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Hart Brachen (the dude who writes this thing):
OK, readers, all this non-stop action, stone on stone Olympic curling action has worn my droopy ass out, so I'm taking the day off.


Hart Brachen:
I offer you another flashback to 2004 strip: "Fantasize a little."


Hart Brachen:
One interesting thing about the flashback strip (well, to me at least) is I think it's the only occasion where the characters Doug and Susan appear together. (Susan, you see, doesn't much like Doug. I'll leave the backstory on that for another time.)



It's clear that the Soxaholix was extra spicy in its infancy. I commend HB for the characters' maturation over 24 months or so. They're still spicy, but I appreciate the more refined discourse.

Reading the strip, I better understand the rancor directed at Damon. The great poet Catullus understood as well:

For whatever kindness man can show to man by word/or deed has been said and done by you/All this was entrusted to an ungrateful heart, and is lost/why then should you torment yourself now any more?/Why do you not settle your mind firmly, and draw back/and cease to be miserable, in despite of the gods?/It is difficult suddenly to lay aside a long-cherished love.

Slacker ;-)

Is it me, or is h.b. putting a bit of LOST into soxaholix? We have the flashbacks, the character interactions, the crossover in past flashbacks... I think he's on to something here.

So all the characters are interrelated, I approve.

Susan doesn't like Doug now, but based on their playful banter, I suspect she loved him once, at least for a few shameful moments.

You're going to hate me (even more) for this, Brachen, but I think Susan might actually be a Yankee fan.
The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

Trust me, Susan is not a Yankees fan.

As for her and Doug's falling out, perhaps the gang was out one night celebrating the WS victory and perhaps Doug pulled something like this on the dance floor.

Now I'm not saying that's what happened. Just one of several possibilities...

A bit of history on Curling:



I love the fact that the strip characters may or may not have had an uncomfortable episode on the dancefloor.

"The sky's not falling anymore," said Kevin Millar (from game recap)

If only you knew then what you know now, Kevie. I actually remember watching that game (after nearly giving up on it after they squandered their lead) once I saw that pic of JD sliding headlong into home. Good times- and now I wish to never see him do that again.

Doug certainly wouldn't be the first cracker-ass horndog to go down in flames the dance floor.

I'm intrigued as to how he fell out of favah with Susan. I doubt a dirty-mouthed dame like her would be offended by anything he said.

Staying tuned...

h.b you been slacking a lot lately. Too much late night figuer skating for ya?

h.b you been slacking a lot lately. Too much late night figuer skating for ya?

Too much burning the candle at both ends (ah, but what a lovely flame).

Apropos of nothing, it looks like "Lost" is making its presence felt on the other side of the Pond: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/4746918.stm

Took me awhile to figure out that DS was not actually making fun of me.

Mount Sheffield's erupting again. Sweet.

Like a moth to a flame, like an addict to his fix. The first 200 strips are free.
I am jonesing man...

Hope all is well.

I hope all is well too. I keep checking every half hour hoping for a new strip. It is like an addication!

Oh where, oh where has my little Hart gone...

I send my well wishes along with the rest. Few things from the weekend past-

Beckett looks at Schill as someone to compete against over the course of the season (a la Pedro/ Schill 2004). String of seventeen consecutive no-hitters ensues...

Jon Lester throws a slider that induces Papi to lose the handle on his bat. Although he admits his swing "is a mess" right now, Ortiz launches a few tape-measure shots in BP.

Pavano and Shitfield report balky backs. Pavano requests to not be activated from DL until August 2007. Gary says his back won't be better until he gets his extension.

David Wells tires of CHB's constant interview requests- eats Shaughnasty for a mid-afternoon snack.

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