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Yeah, well, pardon my stoicism, but the Reds and Pirates, uh, let's see, what's the word I'm looking for, oh right -- they suck.


Jeez, you're a real Mr. Brightside this morning? You don't feel that things are really stahting to gel for the Sox just now?


Feel? Gel? Dude, I'm a scientist not a guest on Oprah. Look at the numbers fercrissakes. According to the statistical models they're crunching at BP, the Orioles have a 70% lock on winning the division and the Red Sox only a measly 38% chance of even making the playoffs.


The same numbahs show the Yankees as having only a 20% chance of making the postseason … Why do I get the sense that the real Yankees are going to take a different path than the probabilistic ones? Same goes for the Red Sox.


I hope you're right. This series with 9 straight wins Cleveland is a good time to protect the "we are the champions" branding.


No kidding, Cleveland's hottah than a Paris Hilton video at the moment.



Does anyone other than me think that Tek's blocking of the plate this weekend with his leg was rather foolish? I seem to remember Fisk blowing out his knee doing somewhat the same thing many years ago. I would concede the run rather than concede Tek for the season.

Varitek will NEVER do anything put play 100% at all times. I was in the first row by the on-deck circle a few years ago when he dove for that foul ball and screwed up his arm/elbow. My buddy I was with said it was the most stupid thing he'd ever seen (the Sox were up by a ton of runs), but I just said, "Tek is Tek - that's the way he's always going to play, take it or leave it."

I'll take it.

I'll take a 5-1 homestand, although with the pitching we got it should have been 6-0. But I don't think the numberscrunchers take into account things like injuries (Schilling's coming back) and schedules (the Orioles just got done playing the ROCKIES, for crying out loud).

Spent a happy father's day watching the Pawsox DEMOLISH the Clippers, 11-6. Lenny DiNardo pitched really well and Roberto Petagine CRUSHED the ball every time he came up. Kelly Shopach even got on track with his 13th homer of the season. Lots of glum Spankee fans leaving after Pawsox broke it open. So Happy Father's Day to all you other Pawsox Pops out there!

Here's hoping Boomer can throw back a few cold ones tonight after he douses Cleveland's win streak.

Hopefully the Yankees and Orioles can beat each other up good at the end of the month, and then we can take advantage of it in July when we face the O's.

Paris Hilton is hidjus. I can't stand that skanky skeez. I thinks she is a rapper, though, because I saw a video of her rockin' the mic (deeeeeaaaaammmmmnnnnn).

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