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We all have our roles to play

You know we do our share of ripping on the mainstream sports media, so it's only fair, then, to cheer when they give us something worthwhile …


This Kelsie Smith piece on Bill James combined with the Globe's publication of John Henry's original email from August 2003 inviting James to come work with the Red Sox were both an incredible joy to read this morning.


Absolutely, I love reading how James fits that classic artistic genius stereotype of being so uninterested in anything that isn't connected to baseball numbers that he forgets to mow his lawn for 3 months in the summah ands lets his house totally fall to shit but nevah notices until the insurance company says something about it.


So don't I. It's like those stories about how Einstein couldn't find his way home or how William Faulkner, when he suddenly got the idea for The Fable while walking around his house, just proceeded to write it out right there on his living room wall rathah than taking the time to find a sheet of papah and risk losing the sweet caress of the muse.


And how about this gem: "But perhaps the two most important Bill James devotees are John Henry and Epstein. Henry first read a James abstract in the early 1980s and says as an adult he waited for new Bill James books like he waited for new Beatles albums as a kid."


Seriously, that tells us more about why John Henry did everything possible to make certain Theogate was resolved the way it finally was than anything else I've read.


Henry says, "When Bill James arrives for a stint in Boston, it really feels like baseball's wizard has arrived." Christ, must be cool to have that kind of effect on people.


Well, you know what they say: Those who can, do. Those who can't become clip art.



I never bought the Moneyball stuff until I actually read the book. Now I'm 98% converted. Still, if Theo et al. were true Moneyball disciples, we probably would have neither V-Tek nor Manny in the lineup, and that is unsat to me on a visceral, and mayhaps even spiritual, level.

I think Theo's secret is that he combines the science of Sabermetrics with the art of putting together a team that will win. It's very much a case of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

Count me in on the Bill James.
It may be a stretch to say that he is the latter day Joseph Smith, Jr., but his following is strong. I, for one, have BA's from (I think) 1984 or so on. It's fun to go back and look at how on the mark James was.

hb's self-abnegation is a sentiment that I do not subscribe to,however. Rather, I say "clip art forever!"

Now, to Lost....
OK I was wrong, the mofo was strong last night. I am back on the bandwagon.

Jack and Sawyer going mango y mango at the poker table was awesome.

"loop,man, the loop"


Anyone else heard the story about Rocket applying Icy-hot to his undercarriage during his stint on team USA because he didn't want to get too comfortable on the mound? Talk about nuts not falling far from the tree.

In the past 50 years, the term "genius" has become diluted and devalued. Someone twists a bit of metal, silkscreens Marilyn Monroe or takes a photo of a fist shoved up someone's ass and they're called a "genius."

Beethoven, Michelangelo, Newton and Einstein were geniuses. That's the magnitude and impact you have to have to be a genius. We should tighten the qualifications for the term.

There's an outside shot that James might be a genius, but I would rule against. He is an intelligent, creative person who recognized a novel way to analyze baseball, and he's deservedly rich because of it.

For those of us in the sales profession: It's end of quarter. Will you Do? Or will you become clip art?

Loved it.

As for stats, I like 'em a little, but can't get as deep as a lot of folks. I just like to watch the game, and sometimes play a little bit.

Jason O.-chill dude. As the saying goes, "one man's junk is another man's treasure"..... (or woman!)

As for Lost - awesome show. Love hearing Sawyers snide comments and nicknames. and Hurley was great - "loop, man, the loop".

I'm going to go out on a limb and agree with Jason regarding the "genius" term. But it comes with the territory - everything gets labeled "historic", "amazing", etc. It's not the word that's watered down, it's the language.

That being said, James is a genius.

Jennay - a woman's junk is often a man's treasure.

As for the term Genius - doesn't that literally mean that someone has an IQ of 140 or more? I have no trouble believing that James' IQ is that high.

That Henry letter gives me goosebumps...
Down here in the South, it's hard to get people to understand my relationship with the Red Sox without referencing NASCAR or chewing tobacco. It's refreshing to see that at least Henry gets it (although he might have been faking it, how do I know?).
I cannot wait for the season to start.

Here is a pic of that diagram on the wall in Lost....


"Those who can, do. Those who can't become clip art."

Is this the first example of some sort of existential self-realization by Bill?
Maybe we're all clip art is some greater Earthaholix strip in some other faraway dimension.

My mind has been blown... I'll be huddling under my desk the rest of the day with my tinfoil hat on.

Good stuff, hb.

If I remember correctly, there have been two other times when the characters have been done this sort of "Purple Rose of Cairo" thing.

One involved them "feeling like they are in a fishbowl" and another having to do with being two-dimensional.

But neither was as overt as today.

Elementary, my dear Redsauce:

Just tell people that you love the RS the way they love Crimson Tide football in Tuscaloosa...you'll get quick nods of understanding.

Jennay, I'm chillin', boo.
The problem is that your genteel, libertarian attitude has been inflated in the last 50 yrs. into an ethos that tries to eliminate all types of standards and classifications, which sucks donkey pole because it has led to certain problems. i.e., Have you checked out our middle school/high school educational system lately?

One man's trash could be another's treasure...but one man's trash is definitely not everyone's treasure.

The boys broke through the third wall today. Very cool. BTW, "genius" applies to anyone with an IQ OVER 140. H.B., any of your characters qualify? I have a feeling the office temp may be one.

Jason-you are definitely not "gellin'", what did you do? swallow the dictionary??

Jack-good one.......

This just in:

NEW YORK --The alleged steroid use by Barry Bonds and other players will be investigated by Major League Baseball, and former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell will lead the effort.

Ahh, George Mitchell. Now THERE'S a Maine boy done good...

With his recent involvement in the Red Sox organization, and now with the steroid investigation, could we be looking at the next comissioner of baseball?

I see Bronson and the Reds shut out the Sox today.

Why can't we get pitchers like this:


Tavares was suspended for the first ten days (eight games) of the season.

7ip, 3h, 0r, 1bb, 9k

I think he was trying to say something...

"I think he was trying to say something..."

I'd say that too, if Papi had actually been in the lineup, and this weren't a meaningless spring traing exhibition. I wish Arroyo well pitching in Cincy's rotation this summer.

I'm sure, regardless of who was in the lineup and what time of year it was, Bronson's intent was to say something along the lines of "You traded the wrong guy." Not to say that there was any ill will involved- he just wanted to show the FO that, regardless of what they got in return, he should still be wearing a Boston uni.

I also wish him well (and hope he didn't throw his arm out reaching back for some gas he dosen't usually have). Bronson Arroyo- 2006 NL Cy Young?

(stifling laughter)

Just was able to read yesterday's strip (couldn't risk the LOST spoilers). Well written, HB -- and I love the part about Einstein and Faulkner's (although, I had thought he wrote out the outline for "A Fable" on a wall in his house) moments of inspirado.

Let's get this season started, kids.

Ah, yes, I think it was The Fable. I wasn't sure and was just too lazy to look it up.

Cool. I just changed the text to the Fable and added a link to an image of it. Better late than never.

Entertaining and informative!

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