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"There goes your no-hitter."

A moment of silence on the passing of one the greatest baseball announcers ever …

Rest in peace Mr. Curt Gowdy …


I thank you for filling my childhood with the sound of your voice and schooling me on the absolute beauty of the game. You were an artist.




And now back to shooting fish in the barrel …

You know, one thing I'll say for the Globe is that they're consistent. I mean you've got the sports writahs unable to contain their glee when something goes wrong for the Sox and you've got Op-Ed writahs hoping the human race gets its ass kicked by the bird flu.


Hey, can you imagine James Carroll and Dan Shaughnessy having a drink togethah?

"Oh, Dan, we used to friends with birds …"

"I know, James, I know. Bostonians and our fine, feathered friends walked arm and wing through the Common until that bastard Harry Frazee traded Babe Ruth, the fool!"

"Now, Dan, my curly haired best friend, the rotten scourge of a human race recklessly eats birds wrapped in cellophane and they'll get what they deserve when their eyeballs start to bleed."

"John Henry could sink money into finding a cure for bird flu but he won't because he's greedy. Look he let Pedro walk, let Damon walk … "

"Everybody is so stooopid. Why can't they just smarten up and listen to us?"

"Because our readers are pieces of filth. I hate them all, especially the fanboy bloggers."


Heh, and how about Shank today? "David Wells won't talk to me. Whaaa whaa whaa."


As usual, you've gotta love the irony of the CHB dissing Wells for not putting in a good workout when he himself mails in a column that's one half admission that he's inept at getting guys to talk to him and the othah half a tired recap of the Wells offseason situation filling space as if it's breaking news.


Yeah, funny how the Red Sox management is often chided by the media for coddling players when the Globe has a guy like Shaughnessy who is the laughingstock of baseball fans, who is unanimously detested by the playahs, and who hasn't had the newspaper equivalent of a hit in many years, yet he still gets his regular column space and collects his fat paycheck week aftah week.


Absolutely. And heaven forbid we expect the MSM to, you know, report on something we don't know, like the Red Sox signing Franklin Nunez; luckily, we have SoSH membahs vacationing in Ft. Myers to provide the news.



That's what I call beisbol. Again, prayers to the Gowdy family. My childhood would have been even more vacant had it not been him, Mel Parnell, Johnny Pesky, and Ned Martin.

Mel Allen is gone, Curt Gowdy is gone, Vin Scully (a.k.a. the reason to get MLB in demand, to listen to him call Dodgers games) is still going strong, knock on wood, but who will stand to replace them? Michael Kay and Don Orsillo?

When James Carroll writes that bird flu will be revenge for despoiling the planet, how (exactly) is that different from Pat Robertson saying that Katrina was the wrath of a vengeful God?

Pat Robertson & James Carroll. Birds of a feather...

I never get sick of seeing CHB's nonesense pointed out.

Also, is it illegal to, I don't know, mail letters laced with bird flu to the idiots who claim acts of nature are revenge tactics by a vengeful god?

i believe that is the largest clip ever for the soxaholix.

I was listening to NPR yesterday and the CHB was commenting on Curt Gowdy. He said Gowdy's announcing led to the creation of a phrase called a 'Gowdyism' or 'being Gowdied'. He said he did not know the origin of the phrase but claimed that Gowdy had the knack of saying things like 'this pitcher has never given up a homerun to a right-handed hitter' and the batter would promptly hit a homerun. He seemed to indicate that it happened enough that the phrase was coined. I only remember Curt Gowdy from the Game of the Week, his Red Sox years were before I had an interest in the team. I had never heard this story. Anyone ever hear of a 'Gowdyism' or did the CHB just invent his own copy?

Not much on the web to indicate that is was a widely used term.

Never heard of a Gowdyism. I am feckin old. Gowdy may have lost a little bit of high heat in the end (see e.g. his 1980's Patriots and BC football broadcasts), but I think PHB is full of Bravo Sierra

What the hell kind of passive-agressive bulldirt is that CHB up to?

He admits to acting in the very manner that Wells has announced is his reason for wanting to leave Boston...and then ends by saying he requests him to stay.

We need a ringer who will be touted as the greatest prospect with a bat of all time. This guy will get a one-on-one interview with CHB...and pummel him to death. In the end, it'll be revealed that he's actually a mass murderer on loan from the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center out in Shirley.

Ok, so that's a bit far-fetched...maybe CHB can just slither away and leave us alone (while continuously reminding us that he can write about baseball for the Globe whenever he wants and they'll publish it)...you know, passive-agressively.

I always roll my eyes whenever celebrities complain about the media. These people are paid fabulous sums of money in order to play a game, the least they could do is answer a couple of annoying questions. But this latest Pulitzer makes me wonder. Most reporters I've seen have a story, ask for a comment, and if there is none they simply say so and move on. This fellow writes an entire column Wells not talking to him? I especially like the 12-year-old-girl on AOL writing style, ha ha ha ha. You ought to be writing about how David Wells is a good man with a gentle soul for not pounding the crap out of you for submitting this piece of trash.

Didn't Jim Carroll write "The Basketball Diaries" and sing "People Who Died?"

Maybe he wants to do "The Birdflu Diaries" and add a few more verses to the song.

"Curly caught the birdflu he was 50 years old. Fell out of the press box to the field below. Wrapped him in newspaper and shoved him into the Gulf, while reading from 'The Curse of the Bambino.' He was never a friend of mine. I don't miss him. He died."

As for Curt Gowdy, he was always a class act. If someone would just transcribe some of his best game calls, you'd have a better book than CHB could ever hope to write. "Gowdyism" indeed. Wells should have fed him to the Angels.

Curt Gowdy passes away, and yet Joe Buck and Tim McCarver continue to suck air. Life is cruel.

The apex of Gowdy's career as a Sox brodcaster was before my time, but my Pop-Pop has imparted on me his memories of kicking back to a Sox game and listening to Gowdy's silk-smooth play-by-play. I just came across this gem- it seems like this would be the type of "Gowdyism" CHB would live by, rather than fabricating rumor.

"I tried to pretend that I was sitting in the stands with a buddy watching the game—poking him in the ribs when something exciting happened. I never took myself too seriously. An announcer is only as good as yesterday's performance."

What Shaughnasty needs is for a Jim Rome-Jim Everett style throttling. Could you imagine Paps or Papi tossing a table aside to grab Dan by the shirtcollar after yet another pathetically biased and misquoted article? Priceless.

What Shaughnasty needs is a wake-up all. Send him out to cover the Boston City Council or the State Legislature for a week or two so he can relearn (if he ever knew to begin with) how to do some real reporting: getting accurate quotes, names and titles correctly, finding out what people really think and printing that...

I grew up listening to Curt Gowdy broadcast the Red Sox games. I remember him selling Carling Black Label ("Mabel! Black Label! There goes that call again ....") and Shaefer beer ("Shaefer is the ONE beer to have when you're HAVEing MORE than OOOOONNNE!"). Curt did a great job on the Red Sox games, especially in 1967. After that, I can remember seeing him on "Game of the Week" and thinking how cool it was that our hometown announcer got to go on the network. Curt will be missed.

I think Das EFX said it best:

"I'm like Slick Rick the Ruler but I'm cooler that a calvin
My mon's name is June, my pops name is Alvin
I'm not your Kurt Gowdie but I'm outtie, Sianara
So hit the road Jack so I can Welcome Back Kotter
I flippity blast the ill shit, I flips them when I get them
I chills wit the Books now mom paid out the rectum"

Uh, maybe Das EFX didn't say it best after all.

Rest in peace, Mr. Gowdy. I'm sure you, Red Barber, and Jack Buck will have some times at the bar up there, trading stories.

Anyone else catch this?

Johnny Mohammed was on the David Lee Roth radio show. Let's just say it was not a meeting of Mensa:


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