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Jellyleg (Our new fave word)

Make it a Tofu Pup with the works, Artie.


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
Ah, yes the meatless lenten Fridays for the pious … surprised you're not going with a hip fish taco like your trendy metrosexual buddies. Heh.


I love fish. I love tacos. But that two combined? Er, not so much. I mean it's just wrong in so many ways.


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
What are you saying, that it's like painting the inside of a ballpark blue?


Exactly. Tacos should be filled with meat, and ballparks should be painted green and seem in curiously sharp focus.


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
Speaking of focus, did you get a load of Crisp's spring training debut?


No shit. I've got The Jellyleg just thinking about this coming season.


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
Yeah, lots of questions but so much promise. Can't wait.



I have to commend you on the brevity of today's strip. Amusing, funny, and easy/entertaining to read. The last couple of strips have read like epic poems, and, at least to me, those strips are overkill. I understand where you are coming from - it is the start of Spring training, you are all pumped up and ready to charge out of the gate. But it is a long season. Marathon runners for obvious reasons do not throw out a 4:01 mile to open the race. We need you strong when Heartbreak Hill comes into sight in September. But at the pace you have set, I think you are going to be feeling some pain in Natick Center. Just some thoughts from a concerned fan.

HB: link in 4th panel ("like painting the inside of a ballpark blue") is broken - it goes to a message that says you are stealing copyrighted material... ???

scott: the link isn't broken, but rather the site that's being linked to is annoying.

If linking to another site is stealing, what is using your extreme financial advantage to rape the free-agent market called?

Yankee fan logic.

Hell if I found out a Yankee blogger was linking to an image on my site, I could think of a million witty remarks to make into a jpeg other than "You're stealing! You're stealing!"

Like "I've been a Yankee Fan ever since the day my daddy fucked me!"

Yeah, that's it.

The link is working for me. Here it is again: http://www.boston.com/sports/redsox/williams/july_7/updike_essay.shtml


Understand your concern about a high pitch count too early in the season. Thanks.

Truth is the long ones are typcically the easy ones, as I have everything just pouring out. Whereas the shorter ones usually mean my brain is cramping, and they end up taking twice as much effort.

That's not always the case, but generally.

Today for example took the longest and caused the most mental angst of any this week. I came really, really close this morning to having to bring in Lisa the Temp. :)

Linking to another site is not stealing.

Someone Who Knows.

I got the "stealing copyrighted material" too

I found Mr. Loeser's copyright theft accusation page somewhat ironic. Having gotten over the insult of being called a thief by a perfect stranger(thank you for that, Mr. Loser), I did take the trouble to survey his self-promotional website, where one does find some fairly competant photography . . . of copyrighted Spankies trademarks and graphic devices. But given Mr. Loeser's evident sensitivity to copyright issues, no doubt he has been careful to obtain the necessary permissions and licences from the Yankees organization himself, before posting these images on his website. Like, I'm sure.

Oh, it's that link that doesn't work. OK. Found a workaround. Try">http://www.halcy0n.com/photography/images/Yankee_Stadium/stadium.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.halcy0n.com/photography/display_dir.php%3Fdir%3DYankee_Stadium&h=768&w=1024&sz=144&tbnid=8Eyb4yYwFw1ZkM:&tbnh=112&tbnw=150&hl=en&start=15&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dyankee%2Bstadium%26svnum%3D10%26hl%3Den%26lr%3D%26client%3Dsafari%26rls%3Den-us%26sa%3DN">Try this.

Changed the link in the panel, too.

Meanwhile, Mr Loeser (perfect name! you can't make shit like that up) shouldn't put his work on the web if he doesn't want people to link to it and potentially send visitors his way. Talk about not getting it.

Figures he likes to take pics of the House Ruth Took a Dump In. :)

Surely, it is up to each baseball organization to decide the color of its stadium, and often, the color reflects the character of the organization.
For example, blue is richly majestic. Green has long been associated with envy.
But everybody baseball fan under the sun knows that a left fielder's hair should nevah, evah be orange.

As someone who knows more about ballparks than he really should, nothing except possibly for seating should be blue inside of a park. It invariably leads to an ugly looking stadium. Compare green Busch Stadium vs. pre-renovation blue, green tiger stadium vs. blue, old yankee and new yankee, et cetera, et cetera. Blue has got to go.

Also, I still hate Crisp. He can keep going 3-3 every freaking day and i'll still hate him. But I'm just irrational.

Enjoy your ring, Marte.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't "blue" also associated with sadness, as in "feeling blue"?

The cool thing, though, is A-Rod has the fashion sense to match his lip gloss with the Stadium's colors. That's why he's a 5-tool player.

Blue on the American flag symbolizes vigilence, perseverance and justice, which I think every Yankee fan would like to believe is the embodiment of the New York Yankees. However, I think the House that Pond Vomited in during a game in the late 80s was designed to be blue as a reference to the blue balls that young Alex suffers now that Jeter fancies the new centerfielder.

Blue lips signify 'blue blood,' which signifies aristocracy (see 'richly magestic' above).

I can't spell otady.

BTW, 'jellyleg' rules.

Fish tacos are fucking rad, and you know it. At this point I'm pretty sure that 85% of my disposable income goes towards my local Wahoo's manager's kids' college fund, and I'm okay with that.

Babe, as a redhead I take offense to your "orange" hair reference. And I am sure Matt Murton (Cubs prospect) would as well.
http://rotoauthority.blogs.com/photos/uncategorized/murton2005cubs.jpg "It would be perplexing if Murton was not handed a full-time left field gig to start off 2006."

Ahhhhh yes. Wahoo's is very good. I know where I'm going for lunch today...

Sorry NolaSox, I meant no offense to natural redheads, just goofing on Manny's bottled hue.
Unfortunately for my team Ramirez could dye his hair fuschia and still hit the fuck out of the ball.

When was the last time the sky was brilliant blue and you went back to bed?

Blue is a grand color- but I do agree with HB- do they all have to be blue?

Also, there is aqua, marine, azure, heaven-
why do you think Viagara is blue?? Hmmm?

A green/blue would do wonders for contrast one many a field.

Qiuck change- tofu? in some sort of roll? Tofu is so bad those who marketed it changed the name. Just say no to tofu. You'll be glad you did.


I've nothing against fish tacos myself, but Doug is more of a fish sticks kind of guy.

As for the Tofu Pup, that reference is funnier (IMO) if taken in context with this previous strip: "Keeping it real" from last November.

that should have been a hyper-link!!!


Doug needs to come out to SD and go to a little place called South Beach Bar and Grill. The grilled Mahi tacos? I'm salivating just thinking about them.

SeanSeanSean- what is your hangup bro? Is it you really really miss JD? You hanestly think Marte is the second coming? If you can't give your new CF props for going 3-3 in his first game in a Sox uni, then I feel sorry for you.

I'd like to give thanks to the Baseball Gods today for not prematurely ending Pap's season. Boy, if that ball hit just a couple inches higher...(perish the thought)


Holy crap! Another Denverite!

Wahoo's is within walking distance of my office (right across the street from Park Meadows mall) so I'm there at least twice a week. Was there yesterday, actually.

What's this about Wahoo's having the best margaritas in town, by the way? I guess I should get around to trying one of them sometime.

So, did you go to al 3 Sox games at Coors in 2004? :) Lowe's shutout in the third game was so damn awesome.

"You men eat your tofu, eat your fish tacos and beans, I eat more chicken any man ever seen...."
-Jim (paraphrased)

First of all, "grunherz" sounds like a minor character in a Wagner opera, or the sound one makes when taking a giant dump.

Second of all, it belies your massive idiocy to indict the Yankees for a supposed "rape" that the Red Sox commit (and seek to commit) regularly...(Pedro, Contreras, Schilling, A-Rod, Clemens, I could continue)

Just a note on web courtesy:

h.b. linking to another person's page on the internet does NOT equate to theft or bandwidth stealing, etc.

If h.b. had put up an img on this site that used a direct URL reference to the image, then it could be a case for "omg, ur raping my server!" and the guy would have every right to swap out a 25% gif of "go away bandwidth thief!" so that the image was replaced on h.b.'s page and the guy wouldn't be leaking bytes like Holyfield's ear in the 3rd round.

But a link is no different than if we'd all stumbled onto the guy's site. It's funny that soxaholix had enough people hitting the link to get noticed though! That's usually reserved for the HUGE link sites like slashdot, fark, boingboing, and fazed (thus giving rise to the internet terms: "getting slashdotted, farked, boinged, and fazed").

Link on, h.b.!

Anyone get their 10th man plan tickets in the mail yet?

That day is always the one that lets me know: Booyah! It's game time, ladies and gentlemen!

Spring Training is always so far away that I just don't get quite the same excitement as I do when my street parking at school disappears for the first time and there are 3x10 uncut tickets sitting on my entertainment cabinet waiting to be used!

NV in SD - South Beach Bar and Grill in OB... Hell yeah! Best Fish Tacos on the planet. The view's not bad either, as long as you can see through all the damn hells angels.

Ha- nice JimmyZ. I knew that comment would pull a fellow SDer out. The view inside is pretty good too, if you're referring to the barmaids there (hamenahamenahamena).

" or the sound one makes when taking a giant dump."
Now THAT is funny (no offense grunherz).

Alright Denverites, you've sold me. I just moved to the LoDo section of Denver, and was figuring out what to do for lunch, when it turns out there's a Wahoo's just down the street. Must be fate. The Soxaholix: They can give me my Red Sox fix, and they can recommend lunch for me at the same time.

I think my favorite part of spring training is going to be watching all the young guns get more time than they would during the regular season. Fattening up on a diet of Hansen, Lester, and Delcarmen (not counting Paps, because he'll get that kind of time all year), and then dreaming about the next ten years will get me through March just fine.

South Beach Bar and Grill in OB, eh? I'll have to check them out. I was going to put in a good word for Rubio's. Fish tacos, when done right, are great! But that "fish taco" from El Pelon Taqueria in that link is just not right. Cucumber slices and red cabbage? Wrong, wrong, wrong!

Wow. First me, then jimindenver, then Brian... this town's turning into Fenway West.

Here's hoping the Rockies get relocated to the AL West once Selig gets his 32-team league, huh? ;)

Rockies in the AL... That would be the first and only good reason (other then free tix) to go to Coors Field. I missed the Sox last year as I had the misfortune of being out of town when they were here.

I'm a few blocks from Coors, so it's the first thing that I see when I look out the window. And it's been mocking me mercilessly for the past few weeks, tantalizing me with the possibility of baseball but refusing to give me anything. Thank God there's finally a light at the end of the tunnel.

I grew up in a town with only minor league ball, and then lived in DC for 6 years, where for the first 5.5, we had no team. So I'm still in awe of being so close to a major league park, even if it belongs to a third-rate team. At least there's always cheap tickets available...

Blue lips signify 'blue blood,' which signifies aristocracy (see 'richly magestic' above). Babe S.

Actually, blue lips means the f***er is dead from lack of oxygen

The product isn't that good and the ownership is probably the worst in the NL, but there're few places that I'd rather be on a summer night than Coors Field.

Well, okay, I'd probably rather be at Fenway. But y'know what I mean.

37 posts so far and no one has made a joke about "fish tacos" re: the "scent of a woman"? Or are we trying to avoid the obvious? ;)

Oh no you didn't, Scott.

"If I thought about how I felt last year in my best start and ranked it, today was in a different stratosphere from a physical standpoint as far as how I felt compared to any time, at any point last year," said Schilling after the game.

Fuckin right. Bring on the regular season.

The Updike piece is one of the best blocks of journalism that I have ever read.

Please go read it, and savor it. Superb.

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