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Global domination (not so much)

Well, it's been awhile, but I'm here to tell you the concept of the "naked protest" is alive and, er, well.*



Thank Mohammed because I know I can only go so long without getting that sense of righteousness and 1st Amendment giddiness that only comes with seeing a bunch of doughy, middle-aged white guys exposing their genitalia.


Seriously, nothing says "freedom" and "speak truth to power" quite like an old dude's shriveled nut sack.


Yeah, kind of like nothing says "American global domination" quite like watching the national team sleepwalk their way around a World Cup pitch.


I know I've seen the Kansas City Royals put up more of a fight than that.


You'd think that being 0 for forevah on European soil would, you know, provide some motivation and shit.


Yeah, well, just wait until next quadrennial.


Absolutely. 2010 is gonna be our year, bitches.



Too bad Kelly the Ballgirl didn't participate in the protest

Heh 10:55 and one post. Futbal ain't such a hot topic. I weighed in yesterday anyways.

I guess we are in the "it's a marathon, not a sprint" mindset for the Sahx. What could be less interesting than a revival of the Polk County Mayor's Cup Race on a rug in Minnesota in June?


Well, let's see if a super-rested Red Sox team behind AL win leader Curt Schilling will light up Minnesota, or if losing the second game Sunday with our split-squad was all for not.

If we have to watch Seanez/Tavarez/Foulke chunk another loss, I think they should have to participate in their own naked bike ride through Dorchester.

Hopefully the Sox can generate some excitement against the Twinkies tonight...

My prayers go out to Ben and the entire Roethlisberger family after his accident yesterday...I hope he makes a complete and speedy recovery. But, meanwhile, how thankful am I that Tom Brady or Big Papi (as far as I know) is not cruising the streets of Boston on the world's fastest street-legal motorcycle WITHOUT A HELMET...

How pissed must Cowher be?

Timlin's back in town, right? How important is that mofo to the bullpen? Answer: bunches.

One can always find a Red Sox analogy. Big Ben's injury recalls Jim Lonborg's skiing injury after the 1967 season. Even back then, fans were wondering what Lonnie was thinking by going to the slopes. Nothing against bikes but I can't see the logic behind not wearing a helmet. But my friends in NH like to point out that the lack of a helmet or seatbelt law in the state fits well with the motto 'Live Free or Die'. Get well Ben - but thanks for increasing the Pats odds for ring #4.

Gawd-Only in California

I hope

Sports on TV during lunch is a great thing. However, when I turned the game on and the score was 0-2, and it only got worse from there, it made reading at lunch look more attractive.

I thought about posting on the suckitude of the U.S. effort in the WC, but didn't know where to start, and was immediately depressed by the whole "2010" thing. The WC is a cruel master.

On Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Melon-Heads, a favorite saying of my Floridian parents each time they see a helmet-less rider is "Darwinism at work." A bit cold, perhaps, but true.

I think that shat's happened with Big Ben, while truly terrible, might in terms of public health not be such a bad thing. First of all, it's a huge relief that his injuries appear to be confined to bone breaks and cuts: bad ones, yes, but nothing spinal or brain-related. That said, what better lesson than a major public figure-- a hard-nosed sports champion no less-- having his face broken like that to drive home the fact that the street is a hell of lot harder than bone. I'm grateful that he's okay, but even moreso hopeful that a handful of folks who get in accidents in the future will have been wearing helmets because of Roethlisberger's high-profile crash.

Schilling faces Santana tonight, the latter of which is off to a much better season start this year than he had in either his Cy Young '04 season or last year's campaign, which would have been his second Cy Young if the Twinkies could actually hit. Watch it be a 12-8 game or something.

Big Ben = Dumb as a clock.

Not so much: Click

As dumb as Big Ben is, I'd defend his right to not wear a helmet. People talk about a "public health risk", but unless the motorcyclist is on medicaid, I just don't see it. If people really wanted to get motorcyclists to stop wearing helmets, let health insurers reject claims on injuries while not wearing one.

That being said, Big Ben getting his clock cleaned (yuk yuk) after boasting over not wearing a helmet is a big slice of humble pie.

I think Dave S is giving way too much credit to the American public. I don't see Big Ben's accident having any impact on helmet use.

That said, I support Big Ben's right to be a dumb ass, even if it does get him killed.

Yeah, well, I'm hopeful anyway. Maybe just a few, anyway? At any rate, I totally agree that anyone ought to have the right to not wear a helmet...unless it poses to danger to anyone other than ourselves, we certainly have and should retain the right to be idiots.

The interesting point comes from ILSODE...let insurers not pay for injuries sustained by those who don't wear helmets/seat-belts. That's cool with me. Basically, if the insurer is paying for it, that means that everyone else insured by the same company is ultimately paying for it. Lifestyle choices, I believe, should play a major role in determining eligibility for insurance coverage. Who ought to be responsible for smokers' lung cancer, or diabetes in the obese? America's current direction in terms of health care cost is going to bring this debate front and center, to be sure. 1 of 3 kids today is going to get Type 2 diabetes. That's a fuckload of amputations, people, at $30,000 a limb.

That's a fuckload of amputations,
people, at $30,000 a limb.

That needs to go into the "Comment Line Hall of Fame."

I guess I'm in a macabre mood but I'm cracking my ass up over imagining a dumpster full of amputated limbs.

However, type II diabetes (the type brought on by obesity) does not generally lead to amputations. That would be type I diabetes, which is caused by a genetic mutation (they think) that leads to your white blood cells taking out your insulin producing capabilities. And anyway, loss of limbs is a long term complication of many years of uncontrolled diabetes. With current medical technology there is no excuse to not control diabetes and live a relatively normal life, with all your limbs attached.

JimmyZ: Kelly's still hot; is that the worst you can do?

Anyone who won't wear a helmet deserves what he or she gets, whether it's a pebble at 60 mph to the throat or a windshield...

... anyone wonder what Ben will look like after 7 hours of plastic surgery? Will there be an improvement?

//...anyone wonder what Ben will look like after 7 hours of plastic surgery?//

These pics just in:


Also, for all you fans of amputation, another link:


COD, you're right on that Type II (which used to be called "adult onset") diabetes is different than Type I in that type I is actually a function of (I think) the pancreas itself being unable to create insulin. Type II, thought to come from obesity, inactivity, and also likely genetic dispostion, instead stems from the body failing to effectively suck all the sugar out of the blood...the body actually becomes insulin resistant.

But Type II can lead to gangrene just the same as Type I...the 1 in 3 I'm speaking of are sadly often in lower income groups, whose eating and health habits contribute to the greater likelihood of their getting Type II. There is also often a tendency to ignore treatment in the same income group. Take a walk around East Harlem, for example, and look for the blind folks and the limbless. You'll see them everywhere, and best guess is that they got the "sugar".

Hey Arena, where the hell are Twellman (back home) and Dempsey (on the bench)?

No wonder the U.S. couldn't score any goals.

As for motorcycles with helmetless riders, ER nurses have a term for them: Donorcycles.

Motherfucking Goddamn Douchebag Tavarez. I don't understand why that fucking waste of oxygen is still allowed to roam the planet, much less pitch in major league games. May his seed run dry, and his house be plagued by scabies.

Can't blame Francona either--glad he used Papelbon when it mattered instead of waiting for a save chance that may never come, and he's right to be a little cautious with Timlin. Just the same, Taverz has reached Seanez status with me; soon as he came into the game, I started cursing at the TV. Goddammit.

Sure, let's invite all of Manny's buddies (Enrique Wilson, etc.) to spring training -- maybe that will ensure he shows up only a week late. But once the season starts, these assclowns (yes, Tavarez) must be jettisoned. Nothing like a walkoff grandslam on the road after eking out a narrow lead against a real fuqqin' bullpen... Scheissekopf!

If there's a silver lining, it's that Tavarez will probably never be trusted in a close game again. Time for Manny D. and JVB to step up and be counted.

Right you are, Griffin. I would have rather seen Manny D in the game, but I understand Francona's reliance on the vets, and I get that it's part of the package deal with Tito...but God, I hope this game slams home the fact that, while the like of Manny and JVB are somewhat of a crapshoot between shitty performance and great performance (and I love Manny D, but I understand the reluctance on Tito's part), Seanez and Tavarez are a pile of guaranteed, 100%, Grade A kick-you-in-the-crotch-sucktitude. Their Continued Jackassery cannot be tolerated.

At the least, this game did cause me to go out and get hammered tonight, and come home and check Soxaholix. Thank Heaven for the little things.

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