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I got your Big Sur right here (R)

Soxaholix Redux — October 2004

The following is an encore presentation of the strip that was originally published on Oct 5, 2004.

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It's show time. Red Sox v Angels, ALDS Game 1, 4pm today …

All over the Simi Valley, fuckers are setting aside their fish tacos to go look for their thundersticks.


Yeah, check this shit out: Cocksuckers have a "Yankees Suck" thunderstick. How fucking original.


What the fuck do you expect, it's the land of chinplants and tummy tucks for fuck's sake. Nothing's for real.


No, shit. Even their Rally Monkey had to get a dick enlargement implant I heard.


Yeah, check out this little monkey spankah blogging the Angels and comforting himself with how cursed the Red Sox are.


Hey Halofan, two fucking words: Donnie Moore.


Shit, dude, don't mock the dead. [Crosses himself]


Hey, I'm just fucking sayin' … that's all.



as DR Smith would say "the pain, the pain"

Well, at least the fact that A-Fraud is batting sixth gave me a laugh this morning.

Wow, I still can't believe he said "Donnie Moore". Dude is ruthless.

Oops, gotta go ... I'm getting an IM from somebody named "Foley"

Is he "paging" you?

Oh, how Foley loves to peruse his favorite pages. Does anyone think they found a NAMBLA membership card in his wallet?

Something about being really, REALLY excited and that he's behind me 100%...

Two sets of Fenway photos to share.

1) My ode to Trot:

2) I updated my Green Monster photos:

Two sets of Fenway photos to share.

1) My ode to Trot:

2) I updated my Green Monster photos:

Hey IkeG...how old r u? What r u wearing? R u safe from the Big Dig? Better send me a pic. Let me know next time ur in dc, ok? I'll get behind you, alright! No child left his behind intact leaving these congressional offices. No sir!

Slow day.

Did you know that Foley never uses bookmarks?

Yeah, he'd prefer to bend over his pages...

Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all week. Try the veal.

Anyone notice that North Korea's gonna test a nuclear device?

Oh, I'm sorry, this Foley story is much more important, particularly given that Gerry Studs banged a male page and then served another 13 years in the House...

Love the old strips - Donnie Moore reference and all. I was watching that game in '86. I turned off the TV - so pissed that they were going to lose the series. Stayed away from the TV for all of 2 minutes. Turned it back on to watch the bitter end and got to see Hendu's homer. Soxaholix Redux does however bring new meaning to the phrase 'living in the past'.

Awkward segue, but did anyone else watch "Heroes" last night? Still lovin' the little Japanese guy's character. And how about watching a nuclear blast take out NYC right at the end of the show?

From my hotel room, it looked like the blast came from the direction of Yankee Stadium. Hmm, who do you suppose set that off?

It would be so like the country to get wrapped up in Foleygate while the North Koreans test their nuclear device on San Francisco. After all, Gary Condit kept the nation enthralled all during the lead up to 9/11.

Funnier, Jason, not more important. FUNNIER.

"Look, man, I ain't fallin' for no banana in my tailpipe!"- Foley (Axel that is).

Sorry. As Rob said, I'll be here all week. Make sure to tip your waitresses.

Can someone explain why Theo & Company continue to fire competent people in this organization. Ron Jackson has done an outstanding job. Sure this year was not too hot, but look what he had to work with. Dave Wallace has been excellent as well. They also fired the Dr. that performed the World Series winning surgery on Shilling last year!! Unbelievable! Is Theo taking direction from Bob Kraft? Please some of you baseball experts on this blog educate me. I am losing faith in our young boy wonder.

Right, the best one that I have heard is that in the spirit of bipartisanship, Studs and Foley are trying to get on the same page.

Great pics Dunster,thanks :)

Wow. First time I'd ever heard her, but I'm lovin' Regina Spektor.

And if she'd only call, I'd love Regina Spektor...

I like Vernon Wells on Baseball Tonight.


"Funnier, Jason, not more important. FUNNIER."

Although, I thought Kim Jong Il was funny as hell in "Team America: World Police". What a great documentary!


Jason, it doesn't matter if you, I, and the rest of the commenters here pay more attention to Foley and the coverup than North Korea. Unless, of course, one of the commenters is involved in non-proliferation issues. In which case, what the heck are you doing here? In any event, what matters is what our leadership is doing -- you know, covering up scandals and making the U.S. a nation that permits torture, admitting that we'll never defeat the Taliban (!), stuff like that.

Ben Stein is officially dead to me.

Can there be foreshadowing in real life?

Rep. Foley said this after the release of the Starr Report:

"It's vile. It's more sad than anything else, to see someone with such potential throw it all down the drain because of a sexual addiction."

Scott, if Theo is taking direction from Bob Kraft, then there's hope for us yet.

If I'm not mistaken, Bob Kraft has been far more productive at cranking out championships...

Just sayin'.

You can't make this stuff up! LOL!
Maf54 (foley's IM name): after i finish voting we should go get a drink
Teen: yes yes :)
Maf54: you're prolly not old enough
Teen: that's not what my ID says
Maf54: ok
Teen: i prolly shouldn't have told you that lol
Maf54: we'll just have to drink at my house then

Earlier that night, they described sexual orgasms to each other and Maf54 said: i bet you didn't know you have this effect on me

EWWW!!! Man, this thing just gets better all the time!

New joke: When asked for comment about the scandal, Foley stated that he just wanted to turn the page and push on.

Tip the veal. Try your waitress.

Crazy stat from the Globe today: 10% of players in playoffs are ex-Sox. That sure raises an eyebrow for me about Theo's recent performance...

You know what Foley calls a menage a' toi?

A double-page spread.

You know, Foley could have handled this whole scandal if he'd just taken a page out of Barney Frank's book.

I've got a million of 'em folks.

Yep - count me in. I don't pretend to understand this whole coach-firing move - it makes no sense to me (and I even read Mnookin's book in an effort to better 'get' the business side of things!)

There's a big difference between gutsy, bold moves and major decisions made solely for the purpose of looking like you're doing something.

i read the article... Ben you Trot and me... ill bring the beers

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