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Cowboy, er, Up?

You down with the whole shared GM thingy?


Eh, who knows where it'll end. But in the meantime, I don't mind at all getting to see a little more of Jed Hoyer … He's got a certain nerdy, Wesleyan hotness going on … makes me wanna, you know, raise his OBP a bit.


Really? He looks a little too much like a younger Larry Lucchino for my taste, but, you know, I don't climb the Brokeback Mountain, so what do I know.


You seen that movie yet?


Yeah, I saw it and felt totally duped.


Dude, don't tell me you didn't know it was gay-themed.


Oh, I knew that all right, but they said is was about gay cowboys, but these guys weren't herding a couple thousand hooves of longhorn cattle along the fierce and daunting Chisholm Trail. No, they were watching, sheep, sheep, fercrissakes up in the mountains all la dee da and where the greatest challenge is grappling with postmodern angst.


So you're saying they're actually sheepboys?


Absolutely. Just because you wear a hat and ride a horse doesn't mean you're a cowboy. Christ, whatevah happen to precision in our langauge? Nowadays you can attach any arbitrary definition you want to a word and all's well.


Yeah, how about this so-called World Baseball Classic? Talk about arbitrary.


Oh, don't get me stahted … If you've evah eaten pizza you're eligible for the Italian team … You like Moo Shoo Pork? Well then, get your ass suited up to represent China.


Yeah, whatev. There's only one nation I root for in baseball: Red Sox Nation.



"Sheepboys." Classic. Actually, my college roommate once gave me an inflatable sheep toy as a joke. It was called the Embracable Ewe. Never used it though. Okay, once. I hear BigBri has it now. (It's probably filled to the brim.)

Ba-doom...but seriously folks...

You hear the one about the dislexic gay cowboy going into a aab?

"they were watching, sheep, sheep, fercrissakes up in the mountains all la dee da and where the greatest challenge is grappling with postmodern angst."

Well there goes the cup of coffee this morning. Ha ha ha! And just when I was thinking of going to check it out.

Thank you also for adding a new phrase to our contemporary vernacular with "I don't climb the brokeback mountain".


I loved the strip before, but giving a shout to Wesleyan solidifies my undying love. You must be a Wes alum, no one but a fellow alum would even notice that Hoyer is Wes '96. I am intrigued more than ever about the real person behind the "h.b." Keep up the great work!


Looks like A-Rod is going to play for the Dominican Republic team because he thinks they'll play harder than the U.S. team.

In other news, before Joe Torre took off to Florence yesterday to do a little jig with the '06 Olympic Torch (no joke), he put in phone calls to Damon and Nomar, expressing the Yanks' interest in both of them. He also mentioned that he doubts Clemens would return to N.Y.

'I don't climb the brokeback mountain'. Instant classic, HB.

I like 'sheep boys' too- usually, ranchers send actual BOYS- kids to watch their sheep. Or goats, like Peter in 'Heidi'.

Has poor Heidi been forsaken? Or was Heidi simply a tool used by 19th century German writers to start its autobahned paved march (yes, Germany was already planning the autobahn in 1880, trust me) to tyrany, war, and the ultimate destruction of peoples?

Is the sub text here if you let them sheep boys out of the tent, then get ready for some trench warfare?
Hmmmm. Define 'trench'.

I gotta say, I agree completely with Circle about where my true baseball loyalties lie, but with the Semis and Finals happening at PetCo, I'm totally there. What better way to watch Ortiz, Vlad, Poo-holes, and Manny (? not even really sure who is playing for who or if any of these guys are playing) carry the Dominican team into the finals only to watch Slappy go 0-52 with eighteen errors and singlehandedly lose the title game to America (have you seen our pitching staff? Holy shit.)

Good times.

Here's a link to the "projected" rosters (quotes because I'm sure things will shift a bit before any games are actually played):


On second thought, there is really no way that the D.R. is going to lose this thing...

Billy, the olympic torch thing is just a cover, Joe's really going back for revenge on Don Ciccio now that he's made it in the States...

Do we all have to sign a petition stating that we're all repressed and gay for the film industry to stop pushing this theme on us?

Anybody have any thoughts on Milton Bradley being carted off to Oakland?

I'm thinking if he throws another tantrum where he takes off his jersey & walks off the field, the fans there aren't gonna take to kindly to it. He'd probably be dodging bullets quicki like knowing the portion of the Raider Nation that comes out in the summer too!

spd rdr, shouldn't that be "eeeeeewe"? ;>

h.b., I always love to see a shout-out to my alma mater in unexpected places like this. I too am wondering if you're a Wes alum...

(class of '92 here)

I saw the "A-Rod Leans to Dominican Team" headline on espn.com, and for a split-second my mind misread it as "A-Rod leads Dominican Team." Now that's a laugh.

Well, folks, you haven't really arrived on the web until you get your first "cease and desist" letter from an attorney.


Evidently, I inadvertently used a trademarked word in the title of a post back in June and someone got their tighties bunched up over it. (Quite possibly because when you search on that term in Google, the Soxaholix site come up first, natch.)

No, I'm not mentioning the term because I want to avoid more letters from lawyers.

I assume you've taken it down, and it would be fruitless to search for it?

Can you give us a clue as to what it was? My curiosity is piqued.

I haven't changed the post's title, yet. Still waiting to hear back that such action will suffice.

If you're looking for the post, try the end of June 2005 :)

It's either a CBS TV show or an exercise video? In either case, this site isn't the top of google.

It's either a CBS TV show or an exercise video?

Ah, no.

In either case, this site isn't the top of google.

You might imagine that'd be an indication that you were off base, no?

Just to give you more info. I can't be in trouble for mentioning a trademark that has nothing to with stuff similar to what this site is already doing, i.e., it has to be something related to baseball and/or the Red Sox.

For instance, I (or rather "we" since any of you who comment are implicated) can use the words Coke or Viagra or Prozac etc to my heart's content, since those "marks" are clearly distinguishable from the content here.

It only becomes an issue if there can be any sense of confusion between brands/marks.

Truthfully, I think I could really argue this particular case as not being a trademark infringement, but it's not worth it. And, honestly, I'd never have use the "mark" had I even known it was a "mark" since I try to be as original as possible with what I do. And when I'm not original, like when I riff off poetry or something, I always give an source attribution.

if I buy a T-shirt, will they go away?
Seriously, they should be thanking you for the publicity...... and the inevitable increase in hits

Congrats h.b.! Getting your first litigious letter is kinda like when Henry got arrested for the first time in Goodfellas. You popped your cherry!

Since everyone's in a litigious mood, I'll go out on a limb and say Jimmy Buffett sucks major ass. His formulaic brand of smarmy repetitive shinola might endear him to drunken Floridians and 50+ party animals, but ain't done shit for my generation. One might think the Red Sox brass haven't figured that out yet, pushing the goddam DVD of his lame margaritaville shtick down our fuqqin throats. You'd think they didn't have their priorities in order, like signing a shortstop maybe.

It's got be Numb3rs - which is a poorly done and boring TV show on CBS, I think. I tried to watch it because the premise was geeky cool sounding - using math to solve crime. The execution, not so much.

If you need to delete this HB I won't be offended. I've been on the web since 12/31/1995 and I still haven't merited a cease and desist letter. I'm jealous :)

I don't know which is sadder, that someone took the time to TM ology of the red sox, or that they've taken the time to hire lawyers to complain about your use of it. Fight the power!

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