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Spell it: O-R-T-I-Z

Talk about an appoggiatura, hello 9th inning bunt single!


Absolutely. What a friggin melodic bottom of the 9th … Renteria's unexpected, dissonant embellishment with the bunt followed by the cymbal and timpani crash of Big Papi's walkoff.


Music to my mofo ears, well, except for Foulke playing out of tune.


Dude, I'm not ready to sing Foulke's praises on this one. Look when Palmeiro came to the plate, Foulke had recorded 2 outs against 4 baserunnahs with one of the two outs being a sacrifice and the other coming against the corpse of Sal Fasano.


Half-empty, half-full … But one thing I think we both can agree on: It's time to face the music and admit the Baltimore Orioles are "for real."


I refuse to accept that. The Orioles are the beneficiaries of favorable circumstances thus fah and are about as real as Tara Reid's modified breast lift.



I wish I could rock the white cap and white shirt like Papi did in the post-game yesterday.

He mentioned the Ryan only throws 92, but his delivery is what is problematic for many.

28k and the complete Encyclopedia Britannica set for winning a national spelling bee...not bad at all...

I wish I was motivated when I was 13.

I could been somebody...I could have had class...instead of a bum, which is what I am, let's face it.

Foulke's outing was, in the context of his recent struggles, discouraging. If he hadn't been so shaky this year, his outing is only a blip. One good series is what he needs, what we all need.

Raffy Palmeiro out ran the double-play!?!?! (Possible VIAGRA joke--anyone?)

Tara Reid = Skank. The rest of that plastic surgery website is kind of heartbreaking actually.

I've said it before, I'll say it again: the O's are the 2001 Mariners of 2005, and Brian Roberts is the 2001 Bret Boone. We'll see how they do in the postseason (if they get there) and into next year before one can say they are indeed "for real".

And to make things even sweetah:



By the worst team in baseball.

Mmmm, smell that schadenfreude.

Baltimore plays out of their mind and are only 3 games up. Sox and Yanks play so-so and are still well in it.

Once the Kurt Warner-esque deal Bruce Chen made with the devil wears off, we'll see what happens.

That being said, holy moly Tejada scares me.

Also, doesn't Ryan look like the "That a hemi?" guy from those commercials or is it me?

Just think, if Tejada had hit the market one year later, he might very well be in Boston. How would a Damon-Trot-Ortiz-Tejada-Manny-Varitek 1 though 6 look?

Appogiatura indeed! You know how that kid got into the finals of the Spelling Bee? He had to spell his own name...Anurag Kashyap!
How much better could yesterday be? Papi (adios pelota) and the NY papers crucifying the Yanks today.
I'm psyched to be at this Sunday's game and see Miller pitch. My GF got these two tix for my B'day (she's a keeper!). She let the cat outta the bag and I think my B'day will be on the Jumbotron at some point....nice touch Imagine her surprise when, in the middle of the 4th, my proposal is up the the board as well. I mean, she can't say no in front of 35,000, can she....CAN SHE?

"...my proposal is up the the board as well"


Legally, she can not decline...Commonwealth of Mass statute, you know...someone should informe her.

Which is why I proposed to my wife in Newburyport...to do so in NY would have entailed more risk and humiliation for myself.

Happy, happy and good luck.

Aaron, nice schadenfreude reference. Being half German, half Irish, I'm genetically prone to relish that feeling of pleasure at the misfortune of others. That, and to drink far too many beers. If Fenway served black and tans with Guinness and Ritterbrau, I'd live on a cot in the space behind the Monster. On a completely different note, did anyone else think that today's Herald was poking fun at Papi about his use (overuse?) of cologne?

"....nice touch Imagine her surprise when, in the middle of the 4th, my proposal is up the the board as well"

please don't do that... you'll cause thousands of single/pressured men to break out in a cold sweat at the one place where they should be free....

Thanks SS67, for the legal update!
When she gave me the tix, she said I could bring one of my buddies, if I preferred. That's when I knew she was the one. Besides, a buddy and I are doing a road trip to Bawlimore, the see
Sox-Whoreioles on July 10, last game before the AS break.

Fustilug, Schadenfreude, Appogiatura. Who knew a blog could be so edifying and didactic.

wait ...hold up...fenway doesnt serve Guiness? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Gary - Happy Birthday & good luck to you on Sunday. She is an absolute keeper to think not just of you on your b-day, but of your buddy too! I'll be watching in Cali & thinking good thought for you & she & the lovely Sox of course.

Now Ric - When you see a proposal go up on the board, you shouldn't be sweating, you should be checking out your date's reaction, & counting your blessings that she isn't pulling a reverse proposal on you & making YOU answer that forever question. Some chicks are seriously against ballgame proposals & some are giddy over them. I think you should just relax, offer a toast of congrats to the happy couple & watch you girl's eyes. They'll be a gauge to how much longer you have til she wants a ring, & as to how many more game you'll be bringing her too!

Hope that helps...

"...especially if their team was the defending champions. But these are Red Sox fans, sons and daughters of a Calvinist tradition, folks who long ago adopted a certain abject expectation of failure in the most painful of ways despite all evidence to the contrary."

Please see the rest of my drivel at the homepage link, won't you?

Wow. That Borges article is...interesting.

I prefer to read the Hartford Courant's assessment of the Yankees sweep: "These Yankees (27-26) have lost five in a row. After starting 11-19, they won 16 of 18, but played this week as if their two one-sided losses to the Red Sox Saturday and Sunday have shattered their spirit. " Probably equally far-fetched, but doesn't make me want to beat things with a hammer the way Borges' article does.

Hey, GaryGeiger- tell me what will produce the better wood- you're girlfriend/fiance saying "yes" in the middle of the fourth or the scoreboard flashing up the MFYs going down for their eight straight? I thought so.

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