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Be good, Johnny

Jeez, you think Johnny Damon could get any moah unctuous with his self-professed Yankees love?


No kidding. Aftah he said he couldn't wait to cut his hair, shave his bead, and wash his balls "da Yankee way," I expected to read that he's sent his wife Michelle ovah to Steinbrennah's office to shine the high beams on the ol' fuckah.


Yeah, really, whatevah it takes to play with the "class act" A-Fraud, the "the absolute best" teammate Juicy Giambi, right?


Tell me, why the fuck is it that anytime a playah leaves the Red Sox it has to be all nasty and shit? I mean, c'mon, we know it's a business and we've come to accept that playah loyalty is mostly toward whomevah is the highest biddah, but they always have to piss all ovah us on the way, too?


Yeah, just once I'd like to see a guy take the Drew Bledsoe approach when leaving. I mean Damon wants to talk about a "class act," well, there you go, behold Bledsoe.


Ten years from now, when I recall Johnny Damon, I want the image of his heroic, fist raised in the air from a stretcha aftah getting knocked out to be the first thing to pop into my head not this othah, boo hoo "our team chiropractor is gone" whiney and ungracious Damon.


Yeah, good luck with that. When I say Rogah Clemens what's the first thing you think of? -- The glaring and pointing to Duquette, right?


Close, but for me it's the weird, pregame fondling of the Babe Ruth plaque at the Stadium …


You know, it's the continuing series of small tragedies that send a man to the madhouse.



Does anyone have an image of Bledsoe's ad? I'd like to see it.

I dunno I think that Boras could have written that story, to stir up some interest and put the frightners on the Borg designation 4 0f 6 who is this weeks GM.

This whole thing is making my hair hurt and my ears bleed.

Clean cut Jesu? Throwing Edgar under the bus? Who the fuck made Julio Lugo the Flavor of the Month? Belli for Loretta straight up? Is Kevin Towers dating his crack pipe? Manny being....aw screw that.

Your humble scrivener (me) thinks that maybe, just maybe, we are suffocating in information. Yes, I know that baseball talk is the male equivalent of soap operas, but what's happening now to RSN is just a bunch of random crap that makes no sense. I mean, they did win 95 games last year with Timmy W. as their #1 starter. wtf? What am I missing?

Yours in Christ,


Johnny sounds like a jackass in that interview, but this is shaping up to be a Pettite-like loss (in effect and mismanagement) for the Sox.

Hurray for high beams.

And while I am at it, PHB (email me if you can't figure that one out) stumping for Jim Rice for the HOF? Talk about bad karma.....


i think damon is just stirring the pot, he likes the attention

btw, I dont know if you’ve seen it yet but i just got my copy of that City of Champions dvd. It’s pretty sick. There’s footage of pretty much every major Boston team over the last century and even more. my buddy works for the company and gave me this code to knock 20 percent off the price. just go to www.cityofchampionsdvd.com and type INSIDER1 in the shopping cart. Figure everyone could use something for the stockings during the holidays!

I was all ready to get worked up about the Newsday article when I realized while reading it that it was just inane and poorly written enough that it had to be a Jon Heyman piece. Heyman might be the iggest hack on the New York sports scene, which is no small feat. I have no doubt this story was just a plant by Boras, because that totally fits Heyman's MO, which is lazy, shoddy 'journalism' with scant regard for the facts, and a whole lot of hot air. Fear not, this story might as well have shown up in the National Enquirer for all the merit it holds.

//my buddy works for the company and gave me this code to knock 20 percent off the price.//

Crap. Already have it (at full price). It IS pretty amazing.

There is real doom on the ethernet. The off season is-particularly for Boston- anxiety, misery and torture.
I'm amazed baseball has lasted this long, considering the true evil in the hearts and minds of those in control that profess to 'love the game'.

Am I the abused spouse walking back in for another round? To the moon I go. Thanks, Ralph, for all the love.

Lou, julio lugo had a hell of a year last year and every team should be interested in him, if he's not too expensive. His Bill James Handbook projections are interesting.

It feels like Tampa Bay has a lot of guys that would break out (Joey Gathright, Lugo, Crawford, Aubrey Huff) if only they were liberated from the shithole that is TB. (Team, not the city & beautiful weather of course)

I love the hot stove for the same reasons I hate it. Very exciting with all of the who is going where and whatnot, but the sheer ammount of possibilities being bandied about is quite overwhelming. I feel like a little kid who just had two cokes and a baby ruth. I'm looking for Rent to rebound big-time from his error filled '05 season and see absolutely no reason to send him somewhere else and (probably) pay 50% of his salary. And for Lugo? Thanks, but no thanks. I'll agree with Lou on this one- if it ain't broke, don't dismantle it and put it back together with foreign parts.

That article almost forced me to vomit (alot of that going around these days) until, like Brian, I realized that it was most likely 95% horseshit. Like Papi said last year "Damon ain't goin' to no Yankees". Oh wait- scratch that.

Lighter in the air for my man, The Helmeted One.

I think Boras is pulling out all the stops to try and pry $teinbrenner's hand away from his wallet. Here's an interesting link:


Apparently the baseball salary cap/luxury tax is starting to have the desired effect, making the Yanks (and Sox for that matter) think twice about overpaying for every free agent on the market, and giving some other teams some cash to go out and improve (or make expensive mistakes). That can only be good for baseball, if it's true. But it's hard to believe that the Yankees lost $50 million last year on revenue of over $300 million. Except when you think that their payroll was more than 2/3 of their revenue...

Does anyone have an image of Bledsoe's ad? I'd like to see it.

Drew's ad in the Globe

Renteria for Lugo - Yes.
Manny for Glaus - Gimme a break.
JD for 4 years at 40mil - Sure...any more than that would be a waste (in years or money).
Mirabelli for Loretta - Eh, maybe...but who's gonna catch Wake? I don't think I could survive 200 innings with Wake/Tek.. :p

Hurrah for the high beams... goddam.

Lugo had some pretty good stats last season. Is he ready for Big Time baseball? Like NV, I also think Edgar will rebound this season. We saw flashes of his brilliance in 2005 but he never really looked comfortable in the carmine hose. He did hit the MFYs pretty hard tho.

Damon in pinstripes? Nomah in pinstripes?!? is this what it all comes down to? Ex-Sox stars whoring themselves to the Evil Empire? Screw it, I'll take a season off and go to Cuba. Vamos Industriales!

From Gordon Edes "blog" from the winter meetings:

Good news for Johnny Damon fans. Ran into Scott Boras walking through the lobby last night just before 3 a.m. Boston time, and he said that he'd spent considerable time talking with the Sox and things were looking "good." Scott doesn't say that kind of stuff unless he's closing in on a deal. The Sox are believed to have offered a four-year deal for JD, for a figure probably north of the $40 million they gave Jason Varitek and Edgar Renteria last year.

Loretta looks to be a good player, and they need someone to keep the seat warm for Pedroia, who's still at least a year away, but still...is he so much better than Graffanino that they had to give up Wake's personal catcher to get him? This reminds me too much of last year's Renteria signing: paying more money when they had a perfectly good option (Cabrera) already on board.

On the other hand, Mirabelli's departure does break the logjam at catcher, which means Shoppach can finally get some big league at-bats. Breaking him in as Wake's personal catcher might be a good way to see what he's made of. After all, if he can catch Wake, he can catch anyone...

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