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April Hiatus (Day 4 of 4)

Your omniscient author in absentia:
Well, it Thursday now, and you've got to wonder if I'm enjoying what Nietzche called "the intoxication of convalescence"?



One can only hope...

I know I'm enjoying the intoxication of Papelbon-valescence. This morning we are 2-1 winners. If Foulke attempted to close we'd be 3-2 losers. Keep it up, Tito! The team comes first.

Sweet, sweet heat. Wasn't it nice to see all those 95+ fastballs last night?

I appreciated Foulke's equanimity in being passed over last night: "[Francona] is manager of the Boston Red Sox. He is not Keith Foulke's dad." Pap gives me goosebumps-which is not my usually reaction to that word.

Nice win last night. Great way to start the Josh Beckett era.

Was it just me or did Hazel call Kevin Mench, "The Heeb" during highlights on SportsDesk this morning?

"Pap gives me goosebumps-which is not my usually reaction to that word."
Thanks Natalie, for the line of the week!

Winning one run games on the road is a big part of a successful season. Nice job all around. Beckett battles his way through 7, Timlin does his hire wire act, and J-Pap shuts the door. There is no substitue for gas....95mph will take most team's bottom third out of the picture, and that's a pretty good lineup there in Texas.

What to do with this day off before Baltimore? Will NESN have either the Paw or Port Sox on 2-nite?

Listened to the game on the radio driving home last night. Beckett was throwing mid-90's with his pitch count over 100. Here's to youth and a roster of healthy arms.

Damn, Papelbon looked strong. It's a long season, but feeling fine this morning.

The real beauty of going 2-1 in Texas is that this was the Sox's only visit this year. The new artwork is nice but how about a wireless mouse to keep with the times?

//The new artwork is nice but how about a wireless mouse to keep with the times?//

And why is H.B. growing asparagus next to his computer?

I have fully drunk the Papelbon kool-aid, and it is good. My one worry is the effect of last night on Foulke's already fragile psychie. Beckett wa a little shaky at the get go, but yyou can definitely chalk that up to first game jitters, pitching in fromt of a large group of family and friends, new team, etc. Regardless, he settled down nicely. And the fist pumping? I'm not sure what pumped me up more- his reaction after his final pitch, or Schill's...

Papelbon needs a better nickname than "Pap". I like "Little Papi".

I second "little Papi". The connotation of clutch performances suit him well.

I can't believe I missed Manny hitting the cutoff man and seeing Teixeira getting gunned down at the plate. Outside of an Ortiz moonshot, I don't think there's a more beautiful sight than a greedy baserunner or 3rd base coach getting shot down.

...And I had no idea how fast Coco runs! Seeing him fully engage the jets is a beautiful thing.

I had the wonderful pleasure of the A's/MFY's series out here in Cali that culminated oh so perfectly lastnight. It was finally a gorgeous Spring night, which is something cause we’ve had the last 30 of 35 days of rain. Great seats behind the home bullpen & there were only about 10 MFY fans nearby. Damon errored=Bradley tripled. The Big Hurt (who looks flippin’ huge up close) had a 3 run double. Kennedy was right on target, so we didn’t even need Huston. & the moment the BoSox final score was posted, the whole coliseum cheered & the requisite "Yankees Suck" chant began. It was a thing of beauty.

Oh & I vote for 'Lil Papi' too!

I hear everybody calling in to EEI and sending letters to Tom caron asking "Are Theo and Tito going to let Coco steal bases? It's a shame to waste his speed."

How about scoring from first on a double twice Monday and stretching a double into a triple last night. That's using speed without risking baserunners.

I like Little Papi, too, but do we pronounce it "Poppy" like for Ortiz, or "Pappy"?

Hey Texas:

You've been Pap-smeared!

Last night signified (finally) the end to the 2004 season. Welcome to The New 25.


A little Pats' news:

The Patriots signed safety Tebucky Jones and kicker Martin Gramatica.

Which one of the crazy Gramatica brothers is he?

The TB Bucs one from a few years back.

His nickname used to be Automatica, but he hasn't lived up to that for at least 2 years now. Last year he was the kickoff specialist for Indy. He had a great beginning to his NFL career in TB, but his accuracy started to slacken and he blaimed it on some ab muscles that have since been operated on. He's looking for a full-time place-kicker role (and seems to have found it here in the Pats)...and hopefully, he's built better...stronger...and will gain his 1999 form and not his 2004 flaws.

Looks like Lil Papi is already taken:

Okay, the nickname game begins anew (we can't have THREE Papis on the team).

How about Papto Bismol?

(Provides great relief.)

Sorry, I'm a little hung over.

I want my Soxaholix!

You're toying with us hb

hb where are you? Don't you realize that we are all going through withdrawal? It has been four days-we need a fix!-lol

Does anybdy know where H.B. lives? Somebody should go check on him. Maybe he's fallen and can't get up.

It's just HB being HB.

This is Spring Vacation week in the South. That's all I can say.

somewhere hb is laughing

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