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O tidings of comfort and joy

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls … Merry Christmas!

Rider on Green Line:
Let nothing you dismay …


Next update: Weds., Dec 28


May we of RSN find Kevin Millwood and Tori Hunter under the tree and Tony Graffanino in our stockings (having been re-fitted as a SS and Lead-off hitter). Peace be with you.

Graffanino is my main man and will be the mack diesel leading off. That mofo thrives under the pressure, has two good shoulders, and isn't married to someone they denied a starring role on HBO's Bunny Ranch.

I haven't had access to a computer the past few days of travel and holiday rituals. Happy holidays to all of the Soxaholix. May the New Year bring enough Red Sox mirth to get drunk on the upcoming season of baseball...rather than drunk on the alcohol we'd need to wipe it from our minds.

I was just curious, but didn't Tom Brady used to play second base or something?

How cool would that be?

MVP in two different leagues!

Miggy for Manny straight up!

Wells and Clement to get Pedro back for one more run!

Dave Roberts in Center Field!

Manny for +-+-= Manny!

Whatever. We still have at least another two or three year grace period.

Here's a nice reminder link for shits and giggles...


visit - www.ftheredsox.blogspot.com

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