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Being Matt Clement

Hart Brachen (the blog's author):
Like our beloved Matt Clement (and by beloved I mean of course that he's ruining our friggin summah!), I've got nothing for you today, nothing at all.



Watching Clement pitch is like watching the flogging sequence in The Passion of the Christ. Slow, agonizing, and ultimately deadly.

God, I truly hate to sound like an EEI caller, but I miss Bronson so much. His winning record, his ability to lure any Northeastern coed into bed, his CD (okay, forget that one). If Bronson's balls really are Saturn-sized, Clement's are more like Japetus.

Is "behated" a word? It certainly should be.

They are coming to A-Town this weekend and I have tickets to all three games. Its probably the only time all year Turner Field will sell out. Fortuanetly the Braves suuuuuccckk, so we should be able to get three.

Thanks, h.b. That's more than I expected, and more than the Sawx deserve.

Let's go young, boys! Hansen, Lester, etc. etc. might be battle hardened in September if they start getting some Show exerience now. If we wait until August, they won't be ready for October.


I thought when they signed him that the Sox got the best pitcher available last year, and his first few starts seemed to support that. Is it me, or has he just never been the same after taking that drive off his skull? That seems like it was the turning point for him...

So up through 7/27/05, when Crawford lined that shot, Clement had 496 at-bats against, with hitters having a .258/.322/.393 line against him. He walked 42 batters and struck out 108 in that time, and gave up 13 homers.

Since then, Clement has had 507 at-bats against (roughly the same), but hitters have gone .278/.374/.424 on him, with 64 walks vs. 81 K's. That on-base line is awful, and is really killing him.

He'd better put a call into A-Rod's psychologist, because Crawford's ball is still rattling around in Matty's head, I'm afraid.

What's there to do in Minny? Well theres a lotta lotta offense heyah-when Clements pitching

A whole lot of offense

If laying off a 3 and 1 ball is offense then Minny's got a whole lot of that. The Twins 8 hits to Boston's 5 wasn't the difference in that game. What was it, 10 walks? Zero Strikeouts?

Feel sadly prophetic about Manny and Van Buren. On the bright side, losing on the road means not having to waste an arm in the 9th!

As far as Clement is concerned, I'll go out on a limb and say that even though I've sworn him off, I'll bet he does a better job in the second half. Right around a 4.00 ERA in that time, let's say.

The father of one of the Surviving Grady guys (Red) died recently, and his eulogy on the site is really moving. You should go see.

(Some people prefer "passed away" to "died", and I apologize if my use of the latter put anyone off. I myself can never bring myself to use the term "passed away", even though Red does, because the term seems (to me, obviously) too distant from the event, having experienced the death of a parent myself.)

Last night I got home from work and immediately went and hit the water for a couple hours. When I returned home, I fired up the MLB audio just as Van Buren was exiting the game. Then Mauer happened. IRight then and there, I turned off the computer- first time all season I haven't litened to a game through the end. Usually I would have some sense of regret for doing so, but after two nights ago, then checking the pitching line for last night (TEN! walks through six?!), I had a distinct feeling that I would gain nothing listening to the last three innings of this one.

Fortunately for our collective mental states (the fans, that is- I'm not sure sucking donkey dick bothers some of the guys in the 'pen too much) these things are cyclical. There is really no way a group of four pitchers can simultaneously suck and have it last more than a week or so, right? Damn. We ned to be making up ground on the MFY, not losing it...

Too bad the Sox bat boy did not charge the mound and take out Clement...

Thank god for good hockey.

Stanley Cup Game 5 was just the ticket for the craptastic spectacular that last night's game turned out to be.

Now on to the NBA tonight to save me from having to watch another debacle as our AA-lineup that accompanies Wake to the mound every game makes Silva look Golden.

I like "loosed this mortal coil," i.e., the person is no longer burdened with the trouble and tumult of the world.

Theo just traded Riske for Javy Lopez. That should turn out well - He just keeps getting better & better...

Ice Princess- I think you mean Javier Lopez, an untested Major League commodity who put together some decent minor league stats with the White Sox, not the Orioles catcher. I am not unmoved by this deal. Something had to be done to shake up our bullpen...

It's not like our bullpen could get much worse...

Ok, I just had a spine-shivering thought of someone thinking it'd be a good idea to trade Papelbon for some extended relief pitching...

Sooooo...It's not like our bullpen could get much worse without hell freezing over in the process. I like this move...let's hope Lopez brings some kick back to this team's relief situation.

I meant Javy... I like the idea of generated BS interest cause like you said, the bullpen needs to be shaken, or at least a little stirred.

So excited when I saw the "Red Sox and White Sox swap middle relievers" headline on SI.com. So disappointed when I discovered Tavarez was not at all invovled. Looks like a decent trade and all, but my hopes were so high that we'd finally gotten rid of this bum.

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