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Much such a sound as a watch makes when enveloped in cotton

Wade Miller pitches a gem and the Red Sox beat the Orioles 5 to 1 …

Blah blah blah Deep Throat whah whah whah Watergate yappity yappity yap Woodward and Bernstein … Ah, hello? Who gives a shit?


Yeah, I mean what do you have to be a Viagra popping geezer to give a rat's ass about something that long ago? And they say Red Sox fans like to live in the past?


If the news is going to be talking about Nixon they bettah mean Trot effin' Nixon … Know what I'm sayin'?


And if we're going to talk about coverups, let's talk about how Wade Miller had the Orioles hitters guessing.


We're going to need more of that from the stahtahs to take out the Orioles and the Curse of the Edgah Allen Poe.


No kidding, I want Baltimore smothered like that old bastid in the Tell Tale Heart.


Yeah, but let's make sure they are put away for good. I don't want to hear that "low, dull, quick, sound" of the still beating haht beneath the AL East floorboards come Septembah.



Boy, when Wade came a-bouncing and a-fist pumping off the mound in the seventh after that inning ending K, I got goosebumps. Granted that early in the game he wasn't spot-on, his stuff went nasty after about the third. Timlin then continues his dominance, hell, even Myers looked pretty effin-good.

Wake today, Clement tomorrow- let's keep it goin' boys! (Feel better, Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer!)

I'm pretty sure the fans willed Myers to get those last two guys out lest Danzig ring over the loudspeakers.

Today's focus on the positive: Sox win 3 out of last 4 against AL East rivals, and the Yanks lose to the Royals last night.

Today's focus on the negative: Palpatine may be called in to fix Schilling's ankle at the rate this is going. Damon's 8% less pretty after head butting wall. Millar's three days away from pulling a Tonya Harding to Olerud's Nancy Kerrigan.

Let's hope the starters can quote the Raven "Nevermore!" about Monday's preformance.

Which brings me to another question: What is it with these bird teams in the AL East? The freakin' Bluejays and Orioles! Now if Baltimore were the Ravens..that would be intimidating.

h.b., you magnificient bastihd. The longer I read, the more impressed I am.

Millar didn't look half-bad in left, from what I saw. Of course, I wasn't paying complete attention, either, since I had baking to do. My wife did call me in to see the TiVo-replay of some of his plays. Not that having him there instead of Manny is the way to go. Just that flexibility is nice.

Thanks, HB…reminded me that The Cask of Amontillado is my favorite work of Poe.

THE thousand injuries of the Orioles the Sox had borne as they best could, but when the O’s ventured upon insult, Boston vowed revenge.


"Yes," Wade said, "for the love of God!"

I hope the Shitty Ponson shows up tonight. Perhaps someone can impersonate a Constable of Aruba and drop a warrant on his fat ass.

Rick Sutcliff on ESPN was talking all kinds of shit about how Miller was wearing down, etc. from the 3rd inning on. Then, after he shut down the Orioles through 7, he shouted his praises. Friggin Sut.

I'm the bad guy: play Olerud and let KF Millar sit it out until Papa Jack says he can hit again. Let the cursing begin.

//Millar didn't look half-bad in left, from what I saw.//

That's because exactly one ball was hit to him out there. Thank god.

Miller's fastball was pretty good, but it looked to me like the O's were most confused on his offspeed stuff. Seems like later in the game he started using his fastball more to set up his other pitches, and that's how he stayed effective.

My previously stahlwaht defense of Millah is stahting to crumble...OBP has dropped 50+ points in May....he's drawn 2 walks and produced 2 extra-base hits in the last 10 games...feh.


"Give me the fucking keys, you fucking cocksucking motherfucker..."

--One of the lesser Baldwins in The Usual Suspects

I'm with Da Kine. Until Millar gets his 2nd half groove on, I think Olerud should be the regular 1B. That dude doesn't hit much, but he does have a knack for hitting when it counts.

Nice hat tip to Fluto, I used to write alongside him in my salad days at BU.

"salad days at BU"?

Jeez, we should do a roll call around this place...

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