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Happy Mondays

Jeez, if only Phil Mickelson were a team, the Yankees might be off the hook for the worst choke jobbahs in all of sports.


Now as for not even knowing the meaning of the verb "to choke" I offah you one Jonathan Papelbon …


Holy Shiloh Jolie-Pitt the Mississippi kid's got 'nads of no, not steel, steel is for pussies, no, not titanium, not even close, this kid's got 'nads of armah piehcing depleted uranium I tell you the fucking what.


Last night in Hotlanta Timlin leaves Paps with two men on, but no sweat, right? One pitch and out. Un-buh-lievable dot com.


You read his line and you think is must be a typo: 36.2 innings pitched, 1 earned run.


This morning I'm happiah than Britney Spears with a box of twinkies and a fresh pack of Salems.



//...happiah than Britney Spears with a box of twinkies and a fresh pack of Salems//

Nice one H.B., nice one.

The sweetest part of the comeback last night, to me, was after Papi and Manny went down, the rest of the lineup came alive. It was a big relief after Rudy M-F'n Seanez did his best to blow another game.

I don't want to brag or anything but the Red Sox haven't lost since my grandson was born on Friday! He's already had his little red socks that I bought him months ago put on his little feet!

Three things I learned over the weekend:
1) The NBA still bores the crap out of me
2) The World Cup should be played with no refs --- how else to avoid these ridiculous red and yellow cards? I'm waiting for some guy to get yellow-carded for a bad haircut.
3) The Braves really really do suck

Does anyone want to lead the AL East? Guys, this isn't like cycling. You don't have to draft off another team.

The Braves are now in last place - one game behind the hottest team in baseball, the Florida Marlins.

Setting an awfully high bar for that kid Papelbon...hopefully the shitstorm doesn't get too bad when statistical regression catches up to him, like it did with Damon, Mo Vaughn, Foulke and Nomar among many others...someone needs to tell the kid that Boston turns on people quicker than Klaus Fuchs.

Setting an awfully high bar for that kid Papelbon...

I know what you're saying, but in this particular case I don't sense that sort of thing from RSN.

Fans just seem truly surprised and grateful that Paps has been as good as he has been.

I don't at all get any feeling that if he has a bad spell he's going to be tossed overboard. At least not in his first full rookie season.

//Foulke and Nomar//

Bad knees/wrists tend to do bad things to your stat lines. I have no doubt whatsoever that if Foulke especially had remained perfectly healthy, he wouldn't have experienced "statistical regression."

Wonderful camera angle from ESPN last night of Papelbon glaring in at the batter. Yoikes.

"someone needs to tell the kid that Boston turns on people quicker than Klaus Fuchs."

AROD gets booed at Yankee Stadium EVERY TIME he does not get a hit... He was the MVP last year. sorry, no Dennis Miller-esque quip to add.

Right on Griffin. That close-up was chilling - better than any ridiculous horror movie for tingling the spine. Varitek was giving some nasty glares, too, when he was up to bat. And what about Trot's catch? Fantastic game.

Also, did anyone else notice that about the only one NOT sweating profusely was Mr. Papelbon. Hell, even Papi & Manny looked pitted-out...forget about Smoltz & Schilling. No wonder no one sits near pitchers in the dug-out. I agree with others, Rudy Saenez must be banished from the pen. I also agree with h.b., I don't catch the same vib with Papelbon as with Foulke and others. I think the reason is we drafted Papelbon, he came from our system, by all accounts he is a good kid & teammate...and he hasn't committed the ultimate sin of insulting the fans.

The Yankees own you. Your success is measured against the Yankees. The Yankees are what the Shit Sox wish they could be as an organization, and Shit Sox fans lie awake at night in trembling cold sweats wishing they had a team like the Yankees to root for. Nine straight division titles. 26 championships. You are completely and totally owned. Go watch the World Cup and start over with a new sport--baseball is the Yankees' sport, and always will be.

You gotta hand it to the U.S. team for its game Saturday. It will be a very exciting week around July 4 if they're still in it.

"Billy, come upstairs. Your PBJ with the crusts cut off is ready!"

"But, Mo-om! I'm busy telling the Soxaholix how owned they are. And call me A-Rod!"

Shit, bad timing. Didn't mean you, Billy Mahty. Meant the comment above yours.

Congrats Tessie! What say we win a WS for the little bugger in his first year of fan-dom? We're due anyways...

As terrible of a feeling that creeped into the pit of my stomach when I saw Seasez toeing the rubber last night, I had a really really good feeling when Mr. Doubles came up to pinch hit. Was there any doubt that he was going to drive in both runners? (Similarly, was there any doubt that Rudy was going to give up a longball on his first pitch?)

Paps is nails. Period. Do not fuck with him or he might bore a hole into your soul with his mound-stare, then strike you out.

//That close-up was chilling - better than any ridiculous horror movie for tingling the spine.//

No kidding. Pap's glare reminded me of the Evil Monkey on Family Guy.

J.O., is "statistical regression" some sort of wierd euphemism for age and injury?

Even still, nobody turned on Damon or Foulke until they started stinking up our breakfast tables while we're reading their latest craptastic vocal poo on our sports pages.

Nomar was less caustic and so he's received far more of a shrug and glance than anything hateful. At the time, I remember being really astounded at the move myself.

When Mo left, I wasn't paying much attention to the Red Sox as I was still enthralled with Cal and my O's.

Papelbon doesn't have these issues and considering his attitude in the press and such, I really doubt he'd ever lash out at the team or fans and so he'll get equal respect.

Somebody, anybody, please buy Seanez and Tavares motorcycles. I hear some guy named Ben has one for sale cheap....

Enough of these two. If your middle relief is gonna get spanked this often, it might as well be the kids from the farm system getting some experience, instead of a pair of over-the-hill guys just getting older and farther over the hill. Ugghh!

I'd say Timlin's appearance was far more worrying than Seanez's. After all, we know Seanez sucks. But Timlin is a guy we need, and he can't get out of the 8th inning? Hopefully, it's just rustiness from the injury, and he'll back to normal soon.

Unless we want Papelbon to start throwing three innings every night, some repairs must be made to that atrocious middle relief. Get on the phone, Boy Wonder...

It means that Papelbon in extremely unlikely to continue his current statistical trend over a period longer than the very short term...any pitcher would be in the same situation.

Boston is as gray as a Russian play when the media et al "reevaluates" you...Nomar was done, remember?
Last I checked, in 197 ABs, .355/.423/.589.
In case you didn't catch that: .355/.423/.589.

Oh yeah, right, I forgot, Nomar hit pop ups alot in key situations...just like Alex isn't clutch....

Timlin pitched fine. The Braves suck goat nutz, but it is their relief corps - not their hitters - that is the cause of their suckitude. Papelbon looked fierce as a mofo in his closeups, but what's up with the camera angle on the Youkimonster in the dugout? They somehow made his tobacco-swollen bottom lip and soul patch seem to leap out 4 inches from his face.

The image of Nomar sulking on the bench during that crucial game against the Yankees in 2003 is seared into my memory and, for me, was when it was pretty obvious he no longer wanted to be on that club and was, very possibly, a gray cloud and/or distraction.

Now you can argue that management "made him that way." But so what?

And so what if he's doing well now. Great.

Trading him was a crucial part of the 2004 victory.

I can deal with that.

Renereria's gone on to be pretty good too. Then there's Clemens and Fisk and Ekersley and a bunch of other guys who went on to have great careers elsewhere.

So what?

That's baseball.

Don't forget Contreras, who's pretty good right now als.... oops, wrong team

Or, to state it another way, an organization makes a huge mistake and trades/releases someone whose demonstrated, extraordinary talent falls in to the "special case" category.

Like a not completely healthy Nomar or a not completely adjusted Contreras.

It wasn't so much Nomar sulking on the bench with his phantom injury during the Yankees series that I found disheartening. It was hearing the next day that immediately after Jeter charged into the stands for a popup, Nomar informed Tito that he was available if need be. Glad that he is doing well, but also glad to see him go. I thought he was done after last year as a Cub.

Eric Gagne got 152 saves in 158 opps with appx. a 1.66 ERA from 2002-2004.

If we get anything similar from Papelbon (and all signs point to yes...and more) over the next 3 years as a closer, then he can "statistically regress" all he wants later.

If he plays baseball and loves the Red Sox and the fans, then he goes down in fame instead of in flames like a Damon or Foulke.

Paraphrasing Hunter S. Thompson:

Ho ho ho, Ike, what a stupendous rube...I was still typing while you were posting...

I'll readily criticize Cashman for Contreras while the vast majority of RSN still swallows Lucchino's kool-aid re: Nomar, whose only identifiable sin was that he was not healthy...

...which he proved by being injured much of the last 2 years, the worst injury sustained as he tried to run out a grounder.

I cant believe they still drag that 26 titles crap out...and you were there for how many???
And thank god for J.O. cuz without him we'd all be so euphoric we wouldn't be able to function normally.

Nomar, whose only identifiable sin was that he was not healthy...

So now a team should hold onto a player indefinitely when he's injured so he doesn't get hia whittle feelwings all boo-boo hurt hurt?

Boo hoo hoo.

Teams that win championships, by their very nature, have to make heartless decisions, see "Bledsoe, Drew" and "Brady, Tom."

It's a business not a youth soccer game.

Heck, maybe we should take away keeping score in baseball so nobody get's their self-esteem hurt by "losing."

I'll split the difference with you h.b. and ask that we just don't score the 6th, 7th, and 8th innings from now on.

I think we can all agree to that.

Do you hold on to Aaron Small or Rudy Seanez or Keith Foulke or Jeff Nelson when they're hurt? No.

When the player in question's career line is .320/.370/.546, I contend that you should determine if 2 off years are because of health problems or natural age-related decline.

Knowledgeable Yankees fans wanted his massive schnozz in pinstripes for this reason.

I contend that you should determine if 2 off years are because of health problems or natural age-related decline.

And miss a chance at winning the WS while you wait around?

Me, I kind of like the way 2004 turned out.

Yeah, too bad Nomar was hurt and sulking or whatever. And great he's doing fine now with the Dodgers.

All's well that ends well.

Remember, too, that Nomar wanted more than $15 mil/yr over 4 years ($15 mil was an insult to him, as I recall). Sure, I'd like his production this year, but not for $30 million of wasted money over the last two years. I think that "knowledgeable" Yankee fans wanted him this year because his price tag was much, much lower due to recent injuries.

To attribute the World Series to Nomar's departure is quaint, and also naive.

That's like me claiming that if only Roger Clemens had not gone to Houston....

To attribute the World Series to Nomar's departure is quaint, and also naive.

It's but one piece to the puzzle, a butterly flapping its wings and all that.

My bigger point is: I don't want to fuck with or second guess one single thing from 2004 be it trading Nomar or how many times Curt Schilling scratched his balls between starts or how many groupies Derek Lowe ate out.

2004 was perfect. Wouldn't change a single thing.

So dredging up Nomar is not only boring but totally moot.

Seems to me, Jason, you should be more worried about your own roster rather than guys the Red Sox traded two seasons ago.

Jason's just trying to justify why we should have held onto Nomar so that he can keep holding out hope for Bernie Williams to put up another .400+/.500+/.330+ year like 1998-9 in 2007.

Does anyone think Nomah's numbers would be this good if he was still at short? 1B puts a lot less miles on the wheels. Plus the Yanks wanted Nomar as a super-sub, not an every day player.

Re: Nomar -

I have no real worries about 'cutting bait' after 2 bad years - most stats analysis indicates that Nomar's skill set isn't necessarily one that ages well, he was a liability at the position that maximized his value, and when you add the spat of injuries there's really no reason to hang on. Ask the Cubs how well they profited from having Nomar around.

With that said - I respect and love the hell out of the guy, and I'm overjoyed he's doing well. If the 200 AB sample size is even within the ballpark of what he does over, say, 700 PAs, then he's back to All Star level, where we all hoped he'd have been for years. If he gets injured and finshes the season with 300 PAs (and there's something in the water at Chavez Ravine, look at that shit show), then it's something of another story, but his #s still show value.

All in all, however, for the cost (both literal cost of paying Nomar, plus opportunity cost that comes with not knowing what you're getting or where he's even playing), it was probably best the Sox and Nomar split - and no amount of respect for his past accomplishments in the Fens can really change that.

And Phil Mickelson isn't even good at choking...

Did you notice Colin Montgomerie choking up the title about ten minutes earlier? Now, that's a choke!

I've been following the Nomar debate today. For the record, Nomar stunk it up in key situations in the field. I'll never forget the first game of the season one year vs. the Devil Rays. He double-clutched on a routine double play that would have ended the game and then giggled about it like it was no big deal. The Sox lost that game. Plays like that are why he's no longer with the Sox and no longer playing SS. He stinks at SS. He is one of the softest players ever, completely OK with sitting out key series. Also, he didn't fit in with the Sox style of taking pitches and working counts. Granted, neither did Cabrera, but Cabrera wasn't swinging at first pitches to ruin rallies in the three-hole. The Sox won the W.S. because of the Cabrera trade and he should have been re-signed. And if he hadn't made the sensational backhand grab on A-Rod we'd never be talking about the Sox as W.S. champs or A-Rod as a choke artist.

"Shit, bad timing. Didn't mean you, Billy Mahty. Meant the comment above yours."

Just read this - no sweat!

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