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Hey, at least it wasn't a shutout

The Red Sox return to St. Louis for the first time since it happened and promptly get crushed 7-1 …

Someone at SoSH summed up last night's game perfectly: " We got 4-hit by Dr. Richard Kimball and his fake beard."


Heh. Yeah and the Sox were like a guy with one arm at the plate.


But, you know, no biggie. This was just another game in the season, right?


Fuck yeah it is. And these guys may be only 17 and 18 against clubs with winning records, but, holy shit, the Sox remain the only team in the American League that has not been shut out. You can take that shit to the bank.


Absolutely. Nobody but nobody shuts out the mofo World Champs, I tell you what.



and as bad as our troubles are, the implosion in the bronx sure is fun to watch, no?

wow - Bra-VO, H.B. I think that probably wins the esoteric reference of the year award.

Am I the only one thinking that, in part, Wake's recent struggles are a result to Mirabelli being out?

Seriously- reports last week had 'Belli healthy and ready to go on Fri., but they were going to "wait until Monday" to activate him specifically so he could catch Wake. You've gotta figure that not having confidence in your catcher (Tek 3 PB's last night) has got to affect his pitching, even if his knuckler has been flat as a board on occasion recently.

//even if his knuckler has been flat as a board on occasion recently.//

His last outing before this one it was flat. This time it was dancing like heck, but since 'Tek was catching it was a problem. I'll call it improvement. Hopefully when Dougie gets back we'll have the movement AND catching ability.

I think it is great that we are keeping a sense of humor, considering how poorly the Sox are playing. No chemistry, no spark, poor managing, poor subs, Wake is done. Bad starts leading to a burned-out bullpen...Manny playing like he doesn't care, Bellhorn whiffing at air, Orlando Cabrera with more charisma and personality in his pinky nail than 10 Rent-a-wrecks. Renteria is Mr zombie DP. Pedro should never have left and without a big shake-up next month this team is destined to a full year of mediocrity and probably no play offs.

Dog Star: While my glass is half-full, your glass seems to have spilled all over the floor and you're crying about it. Not that one can't complain, naturally, but there's complaining and then there's

Neither Renteria nor Cabrera are playing all that well offensively.

Renteria .317 OBP .385 SLG
Cabrera .300 OBP .347 SLG

Renteria hits 53% groundballs, 8 points higher than Cabrera, and yeah, that results in twice as many GIDP.

The rest of your blathering is just blather. "Rent-a-Wrecks"? Seriously? That's it?

"without a big shake-up next month this team is destined to a full year of mediocrity and probably no play offs."

Dog Star, dude! Have you forgotten last year? Sox flat as shit, everyone calling Tito 'Francoma'. What did it take? Tek getting up in A-Fraud's shit.

After last year, I thought that the 'glass-half-empty' vibe would be a thing of the past. Hell, let's face it, if you are younger than 86, you had to think a little 'glass-half-full' in you or you had a heart attack, stroke or you offed yourself.

Let me help out all of you 'glass-half-empty' folks: Schill is in AZ soaking up rays and getting massaged twice a day in hopes of rejoining the starting rotation sometime this year. Clement has not turned out to be the head-case everyone predicted. Wade is respectable. Wake is being caught by Tek ('nuff said')! Manny is off in Manny-land and Mueller & K-horn can't buy hits. But....THE SOX ARE ONLY 4 GAMES OUT, 5 GAMES OVER .500, ABOUT 1 MONTH BEFORE THE ALL-STAR BREAK.

My friends; perspective!

"Pedro should never have left."

I've been waiting for this. There's no question that Pedro is going to be an effective pitcher this year. And probably next year. The question was, do the Sox tie up the kind of money he was asking for 4 years, when in the last two and certainly the last one he wouldn't have been worth it? The Sox said "No", and I agree.

Hi Ryan,

I appreciate your stats, and it is the stats that a lot of defenders will gladly show as evidence that Rent is no worse than OC. And granted, the Sox have had some bad luck with Schills injury as well as the poorly planned schedule this season. But I am talking about the intangibles- vibe, karma, humor, personality, energy, confidence. Not to mention fielding and batting. Certainly it was these same stats that convinced Theo to go for this pet trade of his. But it isn't panning out. And what was he thinking on getting cheap with the pitching? We have gone thru a 3rd of a season, no more "the season is young", and the Sox are off last year's moribund pace at this time of year. Rent has had one minor hot streak, nothing more. OK, I am no fly on the wall. I do not know what ails the Sox beyond what I see on the field, or read on the Net. True there is a lot of season ahead. But something is out of sync don't you agree? Look at the Yanks' record- that is some serious talent there. Flat. The O's and Nats?- less money, less talent on paper- but a whole lot of guts, belief in each other, and chemistry. Something the August-October ´04 Sox had in spades. Baseball is not all about stats and "wait till later". The here and now is important too.

"Pedro should have never left"

I completely agree with Ron here. I was saying this near the end of the talks- three years, welcome back Petey. Four years- you can have him. Of course he's going to thrive in the NL-0 bunch of guys who have never or rarely see him, and he's got 1-2 less batters to worry about in any given lineup. I wish him all the luck in the world, but something tells me that we're going to see him go down with a serious arm injury within the next 2.5 years.

Sidenote- anyone know anything about the 6'-6" 210 lb. righty Craig Hansen we just picked up in the draft? Just the size alone is encouraging...

Got it-

2004- 13 ER on 33 hits in 40.1 IP.
2.90 ERA.
Second in Big East in saves with 10 (21st overall in D1 ball).
Led big east in appearances (31)

Not bad- watch your back Foulkie!

Also, 1st pick Jacoby Ellsbury sounds like a JD clone.

6'-1" 185 lb L/L CF
Named Pac-10's fastest runner, best defensive outfielder by Baseball America Mag.
3rd team pre-seaason all american, 23rd best Junior in the nation
Named Cape Cod League's 17th-best pro prospect by Baseball America after batting .245, 1 homer, 3 triples, 2 doubles, 7 RBIs, 12-for-15 stolen bases

I love having six picks in the first 57- Thanks Petey, D-Lowe.

Dog Star: To my recollection, prior to the brawl with a-rod last year the Sox were a team in search of an identity. There's still a great deal of personality, energy, talent, charisma, etc. in the lineup, and looking at where the Sox are and the struggles they've had this season, it's evident. If the chemistry and willingness to work hard to win wasn't there, I can't imagine that the Sox would be where they are given lack of offensive performance, fielding and the injuries to the starting rotation.

Hey Dogstar, here are some stats for you. Doublecheck my addition because I wasn't a math major, and doublecheck my research because I may have counted wrong, but I just went to the O's Web site and Sox Website. Looks like the O's played 12 home games in April, 19 in May and 0 in June so far. The Sox meanwhile, played 8 home games in April, 11 in May and 5 in June. That adds up to 31 home games for the Orioles so far, and 24 for the Sox. By the end of the year that will even out to 82 home games each. So I think it's a safe bet to say the Sox have an excellent chance of catching the Orioles from here to the end of the year. Not that they don't have to start playing better, but it's amazing what home cooking can do. So sit back, relax and keep your Sox on.

Excuse me, I meant 81 home games each.

Wakey will be fine once 'Belli comes back...assuming that Carson from Queer Eye doesn't take him away from us...You can see Wake's reticence to have the knuckler drop low in the zone w/ Tek behind the plate, afraid of the inevitable WP/PB (as we saw last nite). The result is a lot of hanging knucklers that led to some solid liners by the Cards last night. That said, without the 6 extra bases allowed by Tek (3 PBs, 3 steals) this game would have been a LOT closer...

Hi Kiki And PawSoxPop,

Ok I am going to take the high road and try to keep a Sox smile going...and ignore yet anotha stinkaaa! :( The home games later in the season will certainly help, as well as the return of Doug and Schill....But what are the odds that this team can pull an ´04 again? Ok call me a party pooper but I am sceptical. Everyone on the Cards' side is saying how great it is to beat the Sox finally...Well guess what, this ain't your ole Sox team ain't it! I say: Trade Bells and bring Walker back! And just imagine if O came back again.....I mean, I wish Shea was still playing here! Anyway...Wishful thinking. Go Sox!

I believe we're also the only team to not go to extra innnings in a game yet this season.

The streak continues on. Let's beat these guys at least one out of three!

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