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They felt always an anxiety in the house

An off day for the Red Sox leaves time for quiet contemplation …

OK, let me get this straight. Steinbrennah anoints his son-in-law as his successor and the dude's name just happens to be "Swindal"?


Is that flippin sweet or what? You can't make shit like this up.


How appropriate considering the Yankees are the Great Major League Baseball Swindle.


What is it Johnny Rotten used to say, "Ever get the feeling that you've been cheated"? That's what Yankees fans must be thinking these days.


The highest payroll in baseball and they're fielding Tony Womack and Rey Sanchez? Talk about getting punked.


The Yankees are like the fucking freaky kid in that DH Lawrence short story … "There must be more money! There must be more money!"


Yeah, somewhere in the bowels of "Teh Stadium" a frail and dying Brian Cashman is in his pajamas riding the piss out of a magic rocking horse and yelling "Malabah, Malabah! Must sign Malabah!"


"Am I lucky, George? Am I lucky?"


Author's Notes
Sorry for going all high school English class on your asses, but the Lawrence short story "The Rocking Horse Winner" is so perfect when applied to the Yankees. Read the whole story and see what I mean. (It's short.)

Check out this line, for instance: " Although they lived in style, they felt always an anxiety in the house. There was never enough money." Does that describe the situation in New York or what?


This site is sheer genius!
Things like putting DH Lawrence's 'Rocking Horse Winner' into the strip with a 'Napoleon Dynamite' tagline before it (and making it work) is another reason why I visit daily.
Joe Morley

Thanks, Joe! We aims to please.

Don't forget those Sex Pistols references today either! Funny, but when I was reading BigBri's pro-NYC whinings yesterday, all I could think of was the lyrics to the Pistols' "New York":

An imitation from New York
You're made in Japan from cheese and chalk
Your hippy tarts zero cause you put on bad show
Oh don't it show


You four years on
You still look the same
I think about time
You changed your brain
You're just a pile of shit
You're coming to this
Ya poor litlle faggot
You're sealed with a kiss
Kiss me

and the most appropriate line:

With nothing in your gut
You better keep yer mouth shut
You better keep yer mouth shut
In a rut

Let's hope our Sawx can "get pissed" and "deee-stroyyyy" the Pirates...

I hate New York as much as
the next guy but I have to give
New York MAJOR PROPS for the New
York Dolls, Ramones, and my faves
Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers...

R.I.P. boys

hb- not that I care, but "Teh Stadium"? How about at least "Teh House that Greed Built"

Hey hey Wade, how 'bout keeping the streak of awesome stahts goin'? Pirates are a wounded animal- time to put thatm out of their misery.

Hey Big Bri, I work in Manhattan so I know the place does have its advantages (and plenty of disadvantages too, believe me). But I must say it's gotten a lot nicer around here these days with all the people walking around with "B" on their hats (and the B doesn't stand for Big Bri, or Bucky, or Babe or Boone either, but for the latest World Champs of the 21st Century, the BOSTON Red Sox). Also, the obnoxious Yankee fans have been keeping their obnoxiousness to themselves for the most part these days, with their team barely treading water around .500 and all. Also on the plus side of Pedro going to the Mets, that franchise has the best record in the city right now. So there are a lot more Mets fans, who are for the most part nicer and more reasonable than the MFY fans.
On the chowder front, everyone knows that RHODE ISLAND chowder is the best (not red, not creamy, but clear). And sorry I have such a lame screen name, but I guess I don't have the imagination to think of something as awesomely creative as "BigBri" -- maybe I can ask Shaughnessy and he'll come up with something for me.

I'm terrified of gloating about the Yankees due to the fact that if I do, then Ortiz will be hit by a bus, Clement's arm will fall off, and Theo will make a deal to get Crespo back. Womack will subsequently hit 52 homers and be named AL MVP while Giambi wins the batting title.

So, I'll focus on the Pirates series for now and go game to game.

//but I have to give New York MAJOR PROPS for the New York Dolls, Ramones, and my faves Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers//

How true. And don't forget the band Televesion, also another great, though underappreciated, NYC band.

Speaking of wicked awesome Boston bands, I heard through the grapevine that the Dropkick Murphys are going to be including some sort of Sox-themed song on their upcoming album. Anyone know if this is true? It's hard to get reliable Dropkicks info way out here in Seattle. I suppose I could juct look it up on the internets, but then I'm a lazy, lazy man...

i wish the dropkicks would drop dead.... if i have to hear tessie one more time my nuts... yes my nuts, are gonna burst. im sick of people that are unoffically associating themselves with the red sox (vice-versa)... its just corny.

Funny how all the NYC bands you mention hit their peak in the 1970's... what has NYC given us since then... Sonic Youth? Don't make me laugh. At least Boston has given us the mighty MISSION OF BURMA, Moving Targets, Sorry, Volcano Suns, etc.

Aaron: are you sure you're not referring to the "Tessie" CD5? Dropkicks did the song before a Sox game a few years ago (2003?). Though it'd be cool to see them do another Sox-themed song. How about "The Rise and Fall of Slappy McBluelips"?

Speaking of SmBL, the next time the MFY play the Sox at Fenway, instead of a lame "Yankees Suck" chant or signs being held, why doesn't EVERYONE who reads this raise a sign that mentions "Slappy McBluelips" in one way or another? (i.e. "Jeter and McBluelips/sittin' in a tree/(etc.)" or "Slappy McBluelips has a really short dick", you get the picture). NESN/FOX/ESPN or whoever is airing the game will be confused out of their minds and everyone who gets the joke will be laughing as hard as I did.


Yeah, I'm sick of bandwagon-jumpers too. You'd be amazed how many of these Left Coasters suddenly sprouted Sox hats last October (although, if I was a Northwest native and had no one to root for but the Mariners, I supposed I'd switch teams too.) And I can't comment on the pros and cons of "Tessie," having never heard it.

But I wouldn't classify the Dropkicks as bandwagon-jumpers. I mean, shit, they've been opening their shows with a punk cover of the BC fight song for years, they show film clips of Bruins fight videos during their concerts, and they do a kick-ass cover of "Dirty Water." They wear their Boston allegiances on their sleeves, which can be annoying after awhile, but they're definitely not johnny-come-latelies to Sox worship.

i agree... although im not the hugest fan, a bunch of my buddies have been dropkick fans for many years... anyone hear of the pug uglies? its just they play that song tessie constantly on NESN.... or theres some damned clip of them playing with Bronson or similar crap. its maddening.... jimmy fallon. the perfect example of el crapola.

Don't forget the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Pastiche and my personal favorites, the Gremmies, who played the immortal "No Surfing in Dorchester Bay" -- the 45 had my all-time favorite record cover.

There are still some good band in NYC though. Check out www.debradesalvo.com ... She rocks!

Any of you guys know of Mittens? They're out of JP, play at the Milky Way a fair amount, and released a CD several months ago. I really like them. Their music that is.

Just thought you'd like to know that Bigbri went to soxygirl's website recently and typed the following piece (no doubt with one hand):

Soxy Girl you are a HOTTIE! You even make a Red Sox cap look good. I may hate the sox, but I'm growing to LOVE you! MmmmmHmmmm.

"Got home and worn nothing but my new soft blanket to bed." - You are driving us CRAZY!

Posted by: BigBri | May 27, 2005 12:22 PM

That post prompted the following response:

So bigbri has the hots for soxy girl - hell who wouldn't.

But his Yanks sure suck and he can't take the hear so on his little lame ass blog he has now disabled comments to himself, dj, cutter and the yankeeees win (who are all really big bri). Funny stuff.

Not sure if this was pointed out earlier but I thought since we all seem to despise this guy that you'd get a laugh out of it.

Oh yeh, great win today by the "subsitute" squad. Kapler coming back? Sweet.

hb - you (or your characters)couldn't be further off base with this one. The Yankees have ALWAYS spent more money than anybody else. ALWAYS. There have been times - more times than any other franchise in history actually - when it worked out very, very well for them. There have been times when it didn't work out so well. Yankee fans don't feel 'cheated' when we aren't winning because we have the highest payroll. It's not our money. It's George's money. He can do whatever he wants with it.

Scott12xu - you are a friggin' stalker dude. Take a pill. Relax. And find something better to do than track my every move on the internet. Creepy...

Hey - Don't knock my last name! Swindal actually is an Icelandic surname. Though it's spelled "swindal", I pronounce it "swin-dell".

:) Meg

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