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BFFL version 2.0

At least Buckner had the excuse that his ankle were held together by duck tape and bondo.


So am I the only one who finds this Bill Belichick and Tony LaRussa friendship, I dunno, odd?


I'm imagining their first meeting …


BB: I just want to say that I think you're a genius.

TL: No way. You're the genius.

BB: Nuh-uh, you're the genius. I mean, c'mon, George Will featured half a baseball strategy book about you.

TL: Yeah, but, David Halberstam wrote an entire book about you.

BB: Oh, you. Don't make me blush.

TL: Hey, wanna go watch game film!

BB: High-five, coach.

TL: You da man.

BB: No you da man.

TL: Oh, you.


Well, it WAS a really bad hop.

And they were already behind.

But still, that's frigging hilarious.

(Due disclosure, I'm of Irish heritage, so I don't generally root for England in anything except wars after 1812.)

Is it me, or did Borat will that ball over the boot and into the net?

I didn't know they played soccer matches at Fenway during the offseason. And the guy looked like he wanted to cry. The best was when he vaguely indicated the patch of grass that caused the hop...like he knew no one was buying it, but that, fuck man, it really wasn't his fault. Just so defeated. Hilarious!

Is it me, or does it look like he missed on purpose. He didn't even try to go and recover it. Most people's response, in realizing they missed it would be to physically turn and go after it, maybe dive at it, something. He just turned his head. Fishy to me.

And as someone who was born and raised British, it makes me laugh that everyone in England is wringing their hands because they lost to Croatia, like it's some East European Andorra or San Marino. The Croatians have never lost at home since getting their own team 12 years ago. That's never. NEVER. The English attitude is still rooted in the "we invented the game so we should win all the time" rut. Of course, it would be the same over here if they had a World Championship of baseball and the U.S. team didn't make the final - oh, wait a minute...

What a brutal hop that ball took just shy of the chalk line.

I play goalie for hockey, soccer, baseball (ok, catcher, but same difference)...I've never seen something that wicked before and it's even amplified by the fact that these things are low scoring affairs.

As for why he didn't jump on it...two reasons: 1) reaction time...he was expecting to watch the ball sail in front of him and it didn't happen, by the time you figure out what went wrong, it's still rolling out of your reach; and 2) it was passed back by his own defender which means he is not allowed to use his hands and must play it as if he were just any other man on the field.

...plus, Kaz, it was such a routine play. You see this pass back all the time, and this just NEVER happens. It so clearly wasn't his fault, and yet, he'll be lampooned forever.

Jeter would have made the stop....



Thanks for the info. I didn't know that about not being able to touch the ball with your hands if it was passed to you by your own defender. That makes sense that he saw there was nothing he could do at that point.

WWA-FD(what would A-Fraud do)

Rob...Jeter would have not only gotten his foot on the ball, but would have kicked it all the downfield for a goal, full-on foosball-goalie style. ;)

Screw that "football" stuff, what about Cork getting beaten in the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship by Kilkenny? I cried for days that my Rebels should lose to those filthy Cats.

"full-on foosball-goalie style"

Good one Dave!

Have a nice weekend everybody. As Torre said after Game 4, "I'm outta here!"

For full disclosure, I was only summarizing the "pass back" rule for soccer.

The full rule is that if your own player passes the ball to you using his leg/foot, then as a goalie, you're restricted to not use your hands in order to play the ball. If your own player uses their head/chest instead, then you can field the ball with your hands as you would normally.

In the video, the defender plays it back off his foot, so he couldn't have lept back and grabbed the ball.

I just didn't want someone learning the rule from what I said earlier and getting in a pub fight when a goalie picks up the ball after a header back to him from his own man.

GROAN!!...its gonna be a long offseason

No kidding. Not even the WS yet and we're learning the intricacies of the pass-back rule.

Jeez, the Tigers look good again. Kenny's got a 1-hitter through 4 and a 2-nil lead.

da kine-you all right out there?

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