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April Hiatus (Day 3 of 4)

Your omniscient author in absentia:
"A destiny is not something that awaits us, it issomething we have to achieve in the midst of innumerable circumstantial impediments and detours." …


Author's Notes
Another bit from Dyer's Out of of Sheer Rage page 140.


Yikes- you could be talking about last nights game.h.b.are you psychic?

Apparently, we aren't destined for 162-0 this year. Oh well...

Didn't Manny say something to that effect when he accepted the WS MVP trophy. that we, ummm, "Make our own destination"?

Not a pretty sight last night, but I'm resisting the temptation to make this year 162 seasons, instead of 162 games. I know equanimity and being a Sox fan are mutually exclusive, but when all is said and done, I think the boys will be in the postseason again.

C'mon Beckett!!

At least the MFY's lost.

Yes! I'm George. George McFly. I'm your density-I mean, destiny.

- Wake had a bad, bad outing
- Riske stunk it up too
- Manny had a K or 2
No worries:
- Seanez and Lenny D held it together pretty well
- Wake always fluctuates between terrible and great, so you know he'll be back
- Crisp had some good leadoff-hitter moments, like in the 1st when he got on and stole second, forcing them to walk Ortiz to get to Manny
- Manny is Manny, so he'll hit

Hindsight being 20/20 Arlington really is a house of horrors for Wake.

I know it's a bit early to jump to conclusions, but are we really confident that this guy can catch Wake? The ump blew a bunch of called strikea because he couldn't catch it clean.

Well to cut Bard a little slack Wake and Mirabelli did have 4+ years to get used to each other

Hey Ogie, you know Toe Blake?

I'm not so concerned that Bard won't get the knack of catching Wakefield, but that every fifth day he's going to be just about an automatic out. What was it last year, .191?

I am anxious to see Wily Mo in there.

I agree with Harwich. I'll give Bard a pass on this one. (No pun intended) Let's hope things improve.

Ogie, I agree with you about the lousy ump. In addition to blowing several strikes by Wake, that Texas catcher played him like a fiddle. Nice little moves he made to pull obvious balls back into the strike zone to get the (bad) calls.

That said, it didn't make any difference last night. Anybody have the stat on Wakefield's record when pitching to anyone besides Dougie? I think it's downright horrible.

Not sure on the stats Bob but I do remember that even Tek has had trouble hanging on.

Toe Blake? I think we may have met in the Iron League.

I'm not going to panic on Bard just yet, it's not an enviable position to be in, but I've noticed that sometimes Wake fools the umps and they "give up" on a pitch that looks like a ball and ends up a strike. This is especially true if the catcher muffs it. Wake is just going to have to battle through it.

"like in the 1st when he got on and stole second, forcing them to walk Ortiz to get to Manny"

That is actually what I'm looking for Covelli NOT to do. No need to take the bat out of Papi's hand, esp. when Manny is looking as lost at the plate as he was last night. I'm all for him stealing bases, but more when Loretta is up, or send him in a hit and run.

All in all last night was pretty painful. If there was a silver lining, it'd have to be Coco's 3-5 and Wily Mo's first plate appearance, hit and rbi. Whatever- I have confidence that Beckett will get 'em tonight. Seriously- who has a better #3 pitcher than we do?

A destiny is not something that awaits us, it issomething we have to achieve in the midst of innumerable circumstantial impediments and detours."

That was in my fortune cookie at Lucky Garden last night!

Just a side note to congratulate the Lady Terps for their win over Duke. It was a bittersweet final for me since I'm originally from Maryland but a big fan of Duke (not the lacrosse, those guys are dicks...Johns Hopkins Bluejays all the way when it comes to men's college lacrosse!). I couldn't personally feel bad about the game either way, but it was at least an exciting outcome and the Terps earned their victory (albeit got the easy half of the bracket compared to the other side being stacked with contenders).

Let's trade for 'belli again.

For those of you interested, Arroyo is throwing today for Cincinnati, maybe not his best pitching performance, but he hit an HR in his second AB... Go Cornrows!

Uh-oh, I can see it now. Sox trade pitcher. Pitcher starts hitting home runs. Team moves him to the outfield and starts winning World Series.

Naw, that could never happen in real life.

100 points to Bob for the most outlandish comparison ever.

That puts you in the lead.

Come on, I think it's COMPLETELY reasonable:)

Just saw a list of MLB team payrolls. The Skankees outspend us by over $78,000,000 this year. To put that in perspective, that's more than the entire payrolls of 16 of the 30 teams.

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