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Tough Crowd


Could just be a coincidence, but it does appear you've been vindicated. One run on only four hits in seven dominant innings. Sweet.


And what about the slide at home?


Oh, I'm lovin' the slide but can't shake the "what if" dread on that one. Imagine if Wake had gotten hurt?


Yeah, any time you see Sveum doing the windmill it's involuntary sphincter clenching time.


On the subject of bunghole tightening, looks like Theo's getting frustrated.


The thing I don't get is how all of these conditions can be true: The status quo is not acceptable and something needs to be done, but this isn't an easy situation to fix and the club isn't going to make a trade solely for the sake of making one.


Yeah, Epstein's totally pissin' into the wind. Worse paht is even if there are guys out there available as Orioles GM Flanagan says, "One of the most difficult things for anyone in the American League East in trading for pitching is judging who can pitch in that division"


That's what made Schilling so special. He thrived with the weight of Red Sox Nation on his back all last season.


You'd think there'd be more of that in baseball, you know, guys who more than anything want to be in the preshah cookah playing for eithah us or the Yankees.


Yeah, if you're a 20 game winner with some bucolic la dee da team in flyover country, have you really proven yourself? Do you really want to rest on those laurels?


Seriously, isn't that like being a star on the WB channel or being an admiral in the Canadian navy?



It appears that the sleeper has a-Wake-n (Wakefield that is). Totally agree with the return of Mirabelli, h.b. I know it is only 1 game, but it would appear that the Dynamic Duo may be back. Noticed that Wake threw alot more freely, allowing the ball to dive out of the strike zone and into the dirt. May have been the weather, have have been the heat, but I don't think you can underestimate Dougie being back.

Yuk looked good, so did Millar and Manny. If Fustalug and Wake can both look good, maybe Theo won't need to up his medication, although, I totally prefer his rants to that of Darth George.

As an admiral in the Canadian Navy, I take offense to that, eh!

I was in Denmark one time with the Canadian Navy, at least one ships worth, I assume that wasn't all of it. They could drink, that's about all I can remember.

So, do you really think that a vet like Wake could be so attached to his personal catcher.

"Admiral in the Canadian Navy" - wow.

Watching Wake chug around those bases was worth the chance of injury (but not an actual injury, just the chance of one).

Yeah, it is a miniature sample size of 1, but I definitely think Timmuh pitched better because of Mirabile Visu. Perhaps when he pitches to Tek he subconsciously takes a smidge off the movement so the captain can take a stab at catching it every once in a while.

Don't knock the WB til you check out "What I Like About You" with Jennie Garth & Amanda Bines.

so in summary we think that Wake throws pies so as to not make 'Tek look bad. Lets see what we get in 5 days time, when the sample size will double, me I got everything crossed. Next up on the comeback trail is to see what Boomah throws, cheese or cheescake. I'm assuming of course that Clement just had a blip. Still if these were all done deals we would be agonising about some kind of Hockey labour dispute I read about somewhere.
btw da kine, you're fit and well these days?

also I nearly forgot. anyone doesn't think that they will use a ticket to the D'Rays series mid July let me know, I have to be in Mass that week. actually I will arrive on Sunday but game 3 against the Yankees; arrange the words 'chance' and 'fat' into a well know phrase or saying.

Not to complain in the aftermath of such an eminently satisfying win, but I'm still scratching my head over Francona yanking Wake after seven innings. He had only thrown 85 pitches, and the Cubs hitters (Derek Lee excepted) looked completely clueless against the knuckler. Given how the bullpen has been savaged recently, why not give them the night off with Wake so obviously on cruise control?

did he pinch hit for him ? I only half listened to the radio call.

actually he was the last out of the top of the 7th, I think it was just the right time, you can't get gun shy about the bullpen.

I didn't understand Wake getting pulled, either. After JDam and Youk, I thought he had the best eye at the plate that night.

To answer your question, Robert, I feel way better. I still limp and can't use my right hand to do alot of stuff, but I'm back at work and feeling fine. Here's a full report I wrote up for my family.

It's all about comfort. For many reasons -- knowledge Mirabelli will catch it, maybe better pacing and pitch calling by Mirabelli, whatever -- Wakefield is more comfortable with Mirabelli back there.

If not for Derek Lee, we woulda won 10-0 (nice baserunning, Mirabelli!). The guy's a gamer (for now, anyway).

I have one complaint. I was at Wrigley this weekend, and I was horrified at the dopey Red Sox fans yelling "1908" to Cub fans. I spent my life despising All That Is Yankee over this very behavior, and these jerks embarrassed me.

Rant over. Good job, Wake.

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