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Well, well, Wells!

Christ, if Wells can continue to pitch like this and Schilling comes back, mercy!


Hold on, I need to savor this by repeating it ovah and ovah: Wells needed only 94 pitches — 74 of them strikes — to complete eight scoreless innings


Absolutely. Our favorite fustilug went to only one three-ball count and two two-ball counts. He threw first-pitch strikes to 23 of the 28 batters he faced. He walked no one, extending his streak of innings without a walk to 25 2/3.


Still, not to piss in my own bathwater but Wells' two consecutive good stahts can match what Petey is doing with the Mets.


Ah, c'mon, dude. It was nevah about what Pedro would do this yeah or even next, it was all about not wanting to lose payroll flexibility by committing millions to Pedro in the 3rd and 4th seasons of the contract he wanted.


Yeah, yeah, superb logic Mr. Spock but it still breaks my haht to see Pedro throwing two hittahs for the Metropolitans.


I suggest you'd be fah moah distraught a couple yeahs from now if the Sox adopted a "let's pay a shitload for guys who are getting long in the tooth and pray they defy the odds and don't go into a decline" modus operandi. I mean how's that shit working out for our friends in the Bronx?



Your teams loses a few, the bullpen is scratching, and then a starting pitcher comes in and just stuffs the opponents for almost a complete game. What do you call that kind of pitcher? I believe the word is "ace". Of course, we'll have to see if he's just had a couple of good games or if this is going to go on for a while. But I'm feeling a little better about Boomer now.

Wells...Brillant! You see, Senor Fustilug may not be subject to the ornithophobia that the rest of the club seems to suffer from due to the fact that birds are food, i.e., chicken...and, man, you do not want to get between Wells and a bucket of chicken.

That being said, note to Tito: Wells is to stay on the mound..no fielding..period. We've got to protect that potato body and those toothpick legs.

WTF is up with Schilling, anyway? What's his progress? What's he doing?

Curse the rain!

The delay meant it was too late for ESPN to show the game. They were into the 10PM game before the Sox got going.

When Wells is on, he's a joy to watch.

Please, no calling Fatty Arbuckle an 'ace'. We got Good Wellsy last night, but we've also seen a fair amount of Bad Wellsly. I suspect his performances will continue to be pretty volatile: either brilliant or disastrous, and the overall results will be pretty mediocre. I will say that he's one of the best control pitchers that I've ever seen, and when he's on like last night he's exremely tough. It's a shame that he never cared enough about conditioning to atually live up to his abilities, but he seems to have had no regrets going through life fat, drunk, and stupid, so I guess we shouldn't care either. It still means you can't count on him as the key to your starting rotation though.

I've found a great way to enjoy this season: not watch every game from start to finish. My doctors are pleased with the newest stress test results.

Hard fought 2 weeks against 4 good teams (sorry, Yanks are always a tough foe, I hate 'em but there you go) and they played above .500. I am trying to not live and die on every game and so far it's been a decent ride for me. Said it before and I'll say it again: if they can play this way and not be 10 games out, I'm pretty happy.

Then again, if they are playing this way in August, I'll be hitting the Jack harder than Millar.

I am SO friggin tired. Why didn't they just play the game this afternoon? Both teams have the day off. Oh Wells, they won. That's what matters. My health and productivity be damned.

Did Tito have to forcibly remove the ball from Boomer's hand again? That's two straight solid outings, now lets see him string a bunch together. I picture some healthy competition between the two when Schill returns- maybe even the kind that should've happened last year if Petey didn't get his panties in a bunch over being #2.

As for Foulke- a save is a save, but does he have to give up two hits to get it? Time to return to form, buddy.

Anything was better than watching that Queer Eye for the Red Sox disaster on Tuesday. Jesus...

Not too long ago most fans were thinking "All's well that ends Wells" and now seemingly he's turned it around. I hope he continues this streak, we need that kind of performance.

I seem to remember Tom Gordon a few years ago could not for the life of him get a 1-2-3 9th inning save. It's almost like he thought it was against the rules. Seemed the most likely theory.

I can't fault anyone giving up a hit to Pujols, but yea, we almost approached a Mylanta moment in the 9th.

Just read a report that the SOx are looking at bringing back our old buddy Shea...

"Don't get me wrong, I want to keep him, but he looks like a Red Sox, doesn't he?" Blue Jays manager John Gibbons says.

Interesting. Can't say that I want him replacing Billy at 3rd and we definitely don't need a logjam at 1st, but maybe Millar is gone and Shea is back? We'll see- the Jays are technically still in the hunt after all.

If Pedro is long in the tooth, what is Wells?

//If Pedro is long in the tooth, what is Wells?//

Sort of a moot point since Wells is signed to a one year, incentive laden contract. By not overpaying for Pedro, the Red Sox had the chance to draft some really potential high impact prospects and didn't have to worry that one of them is a Bora$ client.

Wells will be long gone when the impact of not signing Pedro to those critical 3rd and 4th years of the contract is felt.

Mike, Wells is someone making about a third of what Pedro's making.

Actually h.b., Wells is signed to a two year deal, and unfortunately a lot of the incentive money (if I recall correctly) is based much more on him pitching alot rather than on him pitching well. I think he's well on his way towards getting to the high end of that $4-$8 million per annum range. It's nowhere close to the financial committment Minaya made to Pedro, but it certainly doesn't feel like a bargain to give Fatty Arbuckle something close to $16 million over the next 2 years.

"If Pedro is long in the tooth, what is Wells? "

Wells is signed for 2 years, and for less than half of Petey's money per annum even if he maxes it out. Plus, Wells is infinitely easier to project than Martinez - you're not getting a worldbeater, but you're getting innings at a set rate (hence performance bonuses based on IP - it's insurance against catastrophic injury).

$17mil for Petey in 07-08 versus $0 for Wells, that's the key here.

Also - even at something pedestrian like 200IP/4.25 ERA, the pitching market in the offseason probably dictates $6-8 million. Remember how much Jaret Wright/Kris Benson got . . . doesn't look like such a bad contract in that regard.

Wells is signed for 2 year?!?! Argh. I must have blocked that out mentally or something because of its fright factor.

Still, though, it's a better risk than Pedro in years 3 and 4.

Heck, and we still don't know if Pedro will remain healthy for the remainder of this season. It defies logic to think he's all of a sudden become some sort of inning absorbing superman.

Totally agree on Pedro and years 3/4. I would actually be a little nervous about year 2, as well. Nevertheless, I do wish he could have had the no hitter the other night - it's fun to watch him when he's on. And it's fun to watch him when he's acting loco, as long as the Sox don't have to pay the price. I try not to have nightmares about how Boras is going to screw with the Sox on Johnny D...

birth, i really hope johnny gives us the hometown discount. he's going to have to get in boras' face. the varitek signing wasn't that big of a headache but then again, nobody could afford to offer what we did. unfortunately i don't think that's the case with johnny. he's actually getting better each year!

Theo knows about Damon's hair problem. He'll stay. Blackmail, baby.

Oh wait, that was just a commercial? My bad.

I sat in Busch Stadium for 3 hours waiting for that game to get called last night, kinda hoping it would 'cause I figured Wells would get smoked. Nice job, Orson.
However, what an odd bunch those Cards' fans are. I was there Tue & Wed, and they really thought winning those first 2 games somehow "proved" something. One guy said to me, "I hear most Sox fans know they didn't play the REAL Cardinals last year." I told him I hadn't met any of those Sox fans as yet.

So where were the "real" Cardinals last year? Too tired from that epic comeback they had to stage in their division series to put up a fight in the WS, i assume.

Oh wait- wrong team.

At least that guy's Cards can win 'em when they count.

Yeah, I pointed out his team was quite good.

In June.

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