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No cold feet in Boston

So last night when Embree came in the 6th with the bases loaded and no outs, my face went totally Jennifer Willbanks.


Yeah, seeing Embree walk into that situation can only make you empathize with the the bug-eyed bride not to be: A choice between suicide and running away, a bottle of pills or a bus ticket.


But in just 6 pitches Embree strikes out pinch hitter José Hernández gets Jhonny Peralta to ground into a double play and it's all, whoa, I can take the fucking blanket off my head now.


Without a doubt, we've just witnessed the most promising swatch of games the Sox have played in 2005


As his ex-wife says, "The Sox hiring Eric is like the police hiring a psychic to find a missing body.""


The stats guys are becoming so important they should start putting them on baseball cards and shit.


No kidding, kids in the math club would be all, "I'll trade you a Voros McCracken and Gary Huckabay for your Eric Van."


You gotta wondah though how long before ol King George realizes he's getting outwitted and stahts to buy up all the stats talent.


I can see the message board posts now: "How did the Red Sox let Eric Van go to the Yankees?" and "These stats guys have no loyalty, it's all about the benjamins."



Looks like everyone got well last night. Great stuff. Stacking up close wins, especially against a team that was red-hot, build confidence. I say this having the opportunity to see the White Sox play. I think they're something like 20-10 in one-run games and now, no matter what the score is, they walk out on the field at the end of the game figuring on winning. That's where the Red Sox are headed if they keep this up.

Now: am I the only person sick of using the word "plated" for "scored"? It sounds so affectedly 19th Century to me.

I've seen Eric Van at Mission of Burma concerts in the New England area and the best way to describe him is John Nash ("A Beautiful Mind") mixed with rock and roll and the Sawx. Plus he looks likes Steve Albini's healthier brother.

So Eric, if you are reading this, since you're on the payroll, howzabout getting Burma to do a post-game gig? Can ya pull some weight there?

I'm with ya, Ron. I think it's a side effect of having written so many game recaps that your mind naturally looks for some other way to describe the act of scoring runs.

Last night was some classic baseball. Nice to see nobody had anything bad to say about Renteria this morning. And Olerud's been clutch lately. I'm still waiting for the pro shop to stock Olerud's helmet, though.

My daddy always told me math would be cool someday. Now if only the club's HR rep would return my calls...

Eric Van is a very interesting writer; as anyone who's hung out on SoSH over the past few years, or the alt.baseball-redsox board about 5 years ago can attest to; he tends to be overly optimistic in his projections, but you always learn a lot from reading him. He's also a very strange, very condescending and arrogant piece of work, which is guess is to be expected from a genius IQ. I suspect his role with the Sox is probably very well structured to best utilize his talents; Theo has a whole staff of very smart, energetic young guys who probably know how to direct him in the most productive ways, how to rein him in when necessary, and how to interpret what he does. Steinbrenner has none of that in his organization, so a genius PhD would be wasted in the Bronx. Plus he's is a diehard Sox fan who apparently 'retired' comfortably from the family business...I doubt Steinbrenner would be able to 'buy' a guy like that. They don't speak the same language.

Speaking of stats...Eric Van's 143 IQ places him in the "highly gifted" category, not genius. Lay that on him the next time he's "condescending and arrogant."

All the math geniuses in New York are on Wall Street making more money than even George can pay, so I think we're safe there.

Here's a fun number: one game behind the Orioles, who have to face Halliday tonight. Things are looking up, as long as the Phillies don't have any of that NL Kryptonite that in the past has disabled our superheroes.

Another fun stat: the Tampa Bay Devil Rays have won three games at Yankee Stadium this year, and four other road games. So 42.9 percent of their total road wins have come in the Bronx.

The intended husband of Jennifer Willbanks is the luckiest son of a bitch in the world to have that owl eyed dizzy bitch vanish from his life.

Amen, Voodoo Vern. When I look at that bug-eyed train wreck, I have those Glenn Close, bunny boiler flashbacks.......

AJM, I wasn't going to say anything negative about Eric Van since us Soxfans are one big happy family (ahem) but, yeh, with that "highly gifted" IQ comes the 'tude. I'll just wish him good luck in his job with the Sawx.


I was actually for nice things to be said. He drove in, I mean, "plated" the winning run. Somehow the BDD seem to have skipped over calling him a hero or even throwing a little praise his way. Because 2-5 with a double and a homer? That's a good game.

I actually didn't mean to slam EV; there are a lot of egotistical folks out there who have far less reason to be so than he does. For all I know in person he's warm, ingratiating and humble, but his on-line persona can be abrasive, and the Globe story certainly brought out some of that.

And of much greater and immediate concern,how 'bout them Sox! Sweeping a previously hot Tribe on the road is quite significant, particularly in the way they rallied in the late innings. Very encouraging to see the bullpen hold on for this one...really hope that's a trend. If it is, we're really going to like the second half.

Oh, and the Yankees going 7-3 and losing two games in the standings to the Sox? Excellent.

It's great that the starting pitching is finally picking up steam, and despite Manny's slump, they're right back at the top of the majors in runs scored again. However, something must be done about that bullpen. Last night notwithstanding, there's no fewer than four guys in the pen whose appearance causes involuntary cringing (Foulke, Embree, Mantei, and Halama.) And the schedule isn't getting any easier the next few weeks: Philly, home against Cleveland and Toronto, then at Texas and four games in Baltimore. We need more than one dependable bullpen guy.

Of course, the bright side is that, after wrapping up with Tampa tonight, the Yanks play their next 45 games against teams that currently have winning records.

MFO's and MFY's lost tonight (both losing 3 out of their 4 game series). Sox are half a game (0.5) out of first place. Life can be good sometimes.... What do I need to do to hope for the Sox to sweep the Series against Philly?

Off topic, but D-Train is awesome. Guy just pitched his 3RD! CG shutout of the season. If he dosen't start the ASG something is very wrong.
I understand Rogah has the (by far) best ERA but, come on. Dontrelle Willis has to be considered in the conversation about the best pitchers in the game (along with Peavey). How I wish the fish and the pads were out of the running so we could make a run at one of those guys.

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