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They do it down on camber sands

Christ, David Wells is stahting to grow on me


I find myself in a situation unfathomable a couple of weeks ago: I'm actually looking forward to his stahts now.


Yeah, I was at the bah and wouldn't move even though my teeth were floating I had to piss so badly.


Maybe it was that dude's way of saying he rejects the medievalism of superstition?


Whatev. Even a strict secular humanist shouldn't take a dump in a church. You just don't mess with traditions. Besides Wells is 3 for 4 since bribing Rentaria to swap uni nums …


As for the uni switch helping Edgahria, not so much.


No kidding. Rent's slump has settled in like the mofo red tide.


Don't even remind me. I've got the wicked jones for steamahs right about now.


No kidding. I'm sweatin' lemon buttah ovah heah.


Author's Notes
For your erudite pleasure, if you didn't already pick up on it, the title of today's strip is the first line from the classic 80s song "Pulling Muscles (From the Shell)" by Squeeze.


"sweaty faces at the Fens/a Bronson Arroyo brushback/A-Rod drops his bat and cries/and everybody wants to smack..."

Renteria's cut waaaay down on the errors, and that makes the sporadic hitting much more tolerable. He got a big hit in the first game of the Reds series. He's OK with me for now.

And who lit the fire under Manny's ass? As The Human Torch would say, flame on. Beautiful to watch.

Mmmmmm...steamers. They may fly in seafood here to the west coast, but nothing compares to a New England clambake. Let's see what "saturn balls" can do today and sweep these Reds.

...so if the Sox start doing not-so-well, you'll use the lyrics to "Another Nail in my Heart," the next song on the LP?

...so if the Sox start doing not-so-well, you'll use the lyrics to "Another Nail in my Heart," the next song on the LP?

How about "Black Coffee in Bed" for their next West Coast road trip? Or "from bar to to street to bookie" the next time Boomer pitches? Let's hope Bronson keeps it going tonight so you can call tomorrow's strip "Don't shoot that singer."
As for the Fisk Pole, at least it's not the TD BankWhatever Continental Interglom Pole, so count your blessings.

"David Wells is stahting to grow on me"

You might want to get that checked out- I think the first symptoms are a rapid increase in waist size and insatiable desire for donuts.

Seriously though- is this not the Boomah we all hoped we were getting? And Foulkie in the 9th?! Welcome back, buddy.

Formula for winning games:
Starter @ 6-7 solid innings
Timlin 8th
Foulke 9th
"Dirty Water"- done and done.

Keeping with the Squeeze allusions, let's just hope we don't find ourselves "Up the Junction."

Man, could Difford and Tilbrook write songs or what?

Wells is cool for crepes, he's cool for crepes.

Why couldn't we have heard THEM on the radio in the 70's-80's instead of A Flock of Seagulls, et al (besides the facts that their songs were too intellectual for the general American record-buying public and their label gave them next to no publicity)

Tilbrook should do a Squeeze tune during the 7th-inning stretch at Fenway the same way the Irish-tenor-with-the-car-door-ears does "God Bless America" at Chokee Stadium...

Could not resist the Squeeze allusions. I loved Squeeze. To push it a bit more, I want a win that is "Labelled With Love," tonight, though with Millar and Manny's mugging in the dugout the other day, I suspect it will be labelled with manlove. :)

I thought BCN played plenty of Squeeze during the 80's, no? Maybe it was another station, but I heard them plenty during the 80's in beantown.

I'm not sure if I'm fully "tempted by the fruit of the Boomer" yet, but "He's gone electric, Manny- get your gunnnn"...

Soxaholix: your one stop shopping for obscure 80's references and Edgar Allen Poe.

Rock on h.b...

I read this at work in Cleveland Oh-freaking no good seafood- io. I WANT to sweat lemon buttah!

Tman, I am referring to those who had the bad luck of growing up and living outside of Boston (Wethersfield, CT in my case). The college radio here was good but the mainstream radio was boring. And at least Boston had amazing rock bands come form it like Mission of Burma, etc. What did the Hartford, CT area have? Toto?

I think we've had more Squeeze than Sox posts today...

Saw the Sawks are in sole posession of second while the MFBJ and MFY are in sole posession of a distant 3rd place. Nice. :) (Baltimore and MFY won last night. Boo hiss.)

Oh yeh, a new Yankees stadium. Hey why not? Schools and infrstructure in NYC couldn't be more perfect...

Whoa, belated thanks are in order.

I honestly have not logged into my CafePress account since setting up the shop there in April 2004. For some reason I assumed they'd send some sort of email notice when people bought something. I never received any email so I didn't think much about it.

But today when several of you mentioned wearing your Soxaholix t's, I figured, heck, maybe 3-4 people have bought a tshirt.

So I log into the CafePress account and find its more like a couple hundred people have bought shirts!

Wow. I'm stunned and very grateful. To think that many people are wearing something Soxaholix related just blows my mind.

Now I'm especially pumped to update the store with some new designs and merch.

One last Squeeze allusion for Schilling: " A foot without a sock." Too many means to talk about. C'mon Bronson, get in the groove.

"I lost two frontline starters / Some clubhouse chemistry / The money in Tek's fourth year / It doesn't bother me / Clement has moved to Boston/ So run support's the word / If you ever see him / Say hello Goatee Boy"


proud wearer of the Soxaholix T.

I have spotted one other in my neighbourhood park in North London, England


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