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It's just Ri-Man being Ri-Man

Jesus Mohammed here's more Fenway blasphemy: Dave Mathews? Dave Fucking Mathews?! What's next, Bo Bice at Fenway? Jeez, does anyone on Yawkey Way have a clue?


How is it that Dave Mathews sells gazillions of albums and year in and year out has the highest grossing tour yet I don't know a single person who likes him?


I tell you what, Dave Souless Mathews is the fucking A-Rod of the music world. An overrated intahlopah.


Speaking of wannabee rockahs, what in hell is wrong with Bronson Arroyo this spring?


Seriously. He's gone from being the kid with nuts the size of Saturn to having nuts the size of Enceladus, except with less sign of life.


Ouch. Maybe Bronson's aging prematurely or something.


You know, it's tough enough to get old, you've the dementia, the incontinence … So do we really need to add a freaky helpah robot to the mix?


Why do I get the feeling Manny Ramirez and that robot could become like the best of friends? "You Ri-Man. Me Manny-Man. Let's go to the mall!"



Actually I've been a Dave Matthews fan since '96..so know you "know" someone who likes them.

I'm sort of with you on DMB ... never understood why they sell so many albums. However, I don't know that I'd say they're the Antichrist. And I do know at least two people who like them, though one of them also bought Chumbawumba's "Tubthumping" when it came out so their taste is probably questionable.

Buck up, maybe Boyo will improve once Tek is catching him again. Or maybe he'll start off cold and end on a hot streak, a 180 from last year. And maybe Coco Crispies DO stay crispy in milk, and David Riske will be the greatest setup man to play the game, and Dustan Mohr will be the second coming of Manny ... am I asking too much?

dmb? I, too, don't get it. Nor did I get Jimmy Buffett. It's for the pink belly shirt crowd, doncha know?

Glad to see they got Tito done.

Now that Petey's gone, maybe little Nelson De la Rosa can get one of those robots to carry him around.

Despite my disinterest in the WBC, it appears that if Japan beats Korea today and scores six runs or less, the U.S. is eliminated. Funky rules.

Never got into DMB, but don't go ripping on Jimmy Buffett ;)

I would grab tickets for the lion's den, i.e., Fenway if they booked Dwight Yoakam:

'I heard you swear your love this morning,
and it caught me almost wanting to believe.

Three little words should be my warning,
they say it's just a promise you can't keep.

"A statement that's been so used,"
I felt compelled to tell you,
But knew there wasn't much to say.

I could have threatened leaving, or listed hopeless reasons, if I didn't have this need to stay.'

Also, the soxaholix mocking of A-Rod reminds me of an unscathed South Florida resident mocking hurricanes...it's only a matter of time....

Aaaah! God, that robot will give me nightmares. Anyone else recalling the Pushing / Shoving robots that shove bread down the throats of old people and push people down the stairs? Terrible Secret of Space.

Wonder how well Ri-man could play the monster, maybe we can put some weird dreadlocks on him and put him in left.

Okay, so the DMB are decent musicians, but I still don't see what the big deal is. They're an above-average alternative rock band at best.

Also: fish tacos. ;)

'Getting' or 'not getting' a particular musician is just a function of age. If you are closer in age to Chelsea Clinton, you probably get DMB. If you can remember Aparicio stumbling around third base in '72, you probably get Jimmy Buffett. So I suggest all comments along these lines should be appended with one's age in order to put together some Bill James stats on the subject. I get JB but don't get DMB (age 49). I also don't get what is up with Arroyo this Spring. Since the Cubs out here in the midwest appear to be desperate for pitching, is this a good time to test his trade value?



Nuts the size of Enceladus would still give you balls that extend from Boston to Philly.

I think we need to look into whether he left his left nut at Northeastern last year...

I Love Dave Mathews!-JB

yazb: It's not a function of age. I am older than dirt, and I like some current stuff, but choke on older stuff. Buffett never had any game; I think I first saw him in 1975. You don't have to agree with me, but age has little to do with it.

and, yes, Duane Allman was God.


And Fish Tacos!

Another remark about age: Don't forget that the characters have specific ages.

Susan is late 20s and Mike is early 30s. Neither like DMB because he's not "hip" enough for their tastes.

Reminds me I've always wanted to add a little sidebar item indicating what music etc each character is listening to any given week just to help out round out their personalities a bit more.

Soylent Green is the robot that's eating old people!

LC -

Sorry but I have to disagree with you - Neil Young is God.

I want a robot that looks like Woody Allen.

yazb: We can finally agree. Neil Young is The Man. Check out the new concert doc. I saw it in NoCal with my 20 year old son a couple of weeks ago....he wanted to get in the car and drive to Young's ranch (very close by)and pray at his feet.

Hasn't A-Rod already bitten us on the ass a number of times, Jason? That game with Schilling as closer for instance.

I've been consciously trying to give the Yankees their due recently (including Mr. Rod's game winner the other day and the fact that Jeter is an extremely good hitter). Hope I haven't come off as a turncoat or anything.

The truth is, I feel a little sorry for him (A-Rod). I think he's kind of a whiny brat, but I still feel sorry for him. I think his ability is tremendous, and if he were on any team other than the Yankees, I would actually wish for him to get over his issues with "clutch" hitting and help a team to a championship (as long as the Sox were not involved). He clearly wants one very much.

Give that he is a Yankee...fuck him.

Actually I've been a Dave Matthews fan since '96..so know you "know" someone who likes them.

Posted by: Dave at Mar 15, 2006 9:07:44 AM

Thanks for your input, Mr. Matthews!

For the record: 24 years old, AC/DC, Green Day (up till the last record which is spotty IMO), Led Zeppelin. More recently M.I.A. (the girl, not the group) and Young Heart Attack (Austin band I found through a videogame). DMB is okay, Jimmy Buffett is good, Neil Young I haven't listened to much, the Allman Bros. are very good.

Devine, I enjoy and appreciate the Soxaholix' and RSN's disdain for Alex Rodriguez. Marcus Aurelius taught me years ago that this reaction is part of the natural order of things.

Sean O, I thought that the pusher/shover robots in TSoS were an allegory for the GOP and Dem. political parties, i.e., different in name only...which is a valid argument.

I love the pusher/shover robots strips and that was definitely on my mind today.

The reason everyone goes to Dave Matthews Band shows is the drugs. Period. I have so many friends who have serious addictions after being at one of his concerts its not funny.

As far Bronson Arroyo goes, the line is he needs to get his placement down again to be effective. The beauty of 2006 is he can go in the bullpen to straighten himself out, and come back into the starting lineup when he gets hot.

The guy who worries me more is Papelbon. Let's say they dump Wells ( he has a doughnut related injury on the way to the ballpark) and the starting 4 is Schilling, Beckett, Wakefield and Clement. If Arroyo is getting his groove back and we call on Papelbon, he seems like an easy pitcher to adjust to from what we've seen this spring. It seems like he gets past the lineup the first time then the other teams nails him in the 3rd onwards.

I really want to believe Papelbon is the next Clemens, but right now I am not feeling it.


Also, anyone interesting in Graffinino at 3rd base? Lowell looks like Millar without the chatter.


David Pinto -- Loved the Woody Allen reference. I assume you refer to his early '70's movie, "Sleeper". Damn funny at the time, at least for this (then) high school student. I actually got to watch some the filming (much of it was shot in the Denver area) because a friend was hired as a go-fer on the set. The bit with the giant get-high sphere and the "orgasmitron" were classic W.A. Thanks for tripping the way-back machine for me.

"Deep Purple" - Yeah, I'm 50 y.o. and I still turn it up when they come on the classic rock station... Smoke on the Water, Highway Star, Woman from Tokyo -- Man, I played those over and over at the roller rinks for the kiddies. Good times.

Brandon Arroyo has a plus 17 era in spring training? Couldn't happen to a nicer girl.

Jared Wright is only 1 inning and 2 less runs from the exact same dismal spring stats.

He who throws stones in glass houses is likely to be taken deep to left field...or something like that.

Arroyo's contract: 3 years, 11.25 million

Jaret Wright's contract: 3 years, 21 million.

Arroyo's starting the year out of the bullpen. Wright's probably starting the year in the rotation, especially with Pavano hurting.


On the music subject, I hate Dave Matthews, and I'm 22. I like punk rock and ska. So there. And not the awful punk rock wanna-bes like Good Charlotte or whatever crap they play on MTV. The good stuff, mostly street punk. >:)

Oh yeah, and who's "Brandon Arroyo", Babe Yankee? I don't think we have one of those on our squad this season.

Also cocks.

(And 10 points if you can pinpoint that last obscure reference.)

DMB (gee, add a "U" as the second letter and what do you get?) are the bridge between bland corporate-approved "alternative" rock and 3rd-rate Grateful Dead wannabe's (i.e. Phish, Moe., ad naseum).

"No one ever went broke underestimating the inteligence of the American public." (attributed to P.T. Barnum - or any politican you choose)

Had I a say in this, Mission of Burma would be the headliners with Dinosaur Jr. and Mogwai in support. (Hey, MoB are from Boston and 2/3 of Dino Jr are from Springfield, MA - why not?)

Also cocks.

Um, Pansy Division? ;)

also cocks: ridin spinnaz?

i'm 19, and dave matthews sucks to me too.

Had I a say in this, Mission of Burma would be the headliners with
Dinosaur Jr. and Mogwai in support. (Hey, MoB are from Boston and 2/3
of Dino Jr are from Springfield, MA - why not?)

Mike and Circle
(Soxaholix characters both)
say, well said.

I'd rather be an unsuspecting overhead recipient of the DMB tour bus waste dump than have to sit through a live concert of theirs.

PS -
heading off to the DR, RIGHT NOW!
See you in 2 weeks

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