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Roger's Rubbah, Dewey's Dew Grass

For the second night in a row, we saw the Red Sox team we've been hoping to see …

Now that Michael Jackson has been acquitted, he can get down to the business of finding the real perp.


Christ, despite being a diehahd Sox fan, I realize I'm a total lightweight compared to those Jacko fans who've been encamped for the past 4 and a half months at the trial.


No kidding. As much as I worship Manny Ramirez, there's no way I'm quitting my job to form a prayah circle with some other bozos outside the court house should Manny evah find himself a defendant in a criminal trial. Sorry, Manny …


Yeah, Manny was getting close to be arrested for impersonating a Major League ballplayah the past couple of weeks … glad to see him getting back in his groove these last few games.


So it's the "Fisk Pole" now. I understand the gesture and don't want to anyway besmirch the legacy of the great Cahlton, but it just doesn't feel quite right, you know?


Absolutely. It's kinda like how you can't make up your own nickname … stuff like that just has to seed, root, and grow on its own you just can't wave an unctuous corporate wand and declare it so.


Yep. Pesky's Pole is Pesky's Pole because that's what everyone's been calling it since like forever. There was no "formal dedication."


The other thing that bugs me, and seems to not sit well with Fisk himself either, is that while the Sox won Game 6 in '75 they lost Game 7 and the World Series along with it.


Right. Do we really want to continue overly dramatizing and hyping the "we are number 2!" psychosis after winning it all last yeah?


Ah, well, we should feel fortunate, I guess, that this is really all we have to bitch about.


The Sox are 18-9 at home and have played the most road games of any team yet are within 3 of first? As Millar says, "It's June, and we're right there. You're starting to see this team come together."



"The Sox got back into their comfort zone between the Fisk and Pesky poles..."

Don't think that line is ever going to set right with me.

The name "Fisk Pole" sounds totally forced, where I'd prefer the more informal "Pudge's Pole."
I'm concerned it could launch a trend of having to christen every single quirk at the ball park.
The Yaz scoreboard. The Lynn padding in center field. Damon's triangle, Trot's turf in right. etc. etc.
I suppose we should count our blessings they named it after a player and not some company willing to put up the most $$$$.
"Schilling has toed the Bob's Discount Footware Rubber(trademark) and another game is underway at lovely Fenway Park."

Hey, what's up with the wrist brace Ortiz is sporting?

'Fisk pole'? Really forced. No one ever thought to rename the Green Monster all those years that Yaz worked his magic on it. Jeez, if we could move Damon over to left, I think the 'Michelle Mangan pole' has a better ring to it.

They should have sold the naming
rights. I vote for the Law offices of James
Sokelove 1-800-hurtatwork Fisk Flagpole!!

How about the Foxy Lady Foul Pole? During the seventh inning stretch, Foxy Lady "dancers" could do their thing on the pole from the Monster Seats.

It reminds me of how they tried to put ads on the bases for Spiderman 2. I mean, not to sound like one of these sepia-toned baseball purists who think it abjectly fitting that the theme from "the Natural" plays at Yankee Stadium for every homer, but there are some things in baseball you just shouldn't mess with. Like putting ads on the Green Monstah.

Sox have won three of the last five games and we get to see if Wells keeps it up as http://lovesox.blogspot.com>Fatman Begins.

"This obstructed view seat brought to you by your friends at Quincy Steel & Welding Co., Inc."

How about Clement last night? That is what I'm talkin about. Granted it was vs that "powerhouse" from Cincy, but I'll take 'em where I can get 'em.

Nice Jack- guess I'll be seeing you at the OB Grille sometime. I'll be the guy wearing the Dave Roberts jersey.

I think we missed one here, should it not have been the obstructed view seats brought to you by Lasiks, laser eye surgery.

Yeah, being called Fisk's Pole is forced, but you had to love Fisky tossing out the first ball to Luis Tiant. I got all emotional and shit.

This is a tricky one. For those of us long enough in the tooth to remember staying up waaaay past our bedtimes to see the original Pudge (although Rodriquez is a worthy namesake)hit that magical homer off that pole, it seems fitting, but I agree with earlier comments: "Pudge's pole' definitely has more of a ring to it.

Don't pin this on Carlton, I am sure he did not ask for this honor/burden....not his style.

I am also more partial to calling it 'Fatman Returns' if Sir Fustilug is his old self tonight.

A tax audit doesnt work on someone who is not a resident of the state they are audited in, good try though.

Get ready for a major slump for Johnny Damon, it seems the great Bambino has heard of his doings, and has placed a hex on him, batting under .200 for the rest of the season. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

In response to the reference inferred here, I would like to set the record streight, Michelle Damon was never a stripper. I have met her briefly and she is an amazing lady.


OK michelle

never a stripper. high priced call girl yes. stripper, no.

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