have someone to converse with about what happened.

Buckner, you're spot on with Mystique and Aura. They've got plenty of experience dealing with stiff, over-hyped, over-paid athletes who never quite get it done. They'll know juuuuuuust what to do.

And now it's recording my post as of 3:01 when it's only 2:01.

I feel like I'm in an episode of "Twilight Zone". :-)

"do-do-do-do. do-do-do-do" *

*Twilight Zone Theme music going on now as the sound track to my day***

OMG 3:01-I better get back to work:)

Son of Dewey, you may have missed the previous discussion of "Studio 60". In general, the Soxaholix readers were not in praise of the show. I watched it once and agree with you ... it's OK, but no crying here that it's going away.

My biggest problem with the WS was my old-man status. I couldn't stay awake past the 4th inning, even with the tremendous drama of pine-tar-gate.

Tony Romo? Isn't that the name of a pizza chain?

Drew Bledsoe and Bill Parcells absolutely, unequivocally, saved football in New England. The Patriots were not just bad in the years between Supbowl XX and Tuna's arrival; they were bad and boring. Horrible team, horrible stadium, no fan base, in a region where football always came in a distant fourth to baseball, basketball, and hockey. Parcells and Bledsoe changed all that.

That's why it's almost painful to watch what's going on now. Bledsoe is a good guy; it's not his fault that he panics and makes horrible decisions under pressure. And Parcells' sideline facial expression makes it look like the last thing in the world he wants to be doing is coaching football. (Of course, how many of us would hate our jobs if our boss had brought a Human Cancer Cell like T.O. into the office and said "use him or else."?)

Oh man I don't want to start hearing about "another great show cancelled by the suits only interested in viewership" if Studio 60 is done. It was entertaining, but not even close to legendary humor or plotlines. Let's not canonize it please.

Where does this come from?

I actually really can't stand the show, so no hard feelings from me either if it goes.

Yeah, all the dates are messed up. Blame TypePad, it's out of my control.

It hasn't "moved" to Mondays; instead, they are putting it in Studio 60's time slot since all indications are that Studio 60 has been axed.

FNL will also repeat tomorrow at its usual time.

If it does well tonight at 10, though, it very well could be moved to that slot permanently.

My comments are actually getting tagged with the correct time. Don't know why some of the others aren't.

Of course, how many of us would hate our jobs if our boss had brought a Human Cancer Cell like T.O. into the office and said "use him or else."?

I confess I like T.0. But, then again, I tend to like most of the "bad boys" in sports with some exceptions, e.g. Sheffield.

And I'd rather work alongside a nutjob who has passion than the typical mediocre paycheck collectors who make up the majority in a typical workplace.

But your mileage may vary, of course.

As for Parcells, he became dead to me when it came out that he was negotiating his Jets contract in the days before the 96 Super Bowl.

And without Belichick and Weiss as assistants ... well, the proof is in the pudding as far as Parcells goes.

Nat - LOL! Okay, kiddo. You're on.


I'm really enjoying this "responding to the comments/actions before they happen" thing.

Kinda like the Japanese guy in Heroes. (And you wonder why I like the show so much... :D )

Rich - I just noticed the same thing. I think the deal is that hb's clock hasn't adjusted for the end of DST. The site must log all comments in chrono time.

A little weird to see happen in real time.

Rob in CT- what am I? Chopped liver? :) I LOVE Heroes, cannot wait for tonight's ep...We can chat tomorrow.

Die, Studio 60! DIE!!

Studio 60 is just not entertaining. I've watched all of the episodes so far in hopes that it will get better. Actually, I watched the last two because Sting and Lauren Graham were guest-starring. I seriously dislike Christine Lahti, so I was disappointed and annoyed to see her added to the cast. It's a show about a TV sketch comedy show and Sorkin doesn't seem to get that. It's not important stuff but it could be entertaining. Sadly, it's not. It's self-important and boring. Further, it focuses too much on things I don't really care about, like the romance between Aaron Sorkin and Kristin Chenoweth, I mean Matthew Perry and the blond woman. Show the writers sussing out the joke in a sketch. Show the guest host more. The scenes last week between Perry and Hughly were actually interesting, but there just hasn't been enough of that and there's been too much, "AARON SORKIN IS GREAT AND WILL SAVE TELEVISION."

And, really, can anyone really believe that Amanda Peet's character would have no friends?

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