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Pushing the button

Lisa the Temp:
Hi, I'm Lisa, and I'll be your temp today.


Lisa the Temp:
I've been tasked with conveying the following message: "Get out your pink-sequined hats, people, the Sox just took 2 of 3 from Detroit."


Lisa the Temp:
I trust that has some sort of meaning for you fans of the crotch-grabbing borefest you call baseball.


Lisa the Temp:
OK, run along now. Lisa the Temp is busy working on her cover letter for a new career.


Lisa the Temp:
Experience working with technology from the 80s. Check. Thrives at meaningless tasks while under surreptitious surveillance. Check. I'm so going to love working at Hanso. Namaste, bitches!



Namste, indeed. May the divinity within you kick the overpaid butts of the MFY in that monumentless city we call Nuevo York.

Since we are instructed by Lisa that today is an "off" day, here's some people who have even more thime on their hands than us.



Nice job by JVB, Seanez, Riske of not letting in any runs. The box score isn't completely clean, and JVB looked like he was having trouble finding the plate at one point there, but hopefully the success can continue.

Clement is allowed a decent outing here and there also.

what was up with Clement leaving the game the way he did? I'm not buying the "he was spent" story. He started the inning ok and 3 pitches later he is so spent he leaves the mound?

Heres hoping all the MFY fans have fun with Curtis Montague as the new Everquest villian. I'm pretty sure it's what he had in mind.

Should be villain-my bad

"Namaste, bitches"

h.b., can you put that on a shirt? I'd buy that for a dollar! (Sorry, robocop was on repeated on Starz this weekend, and the rain kept me in the house mostly.)

I'm glad Clement found his groove, even against the suddenly cool Detroit Tigers. I can't believe Pudge got himself thrown out TWICE on base hits. The second one where he got gunned down at second base was just sad; the 3rd baseline camera angle showed Manny picking up the ball and he was already firing it in as Pudge was rounding first. He really should know better. That's OK though, the more people try to test Manny's quick release, the more OF assists he picks up.

RE: Clement's quick exit --- I wonder if Varitek and Francona didn't talk right before the inning and figure that if he starts to show signs of head-case-itis, pull him before he digs himself another rut.

I got a new TV for watching the games this week. Go Sox!

I'd be up for the organ courier position with Hanso.

So yesterday Posada had to fill in at first after Jeter got knocked out of the game. Maybe we'll get to see Donnie Baseball suit up tonight.

Namaste, bitches, indeed a great tshirt idea! I'd wear it to power yoga, where those bastards force you into ungodly positions in 108 degree heat (a phrase only acceptable if I am in, say, Phoenix during the summer with a boyfriend :) and then smile serenely, fold their hands and... Namaste.

Ike G, I think you hit the nail on the head. Celement just looked a little wild-eyed out there, and his post-game comments suggested to me mental rather than physical fatigue.

Hey, anyone have a line on where I can get a Red Sox collar for my brand new baby chocolate lab? Tessie needs to represent!

Hey Nat - Simple Google search for doggie stuff:

I'll be there tonight and at Fenway on Saturday vs. the Rangers...all three games I'll have seen as of Saturday (barring injury) will involve Beckett on the mound. Too bad I drew Mussina at the same time...

But ya never know.

Is it that difficult to understand that Clement undoubtedly worked his tail off both mentally and physically leading up to this game and had a heart rate that was probably off the charts through most of the game? He survived a gut check in the sixth inning and probably sat in the dugout feeling like he was at the bottom of a drain. Of course he was exhausted at the start of the seventh. Who wouldn't be?

Sheesh, looks like Gordon Edes was right: "With Matt Clement temporarily quieting the debate over whether he is still qualified to pitch in the big leagues, represent the city of Boston, and retain membership in the human race -- if you don't think these things are interconnected, turn on your radio..."

It would seem that Beckett also sent in Lisa the Temp today.

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