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Don't quit your day job, kid

Hart Brachen, blog author:
Sorry, gang, the day job is sending me on the road for a couple days (quite unexpectedly, too), so no new strips for the remainder of the week …



Actually, I'd argue that I'm really happy it looks like they're not going to get nervous and change the plan and have Papelbon make a few spot starts for Miller. I think he can help us far more by being a vital component of the bullpen down the stretch and even in October than he could by making one start and then having to completely restart his transition to the pen. One of the things I've been happiest about under the Theo regime is the feeling that we have a definite plan for the prospects, and that plan isn't going to be altered every time something unexpected happens to the big league club--there's a real long-term view. We could have called up Pedroia when he was hurting after Bellhorn got DL'd, but the team didn't feel him ready, and the same with not rushing Hanley when it became apparent early in the year that our middle infield depth was atrocious. They've left Lester in AA-ball to learn and fine-tune another pitch, rather than try and get what they can out of him and audition him for a bullpen role, and they acknowledge that they're reaching the limits of what Papelbon's arm can handle in a starting role, and preserving his usefulness down the line. It's a strange and welcome feeling to see that the kids are viewed as long-term vital pieces, rather than cannon fodder and trade bait for a myopic front office.

Hey Tinkerbell, here's the facts. I'll brak it down nice and slow for you.

1) You spent the first half of the season expelling a lot of hot air about how the Sox should have put it away, and the Yankees will rise again and make us eat our words. After a thrilling climax where the Yankees actually held first place for a whole 18 hours, the team again played to their capabilities, faded, and you were strangely silent for a good month. The only exception was a week where h.b. went on vacation, when you ventured out of the NAMBLA chat rooms long enough to spout your inanity, only to run back into hiding when he returned.

Then, for the past two weeks or so, you disappeared again, to the point where people were openly asking where you were, and tentatively celebrating your absence, hoping it was permanent, but fearing that, like genital herpes, you would return unwanted. Sure enough, h.b. goes away again, and you pop in, embarassing yourself.

I'm well aware you've been on the boards for a while before that, but since the AS break, you've only bothered to venture out when h.b.'s been gone. Honestly, please try to keep a cursory grip on reality and what the facts are, because you're embarassing yourself. Someday you'll learn that no matter how many times you bluster that something's true, it's not going to make it true. Perhaps someday you'll also turn 12 and get that pony you've always wanted.

Brian - They are called VACATION DAYS. Use 'em or lose 'em. Someday YOU'LL get a real job and YOU'LL have vacation days as well. Maybe you can travel to Southeast Asia and get yourself that 10 year old boy you've always had your eye on.

Never hiding and NEVER embarrassing myself. Just one Yankee fan taking on an entire nation single handed and doing a damn fine job. If you go back through the posts you'll notice I 'venture out' only when invited by the ridiculous ramblings of Red SAWX Nation.

The only ones who will be embarrassed are the members of Red SAWX nation when your IDIOTS spit the bit.

It's almost quittin' time and I REALLY must go. Have a great weekend!

You spend your vacation days being an asshole on a Red Sox fan site?

What a pathetic loser you are.

Dude, the "man" obviously has no life and derives pleasure only from getting a response...so why respond? He's a moron...who gives a shit what he says? He embarrasses himself with every word he writes, so I guess I can understand part of the fun of talking back, but still, it is only fuel for his fire. Fuckin' idiot.

Hear that BigBitch? That's your conscience telling you to shut the fuck up.

Sorry- you're completely right Devine.

I vote that anything else that that brainless twit writes be treated as if it wasn't even there.

The thing about BigBri, really, is that I live in New York and have Yankee-fan friends that I can talk to about baseball (but I don't watch the playoffs with them anymore). He gives a bad name to a group that's not, you know, COMPLETELY filled with assholes. But enough about him.

And anyway, we have a pitching matchup to look forward to: Buehrle vs. Wells.

I have to say, I like the concept of the White Sox on paper. No overwhelming hitter on pure numbers (I think the highest average in the lineup is .28-something), but the constant threat of a homer, lots of speed, great defense, really good starting pitching. I don't know how their bullpen is, though. I guess I should go look that up.

Go Good Sox!

to quote myself:

"Papi is due for a breakout any time here. "

fuckin right he is- I'll take a single, double and two HR over the cycle any day.


Castig getting cocky--"KC rained out tonight, so there's a cause to celebrate--no loss tonight."

Bradford to Myers to Timlin: 4 outs, no baserunners, 2 strikeouts. Beautiful. Papi saved us a possible heartbreaker in the 9th and was responsible for 6 runs total and all 4 Good Sox runs after the game was tied 5-5.

Jeez, Schilling, you scared me. I can't really begrudge someone who is 9/10 on save opportunities much ill will but...you do know it's okay NOT to throw a strike now and then, right?

Wells...you did better than Buehrle. That's what we needed.

"I'll check back in on Monday after you've been swept by the White Sox."

So much for that moronic prediction.

Rivera blows save in 9th! Now heading to 11th! Small now pitching.

Yankees win. Well, whatcha gonna do?

Update for BigBri - Sox take first 2 games
Foot in his mouth and head in his ass:

BigBri quote:
"'Predicting' is when you inform a group of SAWX fans that their beloved team is about to be swept by the CHI-SOX. Aand finally, 'Bitch Slapping' is what the CHI-SOX will do to you this weekend (yet another PREDICTION). "

Now go away

AND with last night's victory, Red takes White for the season series.



The good news (for you) - I was wrong and the SAWX stuck it to the SOX all weekend. I tip my hat to your team for a fine effort.

The bad news (for you) - You spent the weekend beating up on one of the best teams in the AL and still gave up a half game in the standings!

How long do you guys think your luck can hold out???? What a nation of dreamers!

I know this is off-topic, but it's driving me crazy? What's this infamous Mike Adams' "Monkey Story"? I keep hearing about how funny it is, but I've never heard the story. Anybody know it?

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