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Taking the swoon out of June

For the moment, there is no force more dominant than the 2005 Boston Red Sox …

What a weekend, stahting in second finishing in first.


I'm as happy as a Saudi princess in Prada.


Are you kidding me? Watching these last three with Philly, I felt like Katie Holmes at a Tom Cruise film festival.


But thank Christ we've got Michael Silverman to remind us to "get a grip on our giddy selves and look at the calendar."


No kidding. We are so lucky to have the dead tree columnists keeping it fucking real.


Hell yeah we are. I'd be totally flippin' lost without dudes like Silverman, Shank, and Tomase to elucidate the finah nuances of the game.


Even Gammo has to remind us what unsophisticaed baseball cretins we are, preferring to bid highah for Esptein and Arroyo autographs ovah future hall of famah Greg Maddux.


Greg Maddux. Woo-Hoo.



I knew it. I just knew it. I knew that the O's and the MFY's would tank and the Sox would hit a hot streak. I didn't think it would all happen in the same week, but there you are. Now the question is, can they keep the lid on?

Just wait until we get our
fifth starter Curt Schilling
back, and Dustin Pedroia, who's
hittin the crap outta the ball
at Pawtucket.

Wow, that Gammons thing is a *perfect* type of what is wrong with Boston sportswriters.

We're from Boston. We're Boston fans. I'd rather have a Dwight Evans ball than a Greg Maddux ball. Marty Barrett. Bruce Hurst. Hell, Rich Gedman. I've seen Maddux pitch what, maybe a half dozen times? Sure he's great, but I just don't care. I'm not a baseball fan, I'm a Red Sox fan.

It's often said the Red Sox are a religion. When the Sox won the Series, I bought a DVD called "Faith Rewarded," and books called "Faithful" and "Believe It!" So let's look at religion for our analogy: as a Christian, I'd rather meet some minor Christian prophet or saint -- say, Habakkuk -- than the Dalai Lama or Mohammed. Just because I'm religious doesn't mean I am a fan of all religions.


Superb. That's exactly the way I feel and I imagine most of us feel. Great religious analogy as well.

Hi all,

h.b - Well done as always. Congrats to you guys for securing 1st place over the weekend. Not sure if you noticed, but my weekend did not go as well ;-). I'll leave you guys with this thought:
On this day in 1978, the Yankees beat the SAWX 6 - 4 and were 8 1/2 games out of first place. Things got worse for the Yankees before they got better that season. Maybe Silverman has a point?? Just a thought...

Of course Peter Gammons can never undersstand the average fan who does not get paid to spend every waking hour watching and analyzing baseball and talking with GMs around the league and getting to interview every player under the sun. Some of us have jobs that require us to show up and spend a few hours every day doing something that has nothing to do with baseball or rock and roll (bummer!) Greg Maddux, great as he might be, will not make it on our radar screen. If I buy a ball autographed by Trot Nixon, am I a hypocrite if I don't go into debt buying balls autographed by every ballplayer on earth with better stats than Trot? I'd have no money left. Writers like Gammons should spend less time criticizing fans and more time reporting on the stuff we want to find out, which is the only reason we read them in the first place.

You know the world has turned upside down when even Shaughnessy is wallowing in a big ol' vat of irrational exhuberance. Did any of you catch this column yesterday? Mr. Bambino's Curse himself has called the race for the Sox with 88 games remaining in the season. Did somebody slip this guy some Ecstasy?

Or perhaps he thinks that, by saying this, he can jinx the team, causing it to tank and thus enabling him to write some more "Woe Is Us" books and cry all the way to the bank...

Big Bri, those were kind words. Thank you on behalf of Red Sox nation. I would also like to say congrats to the Yankees for not getting swept by the miserable Mets in their own home stadium. That would have surely been embarrassing. I notice Giambi is getting kind of big again. Is he hitting the juice? You know, drinking orange, grape, grapefruit...whatever juice he needs for his daily dose of vitamin C?

Hey Bri, it's pretty pathetic to be hoping for the Seventies to happen again. Unless the Sox hire Don Zimmer to manage them again and the Yankees find a way to get Ron Guidry back on the mound (actually he might pitch better than some of the current overpaid pitchers in the Bronx), I don't think we have anything to worry about.

Have fun watching your DVD of Yankeeography or Yankeeology or Yankeeprehistory or whatever they call it. I'm going to be watching the 2005 baseball season.

Go Sox!

Dakine - Giambi gets his juice from the same guy Johnny Damon goes to. You think Damon's Caveman-like profile didn't come from Human Growth Hormone?

Pawsoxpop - It wasn't too long ago all of RSN was watching 'Faith Rewarded' as the SAWX hit the skids. And it won't be too long before you are all watching it again. In fact, you'll be watching it for a looooong time. Long after the yankees have racked up some more championships. But you don't have to listen to me. Like you said, you have NOTHING to worry about. hehehehe.

I didn't say we had NOTHING to worry about. I'll be rooting for the Yankees to beat the Orioles this week; then I'll have less to worry about.

I haven't watched Faith Rewarded since Opening Day, Dude. When did the Sox hit the skids anyway? When they got swept by Kansas City? When they lost two of three to Tampa Bay at home? Oh wait a minute, that wasn't the Sox, was it?

Your Babe Bucky Buckner Boone shirt is looking a little ragged, Bri. I've got a more up-to-date one for you. Boston, Baltimore, Blue Jays. Or how about Belhorn, Big Papi, Balco?

Pawsoxpop - Sigh. The following blog comments were posted near the end of April - some of them from Soxaholix:


"The Red Sox and Orioles game was rained out on Wednesday afternoon. No make-up date was announced. The Red Sox are off on Thursday and open a three-game series with the Rangers on Friday night."

Thank God. They need the rest, and so do I.


were not going to forget this one ever happened. the sox looked completely lost last night. the pitching-horrible. we can't be scoreing 8 runs and losing games.


Why is everyone upset? The Sox won last night 8-7, right? Right? RIGHT???!!!! Fuck.


I think Foulke just needs a good slap. He obviously thinks he's pitching BP, and is on some sort of drug. So we need to tell him to put down the blunt, and get his shit together.


Shit! Curt's on the DL with a bone bruise on his ankle (same one as before), and we have 3 starters. Wade isn't ready. Rotation now is Clement, Wake, Bronson, Halama, and who? Abe Alverez? Shit!!!


Ok - so now Schill's on the DL too.


This could get ugly. John Hallama is our #4 starter? Rock on.


did anyone see a wheel go by?


(BigBri's personal favorite)

I'm gonna put in my "Faith Rewarded" DVD in and leave in running until June. Then I'll tune back into NESN and see what's going on. Schilling could be throwing a no-hitter; Varitek could be throwing one. Anything and everything's possible.


There you have it PAWSOXPOP - World's Greatest Fans...

Fer cryin' out loud, BigBri has to be the loosest cannon in the Yankees fanbase. But his rants also show how MFY diehards are coming apart at the seams. So if it makes you feel better, keep blowin' smoke BigBri. I'll be busy watching the YES network's Yankees Hagiography about Billy Martin who said it best about the Boss and Reggie...

Bri, Bri, Bri,
You much have WAY too much time on your hands. Not only are you looking at standings from 1978, now you're pulling up comments posted in APRIL on the blog aimed at fans of a team you DON'T EVEN LIKE????
If Bernie Williams spent as much time taking fielding practice as you do reading Red Sox blogs, maybe the Yanks would have a few more wins.

NYSoxFan (the most VILE of fans) and PAWSOSPOP - I may be a loose cannon and I may have too much time on my hands, but I have told you all in the past that this blog - and others like it - will serve as an accurate record of all your foolishness. Although I hate the SAWX, I LOVE blogs like this that give you knuckleheads enough rope with which to hang yourselves.

The hubris I have witnessed here and elsewhere in RSN blog-land is unmatched anywhere on this planet. You guys are like a living, breathing Greek-friggin-tragedy and I'm happy to capture it all and play it back for you. Over and over again.

hey Bri, in the words of the Soxaholix, I got 200 million dollaz worth of rope for you right heah!!!

Phew, that's better. When I first checked in earlier today and saw comments like

Congrats to you guys for securing 1st place over the weekend. Not sure if you noticed, but my weekend did not go as well ;-).

my first thought was "Who are you, and what the hell have you with BigBri?"

Nice too see that things have returned to normal.

Whoops, that should read "DONE with BigBri" and "nice TO see." Damn opposable thumbs. :)

Hubris? Like, "Sox win, big deal! Yanks in 5." That kind of hubris? 'cause I saw sentiments similar to that all over the place once upon a time.

Jeez, BigBri, you were so nice there for a second and had one of our own being pretty nice back and then you get all defensive and whiny on our asses. I can't believe myself that you spend so much time here. Merely to raise our ire? Ahh, I'm sure there are Sox fans of a similar species on Yankee-oriented forums, but I guess I don't think much of their conduct either. God, what a weird choice. If it makes you happy, though.

I think the Sox will win the division, and probably the American League. I feel like I should be more scared of the White Sox, but the whole "experience" thing feels safely on the side of the other Sox. I'm much less sure about the World Series. I feel like they have a good chance should they make it that far but dread having a rematch of last year, as it will NOT be as easy, should that be the case. Do you call that hubris? You can remind me of these comments no matter the outcome.

NYSOXFAN (the most VILE of fans) - The 200 mil thing is played out. It's an argument that has never held water and it's a phrase SAWX fans turn to when they have nothing else to say. But if you WANT to make a point of salary, then you should ALSO compare the SAWX at 123.5 mil to some other teams in the league. Like....oh, I don't know...the INDIANS who will spend just 41 mil this year and kicked your ASS last night (nice assist by Trot by the way). Or the Nationals who have the same record as the SAWX but will spend way less than HALF (48 mil) of what the SAWX will spend. Yes, the Yankee payroll is obscene. But until they institute a salary cap, they can spend their money any way they want. I just love how SAWX fans jump on their soap box to bitch about Yankee spending, when you guys do the same thing. Maybe not to the same degree, but you still do it. So shut up about the payroll. It makes you look dumb. You are NOT 'Battling Evil for the Good of the Game'. Rather, you are spending as much as you can afford in order to win. Just like the Yankees.

Devine - I meant hubris as in 'Jeez, we haven't won in 86 years. We, as fans, have been tortured by a team that has found excruciatingly painful ways to lose during that time. We have been ONE STRIKE AWAY from winning a World Series in 1986. Now that we have won, let's not celebrate our victory. Let's instead attempt to pin the tag of BIGGEST CHOKE IN HISTORY on our rivals. Let's see if we can take this opportunity to piss on the Yankees and their fans as much as possible.'

The Yankees. The classiest team in all of sports. Mariano.Bernie.Jeter. Guys who stood in the dugout on opening day, watched that group of IDIOTS accept their rings while drunken SAWX fans hurled insults at them. They showed class and poise as they congratulated their rivals on a great victory. Those Yankees. You guys chose to piss all over THAT team. A team that spent the last 10 years or so kicking the ever loving shit out of you but never saw fit to rub it in. Just tipped their hat, accepted their rings and went about their business.

You had the chance to win graciously, but you are filled with hubris instead. I'm not here to 'raise your ire'. I'm here to set the record straight and point out all the hypocrisy that is so rampant throughout RedSAWX nation. You guys make it easy for me. This stuff practically writes itself...

"Never chose to rub it in?" You must be joking. "1918!" Remember? This rivalry goes both ways, no matter how obsessed you think one side is. I mean, YOU'RE HERE after all, right?

Yeah, the classy Yankees and their classy fans who boo umpiring crews for making the right calls and throw batteries on the field when those calls go against them. The class thing is a dead issue as far as I'm concerned. Maybe your history is filled with respectable figures (and many of them were jerks, even so) with a winning tradition and shit, but your present doesn't look quite so classy. Mercenary and of-the-moment, with no vision for the long term. If the Yankees don't win in the next couple years, the team is screwed as they age and have no home-grown material to work with. If the Red Sox don't win this year, I go, "They're good enough to compete next year." If the Yankees do win in the next couple years, the chance at a dynasty will be a long shot for the same reasons as above. If the Red Sox win in the next couple years, I go, "And look what we have waiting in the wings!"

But I guess I'm just being baited when I talk with you, BigBri. Either you're refusing to acknowledge another person's point of view, you're ignoring facts, or worse, you're just trying to be a nuisance. Which is it in this case?

Hypocrisy-shmypocrisy: look at any Yankee board and you'll find conduct to mirror just about anything you see on the other side. There are idiots and smart people on both sides (as in everything) and to say one of those sides is being more hypocritical or classless than the other is to ignore human nature. So don't try to say you have something to say to "the other side".

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