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Yeah, our Curly Haired Boyfriend is there to remind us that if Lou Gorman or Dan Duquette had traded Arroyo "there would have been hell to pay" blah blah blah.


Hell yeah there would have because, you know, last time I checked, neither Gorman or Duquette GM'ed a World Series Championship team.


Why do sports writers like Shaughnessy and Borges, in the case of his anti-Bellichick zealotry, get so pissed off when we fans actually like a coach or GM?


Yeah, I don't get it. But if guys like that think it's wrong, then you just know it's right.



Yeah, I'm sure there's no connection between hacks like the CHB and Borges and readahs choosing to get their news someplace besides the Globe.


Absolutely. Pure coincidence, like Papi all of a sudden deciding to lay down a bunt.


Christ, we saw it coming, Papi himself said it was coming, yet when it came it was still a total jaw droppah.


Do you think it's hypocritical to on the one hand laud Ortiz for doing the obvious when the shift is on, but on the other hand give just as much praise to the legend of Ted Williams for refusing to do anything but hit right at the shift?


Probably, but who cares? This is baseball. We're allowed to be whimsical and illogical whenever we feel like it.



That game yesterday sure saved the frigging weekend. I hated the Jays in 92-93 and I'm starting to hate them again (the hate will inflate when they lose 2 of 3 to the Spanks).

I wasn't around to see Williams's greatness, but it seems like his hitting into the shift fit his personality (all-biz guy), while Ortiz's bunt fits HIS personality (fun-loving guy). Either way their reaction to the shift seems to go along with what the average fan likes about them.

I like it because I'm whimsical and illogical, though.

Not to knock on TW but it fits Papi's personality perfectly because he is a team player without the huge ego. I mean anyone who is hitting in front Ramirez knows that you do whatever you have to do to get on base. Most of the time Manny's gonna get you home. Its refreshing to see Ortiz trying to win the game, not pad his numbers.

Well, to add my .2 on TW (and I just read the book by Montville) but I think his "unwillingness" to drop a bunt down the third base line was not was not an ego feeding prop. I believe he thought that remaining true to himself by not changing his swing, which had gotten him so far, (dance with the one who brought ya:)was therefore giving his team the best chance for success.

Sorry hb. I am not being picky and I hope you like to know these things but the link to the Borges story is has something wrong with it.

Why does anyone read CHB or Borges? To get upset they read them afterwards? They are irrelevent. Old news-like 5 years ago old.

Sorry about that bad link. Fixed now.

Nobody get too scared by the Jays. They have a number of weaknesses which increase in intensity as time goes on during the season.

Their pitching is going to fall apart. I watched Josh Towers play for the Orioles while I was in DC. Towers is a diabetic, he comes into the season looking like Maddox in his prime and slowly morphs into a AAA pitcher as his body struggles to keep up with the demands of the grind. Burnett is not the ace everyone has made him out to be, and I have watched his meltdowns occur with shocking frequency.

As far as hitting goes, right now these guys are on a tear. Tears end. I wonder if they have as many everyday heros as the Sox do, people who don't normally do anything dramatic then suddenly hit walkoff homers.

That said, the CHB has no business criticizing Theo. Again, he is trying to insert himself into the news and generate a fan backlash against someone who has served his team well. Theo has recognized his feduciary responsibility to lead the Sox and done everything in his power to make them a championship club year in and year out (and, by all accounts, even when he is not bound to under contract). CHB cannot understand this becuase he has no loyalty to anything besides his career, and reading his work in that context provides a different way of interpreting his writing.

Ortiz obviously is not going to be called upon to bunt too often. Imagine if they pulled that shift with the bases loaded, do you think anyone is going to be able to scramble down the left field line fast enough to stop 2 runs from scoring?


I've got to agree with db on this one. I used to read CHB about 10 years ago, knowing at the start that I was going to be pissed by the end of the article and totally disagree with the putz. Now I don't even bother, unless h.b. links to it for my amusement.
Oh, and I'm still anti-Clemens. I don't care how much pitching we need. Again, it's an irrational hatred, but I don't care.

Maybe CHB is pissed because Theo crushed his whole "cursed" meme by winning the series in '04. Tough to push that bullshit these days. I'm thinking it's personal. Just watching to H.B. ---err, the characters take CHB apart on a regular basis brings a smile to my face. Hacks are a dime a dozen.

CHB is a sad, sick, irrelevant hack whose schtick of taking potshots at favored targerts (Theo, Belichick, Pedro, Minky, Schill) wore out long, long ago. Somebody should put him out of our misery.

While we're throwing the CHB under the bus, I've come to a similar conclusion about the BDD site. Does anyone really find the 64 pt. headlines and crappy photoshop things funny? And I thought Sox fans had moved beyond the 162-seasons mentality. Manny struggles in April? "MANNY IS KILLING US". DiNardo, who is just trying to keep his head above water, gets killed? "SIGN ROGER NOW!" That's why I love this site so much. More reasonable view from the Nation. Keep it up, H.B.

I'm too excited to keep this to myself. I'm going to the game here on Thursday and I ordered my "Soxaholix" T-shirt last week. Hope it gets here in time so people will know I'm one of those intelligent Sox fans.

Knowing that the Sox are actually in Cleveland right now is killing me. I want to leave work and roam around the city trying to catch a glimpse of Big Papi.

Oh and if I see CBH, I'll be sure to send him to just the right restaurants for Cleveland's Best Botchilism.

I've got to tell you that it was (and continues to be) difficult to transition the tone of the strip from the more caustic/cynical/BDDish tone I used in 2004 into the more "reasonable view" that you mentioned.

Seeing the DirtDogs has been around since 2001, it's probably really difficult to take on an entirely new tone.

There is no reason that Towers can't succeed in MLB with diabetes. Many athletes have done so before him.

Diabetes certainly didn't hamper Adam Morrison over his Gonzaga career. And her certainly hit enough buzzer beaters to dispel any thought that his diabetes wore him down over a game or season. And I think playing 40 minutes every game for an elite Div I program is far more physically strenuous than taking the ball every 5th day in the majors.

Soulie -

Got to disagree with you, BDD has become an institution. Hard to keep up with the Sox as it is living the the SW, BDD usually points me at whatever scoop is currently breaking. And it's the DIRT DOGS, it's supposed to be kinda tough.


Eh, I have sworn off the Dirt Dogs site since about a year and a half ago as it seems sort of typical/reactionary in tone, and gets on players/people who don't deserve it.

I also think the Jays ain't in it for the haul. Oh sure, they'll hit the Sox all year (curse them!), but they'll end up floating a mite above .500 in the end, I think (fairly low-average hitting, little to no bullpen leaving aside Ryan). As a matter of fact, their current state reflects what I feel it will turn out like. 4-2 against the Sox. 9-8 overall.

I dunno, Mike. I'm in DC, and between this, boston.com and the MLB InDemand package, it's pretty easy for me. BDD just seems to be too mean spirited, and to unoriginal these days.

Did you read the end of the column? Shaughnessy compared Vince Young being drafted 7th to Jordan being drafted 3rd.

Vince Young compared to Michael Jordan, after:

1) Randall Cunningham's never-quite-made-it career.
1) Kordell Stewart's wreckage and
2) It's clear that Atlanta will never go anywhere with Vick, who's already breaking down under the wear of getting hammered 10-15 times per game when he, to the detriment of the offense, tucks the ball and takes off.

Young is like Jordan? Jordan's retirement has crippled the NBA. He belongs in the rare class of athletes that transcended a sport, like Ruth and Ali and Pele.

Remember when Pele scored the bicycle kick goal after the Germans broke his ribs and Michael Caine was a midfielder and Sly was in goal?

And isn't BDD run by the Globe?

BDD is affiliated with the Globe and supposedly held to the same journalistic standards (which, as they employ bozos like CHB and Borges, admittedly aren't high). But if you complain to the Globe about such things as BDD's slander of Nomar Garciaparra and the *totally false* story that he didn't want his WS ring, the Globe will say, "Hey, it's just a blog! Lighten up!"

BDD is a shite site. Mean-spirited, unfunny, ignorant and on the intellectual level of a 6-year-old. That site makes it embarassing to be a Red Sox fan.

BDD is terrible and I wish the Globe would drop them. Also, FWIW (and I much as I wish the Globe would drop CHB, too), the Globe is losing ad revenue in part because ads are moving online - it's a problem for all print media right now.

I only discovered BDD shortly before the whole Nomar story, and I swore it off after that. I agree with Griffin and Devine. BDD tries to make everything into a melodramatic soap opera, seems to me. I've got enough angst watching the Red Sox by myself, thank you very much.

Couldn't agree more with the thoughts on BDD. I stopped reading about a year ago. This site and SOSH are where true intelligent sox fans can get information and discuss issues. Kudos H.B.

I've been a big BDD fan since day one.

Does it go over the top? Yes, that's kind of the point. It's a web tabloid.

Though, there have been many times when BDD's scoops were correct, so it's not all "Nomar is an Alien giving birth to Brad Pitt's love child!!!"

But I know it's not everyone's cup of tea. That's the beauty of the web. There's something for everyone.

Geez, I saw the title of today's strip and was half expecting Tara and Susan to be commenting on the Captain's assets again.....

[ Meanwhile, over on BDD, a mob of baseball hollogans loudly criticize Soxaholix for the clip art, the literary references and the passivity of the dialogue. ]

[ Meanwhile, over on SOSH, a disciplined group of academics and statisticans look with disbelief upon the emotionally invested fans of the Soxaholix and BDD sites and wonder what emotion has to do with the academic beauty of baseball. ]

[ Meanwhile, over on boston.com, CHB pays a backalley hair stylist $20 for a roadside perm while sharpening his teeth with a dead badger. ]

[ Meanwhile, over on baseballamerica.com, a couple million people all whine about their teams being inferior to the hated Red Sox. ]

[ Meanwhile, in Brookyln, one of Steinbrenner's homonoculi stares at the discontent fomenting within the Nation and plots evil deeds involving massive fortunes and soul-crippling betrayal at the hands of Terry Francona. 40 years from now. ]


Mike H: excellent! And CHB overpaid - for the badger...

I've started reading the Herald more and more often. CHB could be the devil and Edes is so even handed he has gotten boring. Snow doesn't always get the facts right; it is only <5% but it still bothers me. I find myself only reading Ryan's stuff. I do like Cafardo for some reason, but I'm in the minority.

I'd put in a plug for Jackie McMullen. She's the best writer on the Globe by far.

Hey, at least you guys can get the Globe. I'm stuck with the... Inquirer. Yay. I mean, ummm... Phillies suck. Lol. Though I did see in large print on the front page that Ryan Howard hit a 496-foot homer... that's in-freakin'-sane. Hehe.

Heh, h.b. likes the BDD. Well, that's cool, I'm still gonna be offended, unamused, and outraged by it, while sticking with some of the more personable and intelligent (in my opinion) Sox fare out there.

i feel honored to have you quote and link to my post.

great site!

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