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Just a little hunchback at the office

Well, I like the to think of it more as the Red Sox are Apple and the Yankees are Microsoft, you know how the MS way mirrors the Yankees — no innovation, bloatware, built on an ageing, outdated, legacy operating system …


Yeah, and A-Rod coming up in a clutch situation is just like getting "the blue screen of death."


That and he's like the little, annoying talking paper clip in Word. "It looks like you're writing a letter? Do you want me to help? I'm a 5-tool player. I suggest you try my 'dropping the shoulder move' or my 'karate chop.'"


But, hey, Gladwell's "blink" theory in the exchange with Simmons as applied to being a GM of sports franchise certainly bolsters the argument of all the armchair GM wannabees who are convinced they could do a better job.


Yeah, well, there's something to be said for Gladwell's assertion, but, I tell ya, when he asks rhetorical questions like "do you think that Billy Beane, for a moment, wouldn't trade his situation with Theo Epstein or Cashman?" it casts a shadow of doubt ovah everything he says … I mean, memo to Mr. Big Hair, were you grabbing your tipping point when Beane was offahed the job as Red Sox GM and turned it down?


That's always been the main criticism of Blink, right? That he's all about cherry picking anecdotal evidence that supports his claim but is light on factual data and even lighter at offering instances where gut instinct is flat out wrong?


So much depends on the circumstances. I mean if I go to my doctah and tell him I've been having tightness in my chest, the last thing I want to hear is, "Well, I've got a 'hunch' that you've just got a case of acid reflux, maybe you had a bad fish taco or something … Take a couple Zantecs and you'll be fine" and then, you know, two days latah I drop dead from a frickin haht attack.


Author's Notes
Today's title is a reference to one of the funniest TV shows of all time: Police Sqaud.


Damn! More fish taco call backs!

I'm currently obsessed with trying to work "fish taco" into as many strips as I can.

Okay, A-Rod as the annoying paper clip in Word? That is about the funniest thing I have ever read. Great strip, h.b.

Hey thanks for the memory jog with Police Squad. That was a great show. I immediately went and checked to see if it was available on Netflix, but could not find it. That would be a great DVD release...

Once again a "tastefully" done fish taco comment!!

H.B., one of my favorite weekend getaway spots during college was San Felipe on the Baja Pennisula, where the fish taco was invented. Unlike the chum that's served up here, they really are delicious (and hot as hell, with a red chili sauce that will burn your tongue off). Here's a little info for your fish taco research:

Natalie is completely right: ARod as ClipIt? So hilarious, you could turn that one premise alone into a smash hit on Broadway starring Nathan Lane as ARod/ClipIt. Mathew Broderick would play Jeter/the Einstein rip-off. Or the cat. Either way, it can't miss.

Brilliant, h.b., I f-ing hate 'clippie'...and A-fraud...beautiful symmetry. Nice Apple v. MS comparison, too. As someone in the medical profession, Apple was the first company to embrace the graphics need to help teach anatomy, etc. Ask most M.D.'s my age, and they will tell you the first computer they used was a MAC...to bad Goliath seems to be winning...at least in Commonwealth's institutions of higher ed.

BTW, I held off on the 'fish taco' double-entendre talk because I believe back in the day, the correct term was 'tuna taco'...either way nice usage.

Fish Tacos. Ha! At least you saved them for Friday in Lent...

HB, talk about an insensitive strip. You have obviously never experienced the BSOD or you would not have made fun of it.

I threw up last night thanks to some bunk-ass shrimp alfredo from Applebee's. I'm convinced I have a fever and he only cure is MORE FISH TACOS.

"You have obviously never experienced the BSOD or you would not have made fun of it.

Heh. Actually, before I was struck down by the rapture and the light from Cupertino and became one of the Choosen People in the Cult of Mac, I was a PC user and did experience many a BSOD.

So, so glad those wayward infidel days are behind me.

Of course, I confess that while it's very rare I do every so ofen get the Mac's "spinning beach ball of death."

Just a little hunchback at the office = Lisa The Temp, no?

The Rodriguez as annoying paper clip thingy? Meh, okay. Seems more like her sense of humor, just sayin', but the choir loved it.

Guess you can apply A-Rod as a punchline to any joke and get a big laugh out of Red Sox fans.

Knock, knock? Who's there? A-Rod sucks. (see how you laughed there?)

Why'd the chicken cross the road? A-Rod sucks. (still laughing, right?)

Priest and a rabbi walk into a bar, bartender says, "A-Rod sucks." (hilarious, right? it's that easy)

Good strip by hb.

Better comeback by Babe. He has absofuckinglutely nailed the mindset of the Sox fanatic.

There is no situation in which you can not comfort the Sox fanatic with the phrase "A-Rod sucks."

In clinical terms, this is called Letting Anger Ruin Your Fucking Life.

"Guess you can apply A-Rod as a punchline to any joke and get a big
laugh out of Red Sox fans."

Well, it's not quite that easy, but pretty close.

Meanwhile, on the my Mac, the "Office Assistant" isn't Mr. ClipIt but instead a little monitor with legs. And when you close the window on the assistant, a little animated white glove waves bye.

Make of that what you will... :)

ok, the white glove treatment was funny, I'll give you that.

Oh, after the "slap play" all the anger just dissolved. Now it's just pure fun.

But if it comforts you to think otherwise, by all means continue.

Well, Babe, I have to admit all of those things are kinda funny, but none of them is really in the neighborhood of Dora as that paper clip. Yo, Oy!, calm the fuck down and quit generalizing. Yankees fans are just as ready to rant on Varitek or the Red Sox in general (believe me, I know, I've lived with and still work with true Yankee fans) as Sox fans are to hate on the Yankees and their players. It's a two-way street.

And add "Jeter swallows" and we purr like kittens.

In British terms, this is called "taking the piss." Clinically, it's called having a sense of humor. :)

h.b. I apologize if this is too off-topic to ask on this board, and feel free to delete if so, but...
I have a friend who just moved to Medford with wife and kids and is looking for good, kid-friendly restaurants in Boston-Medford-Cambridge-Arlington. Not super-pricey, but not Uno's either. I suggested Pastalina's on Rte 60 in Medford. Figured others who post here might have suggestions? Thanks in advance for any help with this.

Perhaps this is sacrilege, but I have come to find Bill Simmons to be repetitive, dense, basically unreadable at this point. And I have enjoyed many of his past columns. It just seems like rehash now... same devices, same type of pop culture references applied to new facts. And as long as a dissertation.

ARod = Clipit... very funny!

Simmons may have lost some bat speed over the past couple of years, but I don't want to get too critical for fear of karma and a subsequent loss of my own ability.

A-rod isn't like clippy, or clipit, or whatever his name was, because with one click you never have to see it again. Rodriguez keeps coming back, like a satanic energizer bunny.

Clemens vs. SA today, I'm psyched.

Knock, knock? Who's there? A-Rod sucks.

That kind of reminds me of Chuck Palahniuk's book "Survivor", where people were making fun of a suicide cult by telling jokes in which all the punchlines were the same:

"What do you call 4 Creedish members in a van?" "Dead."

"What do you call 10 Creedish on safari?" "Dead."

"Beach ball of death." Hee. I always called it "the swirly rainbow of doom," myself.

I am amused and vaguely disturbed by this strip because my iBook died a gruesome death at the beginning of the year, and the cost to fix it was so prohibitive I decided to bite the bullet and get a PC until the day when I have that thing called "disposable income" and can afford to own and maintain a Mac again. I find the potential parallels there to be unnerving.

Ah, reading this reminded me of my idea for a surefire hit www.thepaperclipisdead.com!

I hope Babe wasn't picking on Lisa up there. Give the girl a break. From what I hear, she has no benefits...

Very funny today HB. I have to admit I didn't finish the two-part (?!) Simmons-Gladwell opus, so I didn't see the bit about Microsoft-GE. But Mr. Rod as Mr. Clip was truly inspired. "Were you grabbing your tipping point ..." was a beverage-on-monitor moment.

"Take a couple Zantacs and you'll be fine" and then, you know, two days latah I drop dead from a frickin haht attack."


There is nothing quite like a misdiagnosis to help you 'see the light'...


Whaaaaa hahah ahaha ha

All right, I was rooting for the US in that Japan game up until the blown call (reversed original call to declare a runner out for leaving third base too early on a would-be sac fly...he was safe on the replay). Now I just want Japan to make it to the semis.

I don't like the guy, but hey, that was a clutch hit by A-Rod (with 2 out in the ninth!). He looked to be in typical form earlier in the game with double plays and strikeouts in key situations, but hey, can't take that last big hit away from him.

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