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The nut doesn't fall far from the tree

I feel like we're in that movie Ground Hog day. Every morning I wake up and it's still Spring Training.


Seriously. Has a Spring Training ever lasted so friggin' long?


People are getting so frustrated that their behavior has become erratic. I mean how else do you explain this bizarre vandalism in Blackstone ?


Scaling a barbed wire fence, destroying an electrical panel in Blackstone of all places? That's just plain weird.


Meanwhile, we don't need any paternity tests to prove Renee Roszel is Randy Johnson's progeny. The poor kid looks just like him.


Yeah, she's 16 and 6 feet 1. Wow. Wondah if she can pitch?


So the kid can't go to school because of all the media attention … Now, see the importance of a two-parent family and why Randy needs to be a part of his daughter's life?


Absolutely. I mean daddy Big Unit needs to teach the Lil' Unit how, when the media gets in your face, you stiff arm 'em right propah.



From the article: "who bears a striking resemblance to her "Big Unit" father".

Uh, well, so much for my appetite.

Buhbye Tony G....
Enrique Wilson to Pawtucket, I guess he and MR24 will be malling on the South Shore.

Monday cannot come soon enough.

ps: hb, nice graphic design for Mike's office. Now maybe we can chip in and get him a phone that was made in this century.

No kidding ... did Mike answer the remote control?

Not sure I'm a big fan of the ambience in that office. Looks like Yankee blue on the walls.

Now maybe we can chip in and get him a phone that was made in this century.

Hey, you're welcome to commission someone to illustrate additional characters, poses, phones.

Honestly, I've been thru 3 attempts now at hiring freelance illustrators for that kind of work, and I've only gotten back a couple of graphics that were suitable.

Seriously, if I can't come up with some replacement graphics to freshen things up soon, I'm going to shut 'er down.

How about when Randy pitches at Fenway, 30K+ chant "Where's my daddy?"

h.b., your graphics are fine w/me, it's the written content that counts. Although I seem to remember ayoung than watering her plants at home w/a spray bottle. More of that would be nice.

Finally close to 55deg here in Cow Hampshire, Spring fever and anticipation of opening day in full rip.

She looks more like Fred Gwynne's love child than RJ's.

I don't know why, but the graphics in the strip often remind me of old United Airlines commercials. Perhaps we can get someone from their art department to hook you up, h.b.!

Then maybe we can get a "The Girls of Soxaholix: Swimsuit Issue" around here.

I feel bad for the kid, but it looks like she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. Do you think that when RJ found out about the kid his first thought was, "Dear God, let her please NOT take after me"?

"... I'm going to shut 'er down. "

Perish the thought (please). I'm content with the characters against a blank white background. It's nice to see the Boston skyline in the background every now and then, but an office? Meh- I'll just look around my current setting. The content makes the strip, so unless you lose your funny bone, I'll keep coming back.

Love the old school phone and computers. Keep em'
Hate to say it but I have to side with Randy on this one. He shelled out 60K a year and the mom obviously blew it all. He really doesn't have to pay for day care when his daughter is older.

I sincerely apologize to hb if he thought I was busting his balls about the graphics. I was really trying to call attention to the new background, to give props, but I failed miserably.

With great sadness,


See LC's comments. No offense intended, HB. Keep up the great work!

No,no, don't feel badly about the light hearted ball busting.

If I came across sour, it was at all meant at any of you. It just reminded me of this ongoing illustrator fiasco I've been having.

I have SO many ideas for new characters and new poses for existing characters not to mention new scenes, but I'm so hindered by my own lack of drawing ability and having to rely on the clip art I have.

It's frustrating. When I first started the site, I had no idea if it'd even last more than a few weeks, so didn't really think at all through what would happen if I was stuck with the same initial set of clip art some 2 years later.

And granted, as one of you pointed out, it's the words that count and not the images (and thanks for saying that BTW) but still I could do so much more with a fresh infusion of new graphics.

Ah, well, you play the season with the roster you have. No crying. :)

At least Mike's phone is much more modern than the late 70's Wang word processor that Lisa the Temp is stuck with.

And that Slate Blue look seems to be a very popular choice these days for new corporate offices. Better than the acqua phase I remember about a dozen years ago.

I think the WBC has made spring training this year feel especially long, since we got a tease of 'real baseball' and legitimate competition for a couple of weeks that reminded us how much better it'll be when the games count.

AJM: I agree with you. At first, I wasn't too chuffed w/the WBC, but after watching a game or two, I have to admit it was nice watching players do more than just getting their work in.

It's funny but my corporate digs just went through a similar, droning, muted colorization, not unlike the panels above. Fortunately, my walls are broken up with a framed World Series Winner Front Page.

I was sorry to see Manny D sent down, though he has struggled w/his control a bit. I hope the Riske/Seanez/Tavares thing works out.

Any word on Dustin? They seem to keep his injuries hushed up......

even if randy's daughter could pitch like him, they STILL wouldn't let her in. females are specifically banned from playing MLB

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