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Hurricane season: Are you prepared?

So even though he can barely hit his weight, without Alex Gonzalez last night is a loss.


A-Gon's defense is incredible. The plays he makes, I see 'em but I still can't believe 'em.


Meanwhile, I know Wily Mo Pena was never intended to help the team this year, as he's all about the future, but, still, his wrist injury in gonna hurt us in the present.


Even more troubling, that's the kind of injury that can totally screw up a hittah permanently.


Man, what a tough fucking game this is.


Yeah, everything is lining up for a classic June swoon.


It's times like this when 2004's success absolutely humbles me. I mean, it's just so difficult to have everything fall into place like that.


Dude, you're not tossing in the towel on '06 already are you?


No way. I mean back in the wintah, who could have foreseen Jonathan Papelbon's emergence as closer extrodinairre? A team best ever 19 consecutive saves to start the season?


Absolutely, there's still so much possibility. Crisp is back. Wells is probably going to be OK. And then there's Lester being primped and preened for a late summer call up.


But we're going to have to get a few lucky bounces along the way or else we're all going to be feeling like Jennifer Aniston.



I hate to admit that I even tried it, but the Jennifer Anniston link is broken.

Ha Ha.

Thanks for the bad link notice. Fixed now.

Poor Jen.

Another step in the 12-step program ... beat Ted Lilly. Bring on Kam Loe!

I guess if you have to lose 2 of 3, winning the third game is the best way to go. Thumbs up to JVB, MannyDel, Foulke, and Papelbon. Pauley, not too bad except for that 4-run 5th.

<< Mike: A-Gon's defense is incredible. The plays he makes, I see 'em but I still can't believe 'em. >>

No shit. Turning the second half of that double play to get Pauley out of the jam in the 3rd after the rookie nearly threw the ball over A-Gon's head in his excitement was amazing. Saved the run and possibly the game. Damn I enjoy watching him!

//Pauley, not too bad except for that 4-run 5th.//

I hope you're kidding. That was like watching Heathcliff Slocum pitch for four-plus innings. Thank God for double plays and Alex G.

"Pauley, not too bad except for that 4-run 5th."

Huh? Was that MST3000 I was watching last night while you were watching the game? Holy Crap, Paulie escaped by the hair on Reed Johnson's chinny chin chin in every inning until the dyke gave way. Sure he's a C Dog, and I want to take up for him, but it could have been 8-1 by the end of the 3rd.

Note to creepy strip readers: The pitching is in disarray.


AGon is simply amazing. Thanks for the props. And I agree, I don't care if he hits .200 as long as he keeps making those plays (and what's really impressive is how he makes the really difficult plays look so damn easy).

And props to Pauley. It's a hell of a thing to ask a 22-year-old kid in AA to face the toughest lineup in baseball (yes, the Jays are hitting .300 as a team). He did his job, and kept the Sox in the game. I give him all the credit in the world for hanging in there and battling on every pitch.

//until the dyke gave way//

Erm, I believe you mean *dike.*

"//until the dyke gave way//

Erm, I believe you mean *dike.* "

Did I?

//Erm, I believe you mean *dike.*//

Well, in the context of "hair on chinny chin chins," "dyke" may also be correct usage.

"...that's the kind of injury that can totally screw up a hittah permanently"

While that is true, Papi said he had a similar injury in 1998. He had broken his during a swing and it took him 2 months to recover.

I hope Wily Mo's injury screws him up the same way.

I have a friend who follows the national league. He says that AGon is Ozzie Smith before Ozzie learned to hit. Maybe some flips before the game would clue the Fenway faithful.

Does Papelbon have 'entrance music' yet? If not I vote for Ted Nugent's Stranglehold.


How about "Over and Out" by the Foo Fighters:

Could I be the one
To break a will so strong
Pray it won't be long
Til your will is gone
Everything is done
Nothing left at all

yeah, pauley needed defense to keep him in the game, but he also got a grounder to second with one out and two on in the fifth. if loretta makes that (albeit tough) play, it still would have been 6-1.

I demanded that the Baseball Gods grant me a Sox win yesterday, because it was my birthday, and the win was granted. I am therefore taking full credit for the win.

You're welcome.

Not Sox related - but this is funny as all hell. If you can't laugh at the Royals right now, who can you laugh at?

Awesome link, COD.

Speaking of sports satire, I offer up this sports version of the Onion. Occasionally VERY funny...


Now all of the Royals will adopt that weird, drop-the-hip batting style. And of course, they'll be experts at throwing balls from the outfield into garbage cans.

Goddamn, JVB looking like another genius move by Theo. A gem from the scrapheap so far. Nice to beat a Blue Jays starter other than the hapless Josh Towers... fuqqin get outta Toronto and head to the Motor City asap. Glad we won't be facing Verlander up thattaway.

I coach little league, and I have used the garbage can drill. It helps.

//JVB looking like another genius move by Theo.//

When he comes into the game, they should play "James K. Polk" by They Might Be Giants:

In 1844, the Democrats were split
The three nominees for the presidential candidate
Were Martin Van Buren, a former president and an abolitionist
James Buchanan, a moderate
Louis Cass, a general and expansionist
From Nashville came a dark horse riding up
He was James K. Polk, Napoleon of the Stump

If JVB catches on, will the fans be holding up 8 fingers when they bring him in the game?

Thanks for the win, Aaron.

Ahhh. Baseball's appeal is it is a thinking woman's game. Compared to the NFL- which it seems as if the rules were devised by a bunch of 8 year old boys smoking dad's stogies- baseball has the golden sheen of chrisma (unless, say, your team is the Kansas City Royals). Baseball has is a mathamatical puzzle but one with grace and panache.
I like lots of sports, but baseball is my one true love.
So if you fellas out there wonder the endless question ;what do women want?" They want a their lives to play out as a baseball game, with their man hitting, making great plays, and wearing tight pants.
I will not mention why we sometimes need to change pitchers nor will I remark on the role of the bullpen within our deepest desires.

Yet I will say this: a man who can take the mound when the pressure is on, throw some impressive heat, strike out the side in the bottom of the ninth, thereby putting a fine point to end of a game with style, is a man who knows how to close. He also knows- somewhere deep within his soul- what women want.

BB is in good spirits, of course, because as we determined last year, he doesn't live anywhere near NYC but in some flyover territory in the mid West, where, it seems, the DHS is sending much of the pork.

Gotta protect the "home of sliced bread" after all.

I mean, holy fucking mohammed, the Jihadists hate sliced bread!

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