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Deep in the hole

All I can say aftah watching Episode 1 of Season 6 of The Sopranos is thank Christ I'm not a fucking wiseguy.


Yeah, your friends will desert you but family is always there for you, particularly when they're pumping you full of lead and then feeding you to the fish.


Speaking of fish, what the hell is up with Tony and Carm's nascent obsession with Japanese seafood? We go from episodes stuffed with baked ziti to all sushi-suki all the time?


I'm of the firm belief that seafood should only exist in one of 3 forms: battahed and fried, steamed and dipped in buttah, or simmahed in a chowdah.


I feel similarly about shortstops. They should be deep rangahs, fleet of foot, and sublime flashahs of leathah.


While I'm in full agreement, the early reports on Gonzo are all go-go, your segue from Sopranos back to baseball was as graceful as one of Manny's head first slides.


Dude, it's the fucking internets. You want smooth transitions, go join the Oprah book club or something.



So, has anyone been able to parse The Internets into a usable form? Should we assume that Bush has access to some other top-secret internet and accidentally spilled the beans on national tv, or should we figure that the one internet we have is actually a whole collection of smaller internets? And if so, which one are we on now, the sports-webcomic internet?

You have to wonder what they've got on the other internet Dubya's using. Or, maybe he's just a dumbass and there really is just one internet, that's probably the easiest explanation.

Now everytime you make a comment about fish I think there is a seque to fish tacos coming!

I am thankful Tony and Carm aren't feasting on fish taco's. Could Gonzo one hop a fish taco, or sushi better?

"Now everytime you make a comment about fish I think there is a seque to
fish tacos coming"

Beautiful! I came this close to making yet another fish taco reference but decided I'd keep you on your toes by not doing it.

When you least expect, expect. :)

Damon's injured. whoa. Looks like that shoulder never really healed over the offseason.

From the Stanford Advocate:

Damon's left shoulder ailed him enough last year that he received a cortisone shot in September. It apparently factored into the Red Sox's refusal to match the Yankees' four-year, $52-million offer to Damon in December.

one word-cocomo

Sounds like Johnny really will need to have a pre-cut-off man in center.

"Sounds like Johnny really will need to have a pre-cut-off man in center."

Like Manny was in Boston?

Maybe it would just be better for him to run the balls he fields back to the infield (see also Bernie Williams)...


"Like Manny was in Boston?"

Truly the funniest thing I've seen in baseball. What on earth was Manny thinking with that play?

Cost us the game as well, if I remember correctly.

Hey hb, I'm pretty sure we're in the 6th season of The Sopranos, not the 5th.

Good strip though :) And nice screwup by the US team in the WBC again last night. At least the Venezuela/PR game was pretty decent.

any truth to the rumor that the Skanks are petitioning MLB to allow Bernie to play short field as a DH like in slo-pitch softball? After all ,they've already got the pitching part down.....

"What on earth was Manny thinking with that play?"

Beats me...

New ways to be Manny, maybe?


I've gotten pretty good at 'reading' the details of the Sopranos.

The deal with the sushi - heavy symbolism. Sushi is raw fish. Tony is not sleeping with the fish, which is what it could have been last season were it not for the FBI busting the dude from NY. They found a place that is 'theirs', and they are enjoying their fortunes. We will see how long it lasts, this is a breif respite and Tony's choice to eat there by himself foreshadows the isolation he will likely encounter later in the season. Contrast this with the soldier who hung himself - he had no solace even after inheriting this massive amount of money.

I think the point is, you never get out of that world.


Somebody should send Tony and his crew to the WBC before another 30:1 long shot team from Nowheresville takes our American Baseball Icons to the cleaners.

Should we be recruiting in South Korea? Maybe we could pay them in fish tacos, neatly solving two problems a once.

Really not feelin' the WBC, eh, h.b.?

There've been some classic games. DR vs. Venezuela Round 1 (the epic finale between them tonight to see who goes to the semis), Japan vs. Korea Round 1. Korea is rapidly becoming my favorite team (winning will do that--I'd still take the DR or Puerto Rico, though)...damn needing consistent offense. Korea has pitching and Seung Yeop Lee!

(with the occasional pinch homer from Hee Sop Choi)

What I've liked most is that the players clearly care about winning and that therefore, to me, the games "mean" something in a way that most spring training games don't.

Besides, who wants to watch our man Brandon cough up five (more?) in the first?

Really not feelin' the WBC, eh, h.b.?

Mike is the only Soxaholix character who is keeping up with and enjoying the WBC, but he can't talk to himself. :)

Oops..."Hee-Seop" Choi, that is. Don't wanna confine my spelling fixation to just "Latin" names.

I like your response, h.b. I like that you've left your own feelings on the WBC out of your response too, and I think the characters' take is about right as far as most real-world baseball people are concerned. Most of the people in my office are not feeling it and some are worried about the injury thing, but luckily a friend from home is all for it, so we've been talking (pretty exclusively) about it on IM recently.

But...don't characters occasionally have an internal monologue while sitting still? I recall this happening with one of the male characters looking downcast. Come on! Just give Mike one running conversation with himself! Pretty please?

Oh, yeah, I forgot. You're the writer and you can do what you want. Dang.

Who thought up the WTFCBC? Bud ("end it in a tie") Selig. Baseball is particularly ill-suited to "one and out" competitions. In a compressed time frame with tie breakers that Slappy and Jetes can't/won't/don't undertstand, it looks like the WWE to me.

You're right, Lou. The format is guaranteed to support streakiness and I hate the semi-arbitrary nature of the tiebreakers. Wish there were a way to extend the tournament over a month and a half with say, six games in each preliminary round, and a two out of three series for the semifinal and final rounds.

But the games themselves, the audiences, the players' drive, the atmosphere--those have been top notch. That's why I'm tuned in.

"Hee Seop" sounds like a name from an Abbott and Costello routine:

Who's up?
Hee Seop
Who's he?
Hee Seop
I know he's up but who is he?

USA will lose to Mexico and get bounced no matter what.

Did I just see that Arroyo gave up five 1st-inning runs? Yipes.

Pontecorvo was a familiar face, but am I alone in not being sufficiently moved by that subplot?

There was no portrayal of serious depression or mental illness in his character...and failing that, I don't understand the suicide...I myself could absorb quite a bit of bad fortune with $2m in the bank.

"There was no portrayal of serious depression or mental illness in his
character...and failing that, I don't understand the suicide."

Yeah, I did feel that came out of the blue.

It definitly added a big exclamation point to the notion that there is only one way to "retire" from the biz.

As I think about it more, I'm guessing that his wife really didn't understand what the true nature of his work was. She thinks he's just a construction foreman, hence, the "why don't you stand up to Tony?" remarks.

I sensed, too, that the guy really, really loves his wife and would do anything for her. So I'm going to go with the idea that he killed himself to protect his wife from ever knowing the truth about his life.

This is in contrast to Tony who has shown he puts lots of things before Carmela.

I think his wife did know what he does cuz she says something along the lines of, "dont think that I dont know you've killed before" and he sits there in stunned silence.....and where is the map he wiped the blood on gonna end up?.....
Money, it’s a crime.
Share it fairly but don’t take a slice of my pie.
Money, so they say
Is the root of all evil today.
But if you ask for a raise it’s no surprise that they’re
Giving none away.

Oh, right, I forgot that line. So much for my theory. I need to watch that episode again.

i need at least 2 viewings to pick up the small stuff.

Well, the guy's son has just graduated from smoking dope to the harder drugs (remember the spoon and other stuff his wife found under their son's bed?) and he was ratting out on Tony to the Feds, who also told him to forget about Florida. He was getting it from all sides.

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