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Everyone's a VIP to someone

I know there's no crying in baseball, but when I read these stories about the crestfallen Arroyo packing his bags, I just want to bawl my eyes out.


I now realize the Bronson's got saturn-sized nuts metaphor doesn't just apply to his on-the-mound courage …


For reals. Here's Bronson with every reason in the world to lash out at the Red Sox management, but, no he's got way too much class for that.


Arroyo's demeanah is the antithesis of that asshat Johnny Damon's.


Johnny Damon speaking out on the Arroyo trade is so fucking vile I can't even put words to it.


Getting careah advice from Johnny Damon is like getting how to get along with your parents advice from the fucking Menendez Brothers.


While I confess to hoping Damon's ahm falls off with his first girlie throw in the Bronx, I hope Bronson, my crush of all crushes, goes on to win the NL Cy Young.


I just hope the good people of Cincinnati appreciate what a cool guy they are getting in Arroyo.


And if the Cincy pink hat brigade doesn't give him the fan love he so richly deserves, well, watch your back bitches, because a cah load of Meffid chicks will roll up one day and beat your asses so bad that aftahwahds you'll be wishing you looked as good as Schottzie.



Oh if only we could make him loved and a Cy Young winner. Good Luck Bronson. I never wanted to see you go. Watching you against the Angels in game 3 2004 ALDS is one of my best sports memories ever.

Adios mi amigo, BA.

I love all things of "The 25".

Unfortunately, I think there were about 31 or so. Is Ellis Burks one of the "25"?
just wondering

My heaht is breaking for the man. I have much love for him, and wish him the best in the future. The Globe had a poll: Did the Sox do the right thing or should Bronson have stayed? The answer is: both. I wish he could stick around, but the Sox made the right deal. I feel terrible that he went out of his way to stay in town, but the fact that he did so made him good trade bait. It could seriously turn out to be a positive move for him. Maybe his time in Ohio facing NL batters will let him improve his game.

Two years ago, I said that he would win a Cy Young within 5 years, but I just didn't see it happening in Boston based on his performance last year. It isn't that his game was off, but it wasn't improving at the same rate as it did before. Spending time in the bullpen wouldn't do anything to help him out. Being the #2 man on the Reds may help him step it up to the next level.

Much love again, Bronson. You will be getting the VIP treatment from me anytime you show up in Hawaii, and Sox fans still have a special place in their heart for you.

I wouldn't be surprised if the reception from Cincy fans is less than overwhelming though. Bronson has been pretty brutal on the town since the news. You are a millionaire playing baseball for a living - get over yourself, get your ass to Cincy, and do your best to help them win a World Series. You'll have plenty of time after you retire to hang out in Theo's basement cutting Pearl Jam cover tunes.

Jeez, COD, regardless of how much money he makes, he's still a human being.

I'm sure he'll be fine...but right now he's bumming just like most of us are.

Thanks for everything, Bronson!

Yeah, despites Cincy's once proud baseball tradition, for years it's as if management/ownership of the Reds has been trying to run the team into the ground.

They've really driven a lot of fans away.

I mean here's Damon choosing to go to a team that will do everything it takes to win, yet he's still crying about the Red Sox.

Yet Arroyo gets trade to a small market team with barely a hope of contending, and the worst he says is that Cincy is "kind of dead."

I'll give him a pass on that one. But, I'm biased, because I pretty much feel the same way.

To be fair, though, much of my disregard for the place stems from having pass through the airport there for connecting flights. Offhand, I can't think of a worse airport in the US. It's gotten to the point where I'll pay more $$ just to avoid having to go through that hell hole.

Good Luck, kid. Plunking Slappy, (you didn't really throw hard enough to call it drilling) in '04,was as much a catalyst to the WS as anything.
This is an example of the difference between Boston & NY. Yank fans love winning...period. The players are for the most part, mercenaries. In Boston, the fans love the team and players. Once a player is taken to heart here, he is set for life. (see Messrs. Orr, O'Reilly, Bourque, Neely, and the list goes on...)
That said, Bronson has his 3mil a year and it was not so long ago that he was DFA by the Pirates...plucked off the waiver wire by the Sox. Certainly BA made the most of his opportunity, cemented his place in Sox history and is now a millionaire.
Today's Cincy paper states that club's coolness factor went way up.
Thanks again....and BTW will you go up and in on Manny next week?

I'm not saying that he shouldn't or can't be upset - just that you can't be diss'ing your new home in the papers before you even get there.

How would we react if an incoming tradee was bitching to the hometown press that he really didn't want to come play for the Red Sox? That he liked his Rockwellian Midwest lifestyle playing for the Royals, for example, and wasn't looking forward to the crowds and pressure of Fenway.

We'd rip him a new asshole before his flight ever made it to Logan. Bronson shouldn't get a pass just because we like him. Geez, Bronson is already talking about getting the hell out of Cincy in 3 years when he is a Free Agent. Life may not be grand in Cincy, but it will be even less grand if he pisses off what few fans they have left off on day 1.

H.B., Bronson also compared being traded from Boston to Cincy to having your kids die in a plane crash. A great line if you're a Red Sox fan, but I'd guess Reds' fans aren't liking that. Still, I wish him the best.

Funny Damon line in that link; he said he bought a house in Boston he "couldn't afford" because he was promised that the Sox would keep him here long term. Exactly what kind of house couldn't Johnny Damon afford?

COD and Bob,

Agree. Good points.

I actually think this adds to the strip in that Mike and Susan are so Boston biased that they completely missed Bronson's dissing of Cincy.

The reporter dishing the Arroyo news to Damon gets the Fagin award of the year. It's like handing a rummy a 20... "Hmmm... I wonder if he'll go get a steak and a shower?"

I just hope Bronson calling Cincy "kind of dead" is going to get him a nice tour of Kentucky honky-tonks courtesy of the Improper Cincinnatian. I'm looking forward to Bronson finding his roots and making an album with mandolin and fiddle accompaniment

"I'll probably end up hanging out with Youkilis's parents a lot,"

Speaking of, when did Susan get so hot? I'd risk an electrical jolt to hit that, were it physically possible.

//Exactly what kind of house couldn't Johnny Damon afford?//

The one Michelle will end up with in a divorce settlement?

Damn, Da Kine beat me to it. I saw Susan today and was like "shit, I need to work at a place like that".

I will definitely miss Bronson. Thanks for the memories dude.

Gotta mention Vinatieri going to the Colts. I'd say "WTF" but that's just Belichick being Belichick.

It's a hair up/hair down thing. I've admired Circles and her attitude for quite some time.

//While I confess to hoping Damon's ahm falls off with his first girlie throw in the Bronx, I hope Bronson, my crush of all crushes, goes on to win the NL Cy Young.//

That's freakin awesome...
I totally agree (except with the crush of all crushes bit)

To Arroyo:
Accipere quam facere praestat injuriam
(It is better to suffer an injustice than to do an injustice)

To critics of Damon's exit:
Res tantum valet quantum vendi potest
(A thing is worth only what someone else will pay for it)

Go! Team reference! Woo-hoo!

I'll say again: Damon's departure isn't the problem, it's his ongoing obsession with the Boston FO's "failure" to keep the 2004 roster chiseled into stone forever and ever.

I'm hoping once the season starts he is finally able to accept it. I mean the fans certainly have.

"The Go! Team" are fucking A awesome. I'm listening to it just now.

Glad you caught the ref.

This is an example of the difference between Boston & NY. Yank fans love winning...period. The players are for the most part, mercenaries. In Boston, the fans love the team and players. Once a player is taken to heart here, he is set for life. (see Messrs. Orr, O'Reilly, Bourque, Neely, and the list goes on...)


It's amazing. It's like you've known me my whole life! How did you know that I'm such a shithead, with no appreciation or love of baseball?

And I think it's great that Boston fans will love Johnny for life, even though he's a Yankee now.


Poor Bronson. I wouldn't want to live/pitch in Cincy, either.

That said, hopefully I'll get to see him work some guys over in Coors Field this year, and maybe he'll be lucky enough to be "trade bait" again later in the year and actually go to a contender.

When he plays in Boston next time, he will get the standing ovation to end all standing ovations. Bigger than Cabrera's.

OK, I just googled Go! Team. Not my kind of thing - but that is a one well done website. Their Flash developer should get props for sure.

Watch the video for Ladyflash and tell me it doesn't put a smile on your face.

I friggin love that song. I'm addicted to it.

You're right about the site too. Love it.

Here's hoping Arroyo's league leading (2004) and almost league leading (2005) hit batsmen totals stay up in the 15-20 range in the NL.

I mean, I'd hate for his hit batsmen totals to drop down to his pre '04-'05 rate, because that might open him up to criticism that he was unwilling to face the music in the NL, Heaven forbid!

"This is an example of the difference between Boston & NY. Yank fans love winning...period. The players are for the most part, mercenaries. In Boston, the fans love the team and players. Once a player is taken to heart here, he is set for life. (see Messrs. Orr, O'Reilly, Bourque, Neely, and the list goes on...)"

I am not only *not* a Yankee fan, but a Yankee hater. But I have to say the above assertion is utterly false. The opposite of the truth. Yankee fans are stingy with the designation "true Yankee" and once you've got it, they love you forever. Don Mattingly, who never won a thing, is probably the most beloved player in NYC in any sport. Conversely, the NYY fans never embraced Clemens because they saw him as a mercenary, rings be damned.

I thought you were a little out of line there too, Gary. I don't think it's fair to say certain New York players aren't "pantheonized" just as much as certain Boston ones or that certain fans don't love their team as much.

Jason and Oy!, if Damon would stop talking about it, I would not give a rat's ass where he was. I was over the news about five minutes after I heard it (and thought it was a good move by the FO on reflection), but he just...won't...shut...up.

All this is much ado about nothing. Mythological testicular references notwithstanding, BA is a .500/4.59 career guy.

I would embrace Clemens....

Keep in mind about Damon ... he's just answering questions that are asked of him, and not in a Crash Davis, read-from-script way ("I just wanna help the team", "lord willing, things will work out"). The fact that he answers basically the same questions in different ways each time, suddenly makes it sound like news, and like he's taking new digs at the FO. But it's the same old argument ... "They dissed me by not offering more money, they have systematically dismantled the idiots of '04". Maybe it's not a question of whether he should shut up, but whether he shouldn't just start answering all questions with "I'm excited about the season, I hope I can help the team win a championship".

One thing I hadn't heard about was the house he couldn't afford. Wow, I feel terrible that $10 mil a year wasn't enough to afford that place. What'd he buy, the Pru?

Wetting my pants. I'm still sore from a beating I took from a Meffid hockey mom last week. Tough chix. Excellent.

BA & Willie McG to Ohio, Adam to Indy, next? Menino to Omaha?

sad to see "Brandon" go no doubt, but it's a lot like the Mirabelli situation to me: while likely relegated to the bullpen in Boston, BA gets a chance to be the likely #2 or 3 starter in Cincy--just as Dougie will get a helluva better chance to catch 50-60+ games behind Piazza than behind Tek...good moves for both of them (and likewise good for Sox fans banished to NL cities like myself)

but the real excitement is in the return, methinks...this Mighty Mo Pena is gonna be a stud...

A guy like Bronson where all he wants to do is pitch in Boston -- contract be damned, bullpen be damned. He gets traded when guys like Wells who has to maintain a day planner just to keep track of his hissy fits can't be dealt. And all Bronson has to say is (correctly), that's business. Unjust. It was the right deal, but nothing about losing Bronson doesn't suck. As far as I'm concerned, anytime he wants to send his changeup into one of our batters, well, he's earned it. Let's not even take the base.

Ike, I'm way aware of Damon's responses not emerging from the ether but from reporter's questions. BUT...I am of the opinion that he should in fact start responding to such questions with, "I just wanna help the Yankees win a championship" or other similarly meaningless answers, like you suggest.

Which would be, in effect, shutting up.

Who is the blond in this one? She looks like the type who could have had Arroyo for real.


Write this down. BA will be back within 3 years.


the house he couldn't afford

I dunno, have you seen real estate prices in Brookline lately? It probably came with a parking spot.

Way back when, just after the greatness of '04, he was sniffing around for a place in the residential/commercial building in the north end where I work - all the ladies in the place were going batshit all day.



All I have to say is that I called the topic of this strip in yesterday's comments. :)

Meh-fud chicks are hot. Right,Nancy and Naureen?

Will ya look at that? A strikeout and a homer (a liner just over the left field wall in the corner) so far tonight by Wily Mo. Guess I should get ready for both those sights again and again. He swung at a curve ball (?) a little too much away for my taste just before tagging the homer.

Oy & Devine: My bad.....didn't come out the way i meant it to. Shit, now I sound like Johhny Damon.
You're right about guys like Donnie B'Ball, Guidry, Mo, O'Neil (who I would have killed to see in Boston), Pettitte are genuine pinstripers. I was thinking more of the Sheffs, Giambis, etc
But I admit, my basic premise was out of line.

Checked this yesterday, just noticed it today - awesome Go! Team reference.

Hey, cool, Gary. From the (relatively) old Yankee guard, I think I would have liked Scott Brosius on the Sox. Of the current Yankees, it would be Matsui.

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