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News flash: vacuum cleaner sucks up budgie (Oooohh...bub-bye)

The worst part is Lily isn't even an MVP pimp, but a two bit wannabee crunk.


And if you want a side of yin to go with than yang, Clement, conversely, in 5 starts against Toronto is 0 fer 3 with a 9.45 ERA.


Whoop that trick.


Are you kidding me, wait until they get Halladay and Burnett back.


Yeah, but in the end I don't think there's much to fear from the Blue Jays.


Really, how you figure that guy?


Well, the way I see it, right around the All Star Break is when we'll start seeing the first cases of bird flu in North America. Then all the clubs that represent our fine feathered friends are going to be psychologically fricasseed .


I mean people start going belly up from H5N1 and the CDC's slaughtering birds en masse and telling people to get rid their bird feeders and shit it's going to be tough to go and whoop it the fuck up for the Jays, Cardinals, Orioles …


Christ, you're right. It'd be like rooting for the Toronto SARS or the Baltimore Bubonics or something.


Absolutely. And remember, you heard it here first.



The Baltimore Bubonics!? h.b. I just did a spit-take with my coffee.

Great strip, h.b. One would only hope that vacuum snags Lilly.
Watching Clement pitch is like watching flies fuck....nothing to see and your eyes glaze over quickly. So, it has been as advertised; after Schilling, Beckett and to a degree, Wakefield, there are question marks. However, if had to 'guess', I have to thenk that Wells, (if Greenpeace doesn't drag him back into the ocean) will generate more quality starts.

Toronto Sars, Baltimore Bubonics and St. Louis ?????????????????

The St Louis Syphilis


h.b., beat me to it...there is actually a virus named after the red-bird city: St. Louis encephalitis...not quite as poetic as 'St. Louis Syphilis'.

On a more optimistic note, the fact that our pitching stunk, the offense almost caught them late. Imagine is Clement could have held them to just 3 runs in first few innings...(yeah, and imagine I were 20 years younger and still had all my hair).

That begs the question...what will become of the Boston Red Cocks?

It's a marathon, not a sprint, right?

Still, how far do you get with 2.5 starting pitchers?


I do believe Wakefield will be his usual self. Wells will be fine after his rehab stint in live games ends. And Clement, remember, is just the 5th starter. He'll be fine except when facing Toronto.

And there's the young guys who'll start getting called up in the summer.

Life is still sweet.

Not only did that fat tub of lard get hammered on Wednesday, he started a two-game skid and the MFY are just one game back. [Yes, I know it is early but I begin scoreboard watching on opening day].

H.B., great song reference, one of my alltime favorite songs/albums. That was one of the few bright spots this morning, glad the game wasn't broadcast here, looking at the score was bad enough...

Boomer is going to be ok, and that's why we can't piss him off now by doing, well, what we logically should be doing. Do we really want to bench him now and risk losing an ace-pitcher at home, especially as it gets down to the wire in september?

Clement is gone, he absolutely should not be pitching for this team anymore. let Dinardo take his roster spot, or something, just don't let him ever touch a ball for us again.

Okay, okay. Bullpen still good, offense gets off the ground a little more and doesn't give up in the end.

Good God. Ted Effing Lilly. God, how I hate that guy.

"Toronto SARS" is easily the funniest thing I've heard all week

Ain't no humor like Gallows Humor!

Also: the past two days have provided ample evidence that Papelbon needs to be in the starting rotation yesterday.

Shining Defense Light in the darkness:

Keith Foulke was baffling Toronto through 6 outs.

Shining Offense Light in the darkness:

Youk as leadoff paid off.

//Clement is gone, he absolutely should not be pitching for this team anymore.//

Do you play for the Orioles? ;-)

a little off topic, but this is too good to miss. Anytime a little fun is poked at the Yankmees, Iim on board.


I love the Clash...glad you do too, HB!

News flash: vacuum cleaner sucks up budgie


Yeah, those famous Yankees sure are classy. They can't help but whine like babies after getting uppercut by the Twins...
"It was kind of inside, but he swung," said Rivera, who came in with one out in the eighth. "He definitely swung. I don't know why the umpire didn't see that...I thought it was a strikeout, but you can't change that. That play is over and you have to get the next guy."

I work w/ a guy who fishes w/ T Lilly. I ask him to go along so's I can take my fishing knife and slice his hammy.
Yoss, you beat me to the burger...first thing I think of when I listen to that song, along with Italian mobster, shoots a lobster...

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