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Being Tim Wakefield

Now this Yard Work blog is some funny shit: "Go on and suck on the dry bitterness that comes with your childish excuses! Please, Mr. Jeter & Mr. Utley, continue to wear with shame those opportunistic boots that look so good upon your feet of clay!" Love it.


Yeah, so don't I. Check out this bit written in the voice of Koby Clemens, "I’d make more money beating up 5-year-olds at the playground than I would trying to get a stupid degree. Plus my dad would have to foot the bill for kids to do my homework and take my tests, pay for my Hummer (gas ain’t cheap, y’know! stupid terrorists!), and let’s not even talk about beer costs."


Brilliant. Wish I could say the same about the Red Sox spring training thus fah. Anothah day, anothah loss.


Ah, Christ, tell me you're not going into panic mode while there's still ice on the Winnipesaukee?


Guy, they're 5 and 10 with an anemic offense.


Firstly that's an offense without the Cap'n and Papi. Secondly, it's called spring training. Don't make me come ovah there and slap you upside the head 'n shit.


OK wiseass, two fecking words for ya: Mike Low-Hole.


Sure, Lowell's a concern, but not because of what he's doing or not doing in the Grapefruit, but because of his skeevey 05 season. But we won't know crap 'til it all stahts for real.


Wouldn't kill ya would it? How'd you think Wakefield's managed to be 'round so long he's been a teammate to 20 pahcent of the guys evah to wear a Sox uni? The guy's a legend in his own time.


<p>Author's Notes<br />The link to the Yard Work blog came courtesy of <a href="http://www.baseballmusings.com/archives/013484.php">this post from David Pinto at Baseball Musings</a>.</p>


Love for Timmah! Fish Tacos all around.

It's an interesting stat, the thing about Timmah being teammate with 20% of all RS players.

It is testimony to TW's longevity, but also commentary on the revolving door of players over the last 5-7 years. We have had to cozy up to more people in the RS uniform than a $5 hookah in Vegas. (speaking of Fish Tacos)

I won't judge Lowell until he's had his at-bats at Fenway. Until he has enough chances to slap flies off the monster to prove himself, I don't think we can completely write him off.

Main thing is, don't expect anything from him at all, and you could be surprised. Unfortunately, it's looking like he's actually a terrible fielder, which worries me, because now we have an all-reputation infield defense.

Grapefruit means nothing.

Wake owns your ass and your face. I wouldn't be too worried, either, amid rumors that my favorite Italian might be returning to catch my crazyass knuckleball for another season.


Also, no panicking on the Lowell thing yet.

Lowell is the reason Graffinino is still on the team. The Sox are now paying almost twice as much to have him on the roster, and he may be more than trade bait. If you remember, they have had Graffy playing all positions in the infield early in spring training.

I just have this crazy feeling like Lowell is going to bottom out in the first month of the season and Graffy is going to see some time on first.

In other matters, anybody see Microsoft's new mascot, Fergie Fudgehog? I swear I am not making this up:



3-10 in Grapefruit action? Meh. When I look at the box score and see names like Bladergroen, Lowrie, and Otness I can't say I expect any running of the tables.

Lowell's struggles? Meh. I agree with Sean O (?!?!?)- let's see him swing the bat at fenway when the games mean something before any judgement is passed. Plus, any panick oriented items written about on BDD should be taken for what they are- crap.

Interesting piece on redsox.com about Graff getting some pt at first. Seems he's getting pretty perturbed about the whole situation (Arbitration, status ?s, lack of movement on the trade front). Can't say I blame the guy...

Thanks for the link to the hilarious "Yard Work" ... The Grapefruit League is for getting all the errors and strikeouts and losses out of your system before the real games start, and it seems like it's working. Let's be glad Coco Crisp doesn't have "Spring Training Shoulder."

This is the absolute worst part of the baseball season...the 2 week black hole when the excitement of spring training's arrival is gone and there's 2 weeks of sheer bullshit until the thing finally kicks off.

I admit some amusement from listening to Gary Thorne (great hockey announcer) disparage proper run creation tactics as some kind of reckless sham, i.e., "Hoping and praying for the home run."

That's why we have the WBC. It will take our minds off of the boring part of spring training, and prep us for those last few games before opening in Texas.

Maybe I'm just excited for the latter part of ST because I'm going to the Philly games in early April, but overall, great ST season this year.

This is the absolute worst part of the baseball season...the 2 week black hole when the excitement of spring training's arrival is gone and there's 2 weeks of sheer bullshit until the thing finally kicks off

February's worse. If this, now, is the black hole of baseball, February is the event horizon of the entire sporting world. Once the Super Bowl ends, it's nothing but pure suck for the next 3 or 4 weeks.

Let your boys grow up to be either left handed relief pitchers or knuckleballers.

Dad- show, don't just tell, them why.

Two words:
Tim Wakefield.

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