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What's not to like?

Wow, the Curly Haired Boyfriend is really losing a step — He let hoary Horrigan beat him with the first gloomy lead on the Home Openah.


The Red Sox staht the 06 season with a 5 and 1 road trip but, you know, let's strap on our fucking hairshirts and fiah up a bed of coals to walk ovah because, ohmigod, "only four starters remain from the now legendary championship squad."


Anyone doubt that Horrigan wrote this piece last week on the assumption the Sox would be returning to Fenway 3 and 3 or worse?


In yesterday's win, the Red Sox used nine singles and six walks to push four runs across the plate. What's not to like about this version of the Red Sox so fah?


Rathah than pine for the guys who've moved on, let's celebrate the guy who has been here forevah: Tim Wakefield.


One unearned run and five hits in six innings … And even Bard seems to have gotten the hang of catching the knuckle.


And how 'bout that bullpen: Timlin, Foulke, Papelbon with Foulke showing his best stuff since '04?


Christ, I know it's only 6 games in and there are going to be spells during the remaining 156 when I'll be so distraught I'll want to say mean things to small children, but right now this feels so good.


Absolutely. Know what else? I nevah felt this good, not once, during all of last year.


Same here, guy.



Cafardo: "And did we mention the Yankees went 2-4 on their west Coast trip?
The chubbah to end all chubbahs....

The Baltimore writer who did this is named Peter Schmuck. No kidding.


The Sox on CSN and The Masters on CBS. Yesterday afternoon was truly a glorious day of sports.

I've heard rumors that the entire AL East may throw in the towel and forfeit the rest of the season after this first week, allowing the Red Sox and Pawtucket to have first place and the wild card.

I was listening to the game while I was getting in a last long before the New Jersey Marathon. My pace picked up considerably each time Foulke got an out. It was great to see them win a game with just walks, singles, a bunt, some D, and great pitching because sometimes that's how you have to win games.

COD- What, no mention of Scotland rebounding from getting blown out by Canada on Friday to take the Curling World Championship, also yesterday?

Jason O resorting to trolling. How fucking sad is that?

I was at Saturday's game, and a good time was had by all. My (quite drunken) section was having a great time, and the ovation for Papelbon couldn't have been louder.

But now, Instead of having Stern in the outfield and a great 3b prospect in case Lowell can't get it together (his bat speed looked good in the Philly series, and he got called out on literally the worst third strike I've ever seen on Sat.), now we have Stern in the outfield and nobody in the minors.

Guess I can just fantasize about Papelbon continuing to dominate, so we can flip Hansen and some prospects for one of the D-rays' outfielders.

I reject negativity.
5 and 1 and the offense isn't firing on all cylinders.

Although... 7-9 in the batting order looks a little like the Dead Zone.

See you in October.


There is something real comforting about Beckett and Schilling hanging out together in the dugout. Beckett will learn much as the mentee and it speaks volumes for the apparent comraderie and team chemistry.

I gotta agree with Mike - there's an overall sense of kick-ass that was absent last year. Last season felt like one of those day-long hangovers and now it's like everybody's feeling better and had a nice strong cup of coffee. The pitching this last week was intense.

I did watch some curling last week - Canada and Norway maybe? It's more interesting on TV than one might expect.

A very nice start indeed, and though there will be the inevitable ebb and flow of a 162 gane season, 4-2 is a better start than say, 2-4?
Sean O: I have to respectfully disagree. With Schilling pushing 40, Wells in his last year, Papelbon is destined for the rotation along w/Lester. Envisioning a rotation of Beckett, J-Pap, Clement, Wake & Lester is certainly appealing.
Young Mr. Hansen is making his bones in Portland, and will be seen at Fenway at some point this year, even if he is the 7th inning guy.
Seanez sure had a rough Friday night, but who would be the one to go out mid-inning to pull him?

Jason O resorting to trolling. How fucking sad is that?

well, if my self-anointed "greatest franchise in the history of sports" with its modern-day "murderer's row" started the season 2-4 and in the AL East basement, I'd probably be a little sore too.

Nonsense hb, a light-hearted aside highlighting the still fledgling season...I'm as excited as the next guy that baseball's back and it's early enough to engage in a little jocular absurdity.

Hey, every game counts, early season or not.


I should have appended my response with a smiley emoticon or something. I figured you were joking and meant my response in the same vain.

Also we've all seen our share of great Red Sox Aprils that haven't panned out later in the season. And the same can be said for poor Yankees starts (like last season) that they more than recover from.

What I feel right now, though, and what I was trying to get across via the characters, is something different. It has very little to do with the won/loss record, it's just a feeling of satisfaction.

Confession: I was never entirely comfortable with the "Idiots" thing, despite that club's amazing success.

This year's roster just has a good feel to it (with all the usual caveats about it being early etc.)

COD, I actually went to the first Scotland-Canada match on Friday- it was a crappy day, I had the day off and figured what the hell? How often do you get to see the World Champeenship of anything right in your own backyard? It was actually kind of cool. Even though there were only about 1000 folks in the stands, the chanting/singing and taunting back and forth between the 2 countries' fans was fun to witness. Still don't get Scotland conceding only 2/3 of the way thru the match, though. I still had half a Molson left and they were all shaking hands and shit. Jason, you must be Scottish, eh? ;-)

No discussion of Ortiz's umpire call-outs?

I was listening on satellite radio yesterday, which picked up the O's announcers. They were complaining BITTERLY about Ortiz's comments. Then again, they were complaining a lot about a call that benefited JT Snow. Rough times in Charm City, I guess.

There was curling on TV and I missed it, Damn!

Anyone notice that Millar made the final out in the last two games of the series?

Well let's see how the team reacts to some bad news. There have been rumors that Crisp is out 6-8 weeks with a broken finger. Looks like Stern will get a chance to be the man. After watching him play in the WBC I'm weirdly ok with this...

GaryGeiger: Amen on the Papelbon/Hansen issue. While it was comforting to watch Pap blowing away hitters in the 9th inning, that kid has 20 win potential, which is a lot harder to find than a guy who can pitch to three batters. Hansen, on the other hand, was drafted specifically to be a closer. As soon as he's deemed ready, get him up to the majors and put Papelbon in the rotation where he belongs.

This season feels REALLY good so far, and not jsut because of the record and the weekend sweep of the Shitbirds. Everything about the team feels relatively solid and, even though the amount of stranded runners is higher than I'd like, the team's OBP is very nice.

Mr. Clemens, if you'd like to jump on our gravy train, now's the time to make a call to Mr. Epstein.

I have a better gloomy lead for the beat writers. Let's assume that Beckett wins on Tuesday, the team is then 6-1 and off to an undoubtedly great start to the season. Potentially it could steamroll - and why not, the pitching is super and the hitting is only going to improve. What's not to like? How about the fat man starting on Wednesday? I can't understand why the team will allow Wells to complete his conditionning/rehab with the club rather than a few more starts in Pawtucket. He is not ready to pitch, he won't last 2 innings on Wednesday, and there goes the chemistry of a great start.

"But now, Instead of having Stern in the outfield and a great 3b prospect in case Lowell can't get it together...now we have Stern in the outfield and nobody in the minors."

There he is. Are we really going to keep this up all season, Sean?

Let. It. Go.

No amount of bellyachin on your part is going to bring back your butt-buddy Marte. Time to look forward.

"so we can flip Hansen and some prospects for one of the D-rays' outfielders."

You are on crack. Get a fucking clue.

2005 record of Yanks' first two opponents: 183 - 141.

2005 record of Boston's first two opponents: 153 - 171.

I'm just sayin. But I'd rather be in your shoes, for sure. The Sox look strong so far.

Ummmmmm. You beat Texas and Baltimore. Please settle down.

Ummmmm... You have a 178 Million Dollar pay roll and you are in last place.

Good luck with that bullpen.

We can pitch! We can defend! (So far.)

I'm just patiently waiting for Manny and Ortiz to explode. I'm confident their imminent arrival can take at least some (though not most) of the sting out of Coco's possible injury.

Yo, BB, shut up. Learn to keep it light-hearted like your compadre Jason over there. Doesn't the strip say we're aware of such starts not necessarily forecasting a bright future? We're 5-1. That makes us happy. It would make you happy too. Shut up.

BB = BigBri? Oh, we could only be so fortunate...

Millar- more like $195 mil. Unfortunately for them, $160 million in bats can't be protected by $15 mil in bullpen arms.

It's probably the wrong day to have a discussion on the merits but I'm pleasantly surprised...after 6 starts the staff ERA for NYY is 3.04.

Obviously being 5-1 is ideal.

Both teams that will contend for the AL east have things to be happy about at this point.

OK, back to the always enjoyable slander and personal attacks...

I don't get the argument, BB. I suppose we should settle down because it's early in the season and not be fired up about winning games against teams we theoretically *should* beat because we are better on paper? Is that it?

In fact, the AL East is always a tight race and even though its April, if we win the division by 2 games, it could be *these* two games that count...and frankly when you live and die by a baseball team, you get excited. You get fired up. And you talk to other fans who bleed Red Sox red...(not troll on opposing teams sites telling them to bottle it up).

I'll save my polite little golf claps for the Celtics or some other team I could give a rat's ass about- you'll apparently keep yours for your baseball team- when they start winning, that is. :)

I'm WAY excited too, but I can't help thinking of the words of the immortal Joni Mitchell:
"Help me,I think I'm falling in love too fast.
It's got me hoping for the future, and worrying about the past.
Cause I've seen some hot hot blazes come down to smoke and ash."

Given the runs scored and runs against over all games, MLB calculates an "expected" W-L column using the following formula:


The Sox are 4-2 expected, 5-1 real. Of course, they've won both of their 1-run games. The Yanks are 4-2 expected, 2-4 real. They've lost both of their 1-run games AND their wins were absolute blowouts (25 total runs in 2 games) while their loses were dismal (10 total runs in 4 games) making a completely lopsided expectation ratio.

They have the worst differential for expected-vs.-real record in all of baseball. There's completely off-tilt at this point...and one can only wonder how long it'll take Steinbrenner to reel with the team and start throwing newsies around his office.

Kaz, you're going to hurt your back if you keep stretching this much.

You don't often see Zito abused, and the Orange County DA might charge the Yankees for rape after yesterday afternoon...not to worry: Scosia and Colon were seen together gorging themselves at an Anaheim Del Taco last evening, the fat fucks.

Truth be told, I easily hate the Angels the most...Scosia trying to get in Frank Robinson's face last year? Absolutely no honor.

The fucking Angels announcers on FSN west talking up Scosia and small ball for 9 innings, I had to mute the games in the 6th.

Yes it's early, but if the first time through the rotation is any indicator, the pitching will be solid. Schilling was dominant and Wake got his shit together after a bad outing and in spite of some wanky defense. The hitting hasn't even come alive yet. I'm not predicting then to go 160-2 but of course there's reason for optimism - all the new guys are, at minimum, living up to expectations, the old guys are returning to form (here's hoping Foulke has a few more 1-2-3s like the 8th yesterday) and the Sox are taking their advantages when the other team offers. (Someone should've told their hitters to stop swinging at everything once Wake was out of the game.) I'm optimistic too - seems like there's far fewer important question marks this year. (is Schilling healthy? yes. Is Foulke coming back? Remains to be seen, but early returns are good. How's the defense? Should be better.)

Two things that I'm almost certain will occur sooner or later:

1) Red Sox go into a horrible skid, dropping 4 straight and/or a 3-7 type of run

2) The Yankees will go on an awesome run and will rebound from any games behind deficit in the standings they may be in.

But enjoy the 5-1 now and don't go bonkers when the 3-7 stretch(es) come.

Pace yourselves... (and brace yourselves)

Coco's gonna have a splint for the next 10 days, then be reevaluated after that.

Adam Kennedy had a nearly identical injury (nondisplaced fracture to the base of the index finger) a few years back. His finger was put in a splint. He was out for 25 days. Let's go Sterny!

If Coco can get healed in 24 days (from the time of the injury), he'll be back in the lineup on May 1. Against You-Know-Who.

Nataie: You hit it right on the head!! Last year, both teams took circuitous routes only to end up w/identical records, (and I don't want to hear about bullshit tiebreakers. Yes, it's only one week, but games won in April are games that are not looked back upon as lost opportunities in September, if they were lost in April.
Tough luck for Coco...I like this kid. He seems comfortable enough in his own skin to replace Damon. Let's see what Adam Ant can do in the interim.

I love having to spend several minutes a day reading just the comments. It means baseball's back.

I love this blog. Anyways, the game yesterday was played in beautiful but cool (cold to us wimpy Southerners, even if we did grow up in NE). Wake looked OK. Baltimore looked really shaky. Lots of men LOB. So in some ways we were lucky. I liked the way Sox advantage of opportunities when given them. They missed on in the fourth but took the ones in the 5 and 6th. Timlin looked better than he did in Texas and Foulke looked real good. Pap looked a little shaky but got his act together and nobody scored. If Foulke had an outing like Pap did we'd be screaming. Anyways one of the things I really liked was the way Manny hustled. On Sat he went crashing into the wall to take away a sure double and he took away extra base hits from someone yesterday and almost took away another double with his hustle. Another example was the way he really ran hard (he'll never be a speedster but the effort was there) when there was a shallow fly to right field that was an easy play but he ran hard anyways just in case. Now I have also seen him make some really bonehead plays but it was nice to see the intensity.

Big Papi for 4 more years! Hallelujah!

"We're not happy about being 2-4, but it's better than being 1-5."

--Johnny Muhammed

Stay gold, Pony Boy. You poor, poor Outsider.

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