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Silly for Wily

I love the way Theo describes Wily-Mo-P, says the kid's got "silly powah."


Yeah, and Epstein also describes him as a "physical freak." He's not only ginormous but fast, as in double digits in steals fast.


And the biggest knock against Wily Mo (whose name I just love to say by the way) is a lack of plate discipline and an inability to lay off the breaking stuff — But check it out: Pena's going to watching and listening to his fellow Dominicans Manny and Papi day in and day out. Something tells me he's going to acquire some friggin mad skillzy from those two.


Christ, I'm happier than the big girl with the funky name on Idol when they told her she could take off her shoes to sing.


Theo is da Man. But don't take my word for it, check out what our honorable opposition is saying.


Can't help but feel badly for Arroyo though, taking that hometown discount and all.


Well, look at it this way. The Pirates had given up on Arroyo and tossed him into the curbside DFA recycle bin. Who knows, if Theo hadn't taken the chance, Arroyo's MLB career could have ended right then and there. Instead, Arroyo nows gets to take his nuts the size of Saturn into Cincy as their numbah two stahtah. That's not so bad.


True. And the gangly guitar strumming moptop with the high leg kick will always hold a special place in our hearts as one of "The 25."


Abso-fucking-lutely. Man, I so can't wait for the season to staht.



Damn Right, h.b. Let the matriculation of WiMP to Academia Dominicana de Béisbol en el Parque de Fenway begin.

JohnNY freakin who? WiMP is JohnNY 8 years ago, with way more punch.

Any member of RSN that doesn't feel a little blood to the pig this morning is a cadaver.



Absolutely ginormous move, I love it. I'm with you, bring it ahn! What a great day to be a sox fan :)-.

Do people in Ohio like Goo-Goo Dolls covers?

Do you realize we now have two out of the three Pep Boys in our Outfield? Manny, Mo and, well, Coco.

Obviously, Theo needs to trade for an outfielder named Jack! A brief search of baeball-reference.com didn't turn up any promising leads though.

Is Jack Clark still playing? Couldn't he play right?

Heard a rumor that the Nationals have Soriano on the block and that the Sox picked up Wily Mo as trade bait to get Alfonso. Say it ain't so! I'm just waiting for WMP to get assigned a number so I can buy the jersey, so fully am I on that bandwagon.

Oh, and I am tempted to pronounce his name the way it is spelled- "WHY-lee" Mo Pena :)

Is the WBC going to be held next year? Maybe the Dominican Republic should just send the Red Sox. Not that I've got a problem with that!

I'm glad to see the Sox might be competition this season, but I'm not about to lose sleep over a .254 hitter.

Sounds like neither Brandon nor Mo were jumping for joy yesterday.

From amny:

'Arroyo, who loved playing in Boston, took a hometown discount when he signed an $11.25 million, three-year contract on Jan. 19.

"We're disappointed, as is Bronson, that our prediction has come true," said Arroyo's agent, Gregg Clifton. "After taking a discounted deal to remain with the Red Sox, he will not throw one pitch under that deal as a member of the Red Sox.'


'Pena was surprised by the deal.

"I just want to be on a team and play every day," he said.

He could get that chance in 2007 because Nixon is eligible for free agency after this season.'

...but I'm not about to lose sleep over a .254 hitter.

Oh, I wouldn't either if I was in your shoes. Pena is a big, big if.

But what has me and I imagine most of us so giddy is we had glut of pitching and traded a way a guy who appears to be in decline for a guy who is really young and has lots of promise.

//...but I'm not about to lose sleep over a .254 hitter.//

For the two seasons before he joined the Red Sox, a certain player had a combined .253 average. I think Papi's turned out okay.

i don't think wily mo will play every day.

i've watched him with the reds and i can tell you

1) IF he hits the ball, it go a long way
2) no strike zone judgement
3) NOT a good glove. he do run fast, but he don't judge where the ball is going real too good

i would bet that theo got him to platoon with trot

April 3rd cannot get here fast enough.

And in regards to the guy who said possible-Pena-for-Soriano: no thanks. We have Loretta. I've wanted Loretta for 2 years and now we have him.

Good luck to Arroyo in Cincy.

I checked out afew scouting reports on Wily Mo, and here are a few constants in all of them:

-Extremely strong work ethic
-Will be a 40-HR hitter
-Will be a double-digit base stealer
-Strikes out too much
-Plate discipline seems to be
improving as experience grows
-Absolute CANON for an arm.

And in the interests of fair and balanced reporting, here's a comment on WMP from the Red's fan site:

"Dumber than a hoe handle."

"Dumber than a hoe handle."

heh: see e.g. JohnNY

Heh. But to Johnny, hoe handles are a prostitute's ears.

He averages about .295 against lefties and hits homers at a rate similar to Ortiz or Manny (homers per AB, that is). Projections (I don't know what they're worth, m'self) say he's ready for a .280 season and still-excellent homer rate.

If he can hit .275 and 40 bombs (I don't think either of those is unreasonable in about two years, maybe less) while doing his job of lefty-killing this year, then he's worth it. I hope he's not trade bait (What the hell would we want Soriano for? To have more errors than Renteria?), as he seems the perfect platoon partner and could become a consistent power threat.

Good pick up. Sorry Bronson. You helped bring Boston a World Series. That's pretty good, right?

Hey, that WBC final was good yesterday! 6-5 in the 8th! Ichiro is clutch.

Holy crap- I saw that picture of WMP from the Reds site- tell me that he dosen't look exactly like a slimmer right-handed version of Papi...

As for his plate discipline, etc.- you know Papa Jack will be all over that shit. When Ortiz came over from Twinkieland, he had a couple of holes in his swing, and llok at him now. Add to the equation that he'll have Ortiz and Manny (seriously, what better RH hitter to emulate than Manny- in the batter's box that is) to follow around. The potential is there and we have the tools to bring it out.

As much as it pains me to say it, unless Trot has a monster, injury free year (hell, even if he does) Wily Mo will be the starting RF for the Sox next year, or possibly even by the trade deadline.

Natalie -

The Pena-for-Soriano rumors don't end there - they have Soriano to the Mets for Lastings Milledge.

The Red Sox FO has been adament in their desire to avoid Soriano - mostly because he's the single most overrated player in baseball, but yeah, the glut of MIF prob also helps.

$11.25 million in Boston, adjusted for the cost of living in Cincinnati, is a pretty damn good raise for BA. The trade helps both teams.

But to Johnny, hoe handles are a prostitute's ears.

It's all over, ladies and gentlemen. The rest of us are now playing for second place in the Funniest Comment of the Day competition.

Open Letter to Johnny Damon:


First of all, thank you for your contributions to "The 25" of 2004. Everyone agrees without a shadow of doubt that we couldn't have done it without you. You also brought a lot of smiles and fun to the fans along with a World Series caliber performance for most of your time with the Red Sox.

But that aside, look at Bronson. That is how you leave a team with honor and retain our respect beyond your time with the Sox. He not only took a hometown discount to play for the Sox (something that was evidently beneath you, since you too a cost-of-living paycut just to leave) but he goes happy for his time with the team and keeps his dignity by playing the game and not making assinine statements about the fans. Of course it helps that he goes to the NL instead of our AL East rivals and it helps that it wasn't his choice as a free agent, but a trade. It doesn't give him quite the same opportunity to swagger and run off at the mouth to the media...but you can tell by the way he goes today that he wouldn't act like a jackass even if he were in the same shoes as you.

Johnny, shut up and play baseball. You screwed up by leaving the Red Sox and going to play for the Yankees. Life goes on if you let it. We'll remember you for your time here, but for the time you play down I-95, you can shove that Big Apple up your ass or down your throat...whichever keeps your words outta the papers.

With many thanks,

A Red Sox Fan

Alright, no one's making any sense yet about the Pena deal. Here's how I see it:

1) The strikeouts are a good thing. The Sox lacked a wildcard hitter the second half of the season and were too susceptible to being considered consistent hitters.

2) Manny and Papi are going to love having a little brother around. Is Pena's nickname going to be Little Papi? Time will tell, but this is bound to create some maternal instincts on the part of Ramirez.

3) The fact that he hits with power is a negative. Criticisms of being one dimensional aside, you just get tired of 80, 840 run seasons after a while. This can't go on much longer, we really need the Sox to start waffling and focus on fundamentals to win games.


Mike H Haiku

Maybe I am slow
Is it sarcasm or fact?
Fucked if I know.

Here's some of the comments Bronson had about being traded. You have to say this about they guy; he loved the team and the city (although I suspect folks in Cincinnati may view these comments differently than we do):

“It's one of those scenarios you feel will never happen to you. Nobody thinks they're going to be the one, whatever, to get in a car wreck to have their, you know, their kids killed in a plane crash, whatever, you don't think those things are going to happen to you. And I didn't think that I'd be traded. So.”

30 minutes later and im still laughing at "hoe handles".

This site is freaking me out today. Who took all the caustic sox fans and replaced them with pink hat wearers?

"Manny and Papi are going to love having a little brother around. Is Pena's nickname going to be Little Papi? Time will tell, but this is bound to create some MATERNAL instincts on the part of Ramirez."

That's pretty funny if you meant to say Manny's a little bit girlish

Please read through before you think you know what I'm saying. It's neither for or against the Sox.

Billy Beane says there are stats that make it through a hitter's development. I expect he would tell us that Wily Mo will always be a low on base guy, no matter how much tutoring Ortiz gives him.

When Theo was hired, he was supposed to be a Bill James / Mr. high on base guy, forget the defense and pitching.

So much for that. Beckett may be a great trade, but there is some downside: the blister situation and the number of NL stud pitcher who have not made it in the AL East on the Yankees. Two years ago, everyone wanted Pavano, not Beckett.

Wily Mo is 24 and may be a great pickup. But he too goes against what we're supposed to expect from Theo. So it will be interesting to see how this all plays out.


BTW, Wily Mo is a former Yankee.

"BTW, Wily Mo is a former Yankee."

No shit?!?! Well I guess fuck him then, right?

I'm not sure what the point of your post is, Oy. Since it's neither for or against the Sox, and has no real content, is it just to hear the sound of your own voice?

Definitely will be pronounced "While E" around my house...I still can't say "Shawn" Figgins. What is a Chone anyway?

I liked Bronson, sorry to see him go, but nothing but upside on this deal.

Hitting with power is a negative???

Theo being like Beane doesn't make him a clone. Theo very well may believe in other factors when evaluating a hitter or pitcher. In fact, I seem to have missed the book that lays out exactly what Theo believes. Since Oy! apparently has the book maybe he could loan it to me?

I think Theo's "book" is something like "Let's try to find some really good ballplayers at reasonable price without betting the farm on any one of them." I think he tries to use the "moneyball" Bill James approach as one tool in his kit without being a slave to it. I think he works as hard as any GM in baseball and smarter than many of them. And for the last few years he's also been incredibly lucky.

I'm as SABRmetric a guy as you'll find anywhere, but come on people. You need OBP guys to set the table *for* people like Wily Mo. Pena is someone who could easily, without improving greatly, hit 40 homers a season. If Coco gets on base at .360+, and Loretta gets on base at .360+, and we have Wily Mo hitting homers behind him, this is good.

Wily Mo could have a .200/.400/.600 season some day, for the most messed up line since Rob Deer. The point of this whole deal is, Wily Mo has been severely hindered developmentally by the Reds' inability to figure out their outfield situation. Now, he's being moved out to Boston, with two of the best hitters of our generation (one who had almost the exact same situation as he did several years ago), and the ability to develop at his rate. And my guess is, that rate will be ridiculously quick.

So without being able to properly develop, he hits 19 homers in 300 at bats. And people aren't excited about this? Uhm, how?

Wily Mo is going to be so popular in Boston, you won't be able to go to a single game without huge WILY MO! WILY MO! chants. I can hear them now.

"I still can't say "Shawn" Figgins. What is a Chone anyway?"

One letter away from being a complete CHODE!

Thanks BA, at times you were awesome, but sometimes you really stunk it up. Overall, considering our depth at pitching, this is a good deal for us.

Ummm... I'm hoping this "report" was pulled out of The Onion..


Vinatieri goes to Colts?

Wow, NV...just wow.

That's a hell of a gut punch.

Unfortunately, it's probably true. The patriots.com roster is already showing no Vinatieri listed (and for that matter no kicker at all...just Miller at Punter).

Bye, David Givens (Titans). Bye, Troy Brown (up in the air). Bye, Willie McGinest (Browns). Bye, Adam Vinatieri (Colts).

Gee, I guess Viniateri must've gotten tired of kicking in all those Superbowls. That won't be a problem at his new address...

Sorry to see Arroyo go, he really is not happy about it either. But I do love saying the name Wily Mo Pena.....

p.s. Arroyo's CD is great fun, dirty water is now folklore.........

why, adam? why?

we love you, and the colts don't win superbowls. not cool.

Wily Mo can sit in the bottom of the lineup a few behind Papi, the number 9 spot. This way, once we've cleared the bases with Papi, we can load them up again for a Wily Mo dinger the second time around. Wash, rinse, repeat. :-) No, seriously, I think maybe he'll hit in the 5 spot so if Manny or Papi don't get the home run, he will. Or maybe a nice double or something, who knows. With all that power, maybe he can pull a few for a double off that big ass wall we have out there. :-D

I'm pissed off that Bronson had to go. He was a cool guy. If I got kicked out of Boston, I'd be so pissed off that I'd quit baseball the next year and move back to Boston and take a regular job and hang out with all the Sox fans. But, in the Sox FO's defense, he was a little lackluster on the mound. And Theo is pretty much always right, so let's trust him on this one. Let's just hope our other pitchers don't leave one way or another. Anyway, I will always remember Bronson as one of the "25". Absolutely. That's gotta be pretty cool to have on your resume -- "Helped the Boston Red Sox to their first Series win in 86 years."

As for Adam Vinatieri to the Colts.... now I'm really pissed off. That better be a hoax. He is my hero. I have the home and away Vinatieri football jerseys. But if he has to go too, well, I just hope we can get Sebastian Janikowski to be the Pats' kicker, cause he's a badass mofo.

Also, Dirty Water always was Boston folklore since the Standells released it. It's even played at Fenway after a Sox win (which rocks, by the way).

I can't believe pawsoxpop just referenced Rob Deer.

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