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Remember, there is crying in soccer

Did I really just watch a 19 inning baseball game?


Yeah, there's six hours and nineteen minutes of my life I won't get back.


But what the frig, you know, 2 of 3 from the White Sox on the road combined with a Yankees loss yestahday? No complaints heah.


Absolutely. It's been a solid first half. There's a few worries, but we should be all smiles during this break.


I'm also feeling good that the World Cup is ovah for anothah 4 years, there's only so much man-crying I can take.


You know the old saying, éI went to a fight and a hockey game broke outé? Well, after 3 weeks of the World Cup I'm adding this one: I went to the Oprah show and a soccer match broke out.


Heh. Yeah, I can live without the teah baths, the image fakery, the ad hoc officiating, but, I tell ya, I will miss the singing.


And the next time some head up his ass sportswritahstarts to pooh-pooh the anti-Yankees sentiments expressed by Red Sox fans as déclassé or something, I just want to point to international soccer fans.


No kidding, when it comes to crude taunts and just general hatred for another club, we're choir boys and girls by comparison.


Of course, in the eyes of our chattering class, anything the Europeans do, be it smoking, immigration riots, domestic surveillance or whatevah, it's evidence of a sophisticated elan and subtle sang-froid.



Arivederci to FIFA Football. That Zidane dude really showed his colors. Vive La Frogs.

As for yesterday's death march, let's throw Lester or Johnson in there for an inning or two, eh? Seanez pitching was like waiting for a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer...you knew it would end badly.


Is it too much to ask that Tavarez pitch like that every time out? Sheesh, 4 innings, 1 hit, no runs, against a pretty formidable lineup. Nice job by Hansen and Delcarmen, who are starting to look reliable. Oh, and Lowell's 5-3 DP in the umpteenth was sweet.

I'd rather have had the W, but 2 of 3 in US Smellular is a nice finish to the 1st half. Sort of like stealing the ball in the lane and just missing the half-court shot. Maybe the loss will make them hungrier for after the break.

"...And the next time some head up his ass sportswritahstarts to pooh-pooh the anti-Yankees sentiments expressed by Red Sox fans as déclassé or something..."
I went to the Dave Matthews Band show at Fenway on Saturday and while waiting for the band to come back out for an encore, the entire park began a rousing chorus of YANKEES SUCK! It was no doubt pedestrian, hackneyed even, but it did warm the cockles of my heart :)

//Lowell's 5-3 DP in the umpteenth was sweet.//

To give due credit, that was the inestimable super sub Mr. Alex Cora.

It took the White Sox four games to finally get one from the Red Sox, only with help from the umps' non-interference call on what should have been a game-ending DP in the 11th.

Great first half, and more games at home in the second. I'll take it. Rest up guys, and we'll see you at Fenway.

I have to say it, but the White Sox really deserved this game. They neva quit. I mean down to their last out and against our awesome closer they tie it up. And again against the #2 guy in the bullpen they tie it up. So they beat the best our pen had to offah and sometimes ya just hafta say,"Good Job". They are a scary team. I saw them come back from 8 or nine runs down last month and couldn't believe that I saw then. They really don't quit. What a marathon game. My son was really upset. He wanted me to buy a punching bag with a picture of the White Sox team on it so he could punch them all.(He's 7) I had that feeling you get just before a protology exam when they brought Seanez in. You know its going to be uncomfortable and you just want it to be ovah. Anyways, it was a good half and I'm looking forward to an even better second half.

I was in the North End last night...all the bullshit of the World Cup so ably detailed in the above strip is worth the spontaneous joy of thousands of people. Not an unsmiling face for blocks.

Black, keep that "Yankees Suck" chant going...that is one of the things on which my mind and spirit feed. Last year when the Yankees overtook the Red Sox I was in a bar in Boston for the last out vs. Tampa Bay and the chant broke out...I was smiling form ear to ear.

I just figured it out yesterday...Julian Tavarez is part Ferengi.

Julian Tavarez is part Ferengi.

Oh, man, good call!

BTW I'm late to dance on this one as I was on Firefly, but I'm totally loving season 1 of the new Battlestar Gallactica series on DVD.

HB, be careful or I'll point you in the direction of a bunch of scifi and British shows that haven't hopped the pond, and you'll spend all your day torrenting, converting, or watching.


Tavarez can stay; he adds a certain Creep-show effect to the bullpen. Like the kid you hung around with just to see the weird shit he would eat/do. But Seanez is like the kid in the neighborhood you could not ditch and waited for to move away. If I were Rudy, I'd be renting in Boston...week to week.

I had to leave to walk the dog during the first Seanez inning. The definition of brutal. See also: Jason Varitek's at bats...

But dude, I will so take 2 out of 3 from the ChiSox, especially since I would not have blamed any of the players for checking their email during their at bats from the 13th inning on. I felt for them-- that's akin to client calling with hours worth of extra work at 5pm on the Friday before your vacation.

Big Papi in the Home Run Derby tonight!

I'll reiterate an offer I made a few weeks ago. Send me $2.10 and if I get a million people to send me the money, then we'll pull a "Green Bay" and publicly buy out Rudy Seanez's contract ($1.9 mil base and $200,000 buyout to not pick up his option for 2007).

Hell, if people are feeling generous, then I'll accept $4.20 from 500,000 people. I'm sure there are some rich Sox fans (ahem, Mr. King I'm talking to you) that would pony up more than $4.20 so we may not even need 500,000 people to join in.

I can't believe in this day and age that we can't just buy this guy off of the Red Sox (or the Red Sox can't just spend the extra $2 million to island this guy in Pawtucket or something). Maybe Manny would put up a month's worth of salary and we'd have our $2 million right there.

BUT that having been said, I don't blaim Rudy for last night. I mean he was the *ONLY* option left...we'd ridden Tavarez for 4 innings (and while Julian wanted to go 5, Tito was right not to try his luck)...none of the starters were available in any sense...we'd already blown the lead 2x since the 8th inning.

We did just about everything on both sides of the ball to keep Seanez out, but he was all we had left.

This is why he needs to go (so that someone else who can actually pitch is all we have left)...but I can't feel like laying into him about last night's loss the way I do when we're up by 4 and lose by 2 when he takes over in the 7th or something.

Only watched 13 innings at the bar then had to get home.

Can't stand that punk Ozzie Guillen, but he did a better job than Tito yesterday. How can you not miss (2) bad non-calls by the umps? Also couldn't Paps have pitched 1 more inning? I knew Lopez was going to blow it against that bastard Thome.

Enough complaining. Good series. Great 1st half. Looking forward to the plethora of home games in the second half.

Hey all...the Sox are 1/2 game better than last year going into the break: last year, 2 1/2 up on the Yanks, this year 3. With the Yanks not having Sheffield, Matsui, or A-Rod. With the Sox having gone on Logan's Run. With Ortiz leading the universe in RBI. You all feel good about the first half. I'm delighted that the Yanks are as close as they are. You all are surprisingly sanguine about yesterday...it's very Yankeefan-esque, especially considering the 3 of 4 dropped to the Devilled Eggs, er...Double A's, er...Devil-Rays.

One thing I wonder about...here's a 19 inning afair, it's the last game before a four day break for everyone. Why didn't either team use any of its starters in extras? I appreciate that the Ferengi (I am such a geek for understanding this I am such a geek for understanding this) pitched better than he has all year, and that the ChiSox went through the best of BoSox 'pen to keep their hopes alive. But what about pitching Wakefield? Or the White Sox Vazquez? I guess I'm just surprised that neither Tito nor Pottymouth, both of whom are excellent out-of-the-box managers, deviated from standard procedure and actually gave some of their more rested starters some real work.

@Dave S. --

Maybe I was drunk (or just plum-fucking-insane from listening to five hours of the ChiSox TERRIBLE announcing crew), but I believe Javier Vazquez pitched 1.2 innings yesterday. He relieved Jenks.

the hawk is the worst homer i have ever encountered. apart from " there are 2 strike zones today, and we aren't getting any calls, veritek is pulling the ball in and getting the call". The worst is " he gone" i wanted to throw something thru the tv

Do'h. Missed that in my looking at the box score...there he is..thanks Kluv.

My favorite in listening to the White Sox announcers (on TV, though) is when they just cross the line completely and say something like "Wow, we really need a base hit, or we're in trouble," or "They're just flat out outplaying us today." And by favorite, I mean most hated. I have never heard such a bunch of homers as they, and am glad I don't even know they're names. And I say all this though if I have the TV volume on, I'm forced to listen to Michael Kay.

Seriously. When those ChiSox slags started yelling "Stay fair... STAY FAIR... STAY FAIR!!!" at a foul ball I was ready to strangle someone.


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