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April Hiatus (Day 1 of 4)

The Soxaholix are on hiatus until Friday, April 7 …

Lisa the Temp:
So how about that, eh? This is how you get rewarded for your faithful readership during the offseason doldrums? Baseball finally starts and now they decide to abandon you for several days? What a bunch of Massholes.


Lisa the Temp:
But really maybe now is the time to ask yourself, what the fuck am I doing reading blogs anyway?


Lisa the Temp:
But hey that's just me. You know the real trouble with blogs, right?


Lisa the Temp:
The trouble with blogs is that they encourage the writing of more blogs.


Lisa the Temp:
More guppies crowding the fish tank, more baby rabbits hopping out of their mothers into the dewy grass.


Lisa the Temp:
And how will it ever end? Think about it, people.


Author's Notes

Part of Lisa's speech is adapted from Billy Collins poem "The Trouble with Poetry" from the collection by the same name.

Meanwhile, sorry for dropping the hiatus on you without any notice. It came up rather suddenly, and I didn't want to ruin the day to day flow by announcing it ahead of time.

I've set up TypePad so that a pre-written panel will get spit out each morning, so that you have something to attach daily comments to as needed.

Back soon …


I'm off to watch the Kansas City Royals face the Detroit Tigers. I am DVRing the Sox game on ESPN2 and will be fighting the urge to look at the scoreboard for updates because I want to watch the game without knowing the ending. Go Sox....Go Royals?

Last time I checked, none of us are paying for this daily slice o' heaven, so I think it would be rude of anyone to be mad at you for taking a break.

Since when would being rude stop a Sox fan, like myself, from being mad?

Lisa's working that keyboard like Marlon Brando working the crystal control panel in "Superman."

I've set up TypePad so that a pre-written panel will get spit out each morning, so that you have something to attach daily comments to as needed.

Boy, does H.B. have us pegged or what.


Hope the hiatus is for positive reasons (vacation) rather than negative(lost all your money betting on the Washington Generals --- I thought they were due!). The timing is good because we've got opening day to keep us busy.

I'll be at Coors Field in T-minus 3 hours, 30 minutes.

Shit, I love baseball. Thank God it's finally back.

"And how will it ever end?"

How will it end? How will it end?!? I'll tell you how, Lisa- Boston Red Sox 2006 World Champions (WBC be damned).

And yes, I'm wearing my Schilling jersey t-shirt under by button-down today.



I sweat and feel a little tense just thinking of watching them play on my computer at work. Yeah, I've got the little knot in my stomach. Bring on game 1!

Two minutes...

In a month, that last pitch to Papi will be deposited in the seats.

Nice work, Curt. But they worked the counts pretty good.

Anybody else having MLB.com Gameday audio issues? It started me with the Rangers feed, when I tried to switch to WEEI I lost all audio - have tried another computer too and got nothing there either.

Oh Captain, my Captain...

Oh Papi, my Papi...

I pulled into AUS airport parking lot early this a.m., made a sharp left into a free space and right in front of me was a Jeep tire cover with the Red Sox logo big as Christmas. What an omen...This is a fine day, mis amigos.

Did you know that the guy throwing for the Rangers right now (Antonio Alfonseca) has six fingers on each hand, and six toes on each foot? True story. His nickname is "Pulpo" (octopus).

One down, 161 to go (although I'd settle for picking up another 99 or so).

Foulke looked awful, but everything else is good news.

Just in case I can't say it again this year...the Sox are in first place! :)

My fantasy team has Texieira, Millwood, Wilkerson --- glad to say I'll probably be in last place after today. Hurt me, Ortiz and Schilling!

i was shocked to fnd the temp on OPENING DAY OF ALLL Days

i was hoping for a openingday scheme but i get stuck with the good ol temp.

Anyway good luck with your hatius (sp)

Re: Foulke not doing too well... didn't he kinda suck in '04 with big leads? I'm just saying....

Very encouraging game, esp. from a defensive viewpoint. Schill looked good, but I just got good vibes from the whole team. Is it me or did Youk just figure out that he's the starting baseman and not some fill-in?

Make that starting FIRST baseman. Where's my editor??

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