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Getting Manhandled

The Red Sox are taken to school once again by St. Louis in a game that was never close …

Well, we're lucky the play the World Series in Octobah, because the Red Sox get the piss taken out of them facing NL teams in summah.


I flippin hate Interleague play unless it's in Octobah.


Interleague play is a rats' alley, where the dead men lose their bones …


And where the Red Sox lose their ability to pitch … Clement, Mantei and Embree last night? Fugly.


A total fugfest. Left me in no mood to watch the Queeah Eye makeovahs, but I Tivo'd it … I'll save the pleasure of seeing the waist up naked and prone V-Tek for when I'm in more happy place emotionally.


Yeah, these last two games with St. Louis have satiated any latent need I have to see the Red Sox manhandled and body waxed.


At least the draft picks seem promising. This Jacoby Ellsbury may turn out to be the next Johnny Damon.


I loved this incongruous flair from his bio: "favorite food is Navajo fry bread, favorite restaurant is Olive Garden"


You know with our national preoccupation with theme restaurants that commodify traditional cultures, I'm surprised nobody's come out with a national chain of Navajo Joe's or something.


Absolutely. The restaurants could be shaped like big teepees and they could feature an "all the Navajo fry bread you can eat" lure to suburban pale faces and their brood.


The tag line could be "Navajo Joe's: Come in, we're all family … except when you're forcing us off our sacred lands and giving us small pox and syphillus and shit, then, well, not so fucking much …"



Forget JD's restaurants. Let's talk about how bitter the self-proclaimed World's Best Baseball Fans have become. There's a glee over these last 2 wins that we usually only see from Spanks fans. They've somehow become self-righteous and bitter at the same time - an impressive combination.

Let's talk about happier things. Like how my wife asked me what I wanted for Fathers' Day and I told here, "Plane tickets to Boston so we can go see the Sox play the Yankees after the All-Star break." We already have the game tickets, as my daughter put everyone's names in the lottery at the beginning of the year and my wife's name hit. So we're going to fly out, and we're going to invite my brother-in-law from N.J. who's a turncoat MFY fan. It'll be fun to watch him watch the Spankees get spanked.

Who would have thought that our beloved Sox are closet 'ornithophobics' rather than 'homophobics' and that thier kryptonite would be Cardinalis cardinalis, Cyanocitta cristata and Icterus galbula.

Tek, Millar, Belli, Wake and JD all were pretty cool with the Fab 5, especially the grooming-guy who butched in up a little for the boys.

I did learn one thing: As painful as the past 2 nights have been, it doesn't even come close to how painful it appears to having your neck and back waxed. Tek and Wake are tough, but evidently no match for that type of torture.

Best strip this season. Kudos. I spit my coffee all over my keyboard.

I can scarcely believe how this team has layed down in the past two games. I'm hoping for a good performance from Wells today but would not bet one thin dime on it.

I'm so sick of dennis and callahan
talking about queer eye that I've
permanently switched back to Howard,
which BTW is pretty good this week
because artie keeps calling in sick...

kudos to the dirt dog for featuring
a mug shot of one of our draft picks!!

Speaking of the Lumberton High pick (the guy in the mug shot) whenever I see or hear the word Lumberton I'm reminded of Twin Peaks and that bit from the local radion station on the show where there'd be a chain saw sound and then the sound of a falling tree and then the announcer saying, "When you hear the tree fall you know it's the top of hour..." or something. Cracks me up.

Also I remember stopping to piss once in Lumberton Texas during some crazy cross country road trip and thinking what the fuck do people do in Lumberton? And also getting kind of creeped out too since that is an area of the country (East Texas) infamous for still being pretty much old school racist, like they still lynch people there. Definitely not the kind of place you want to spend too long driving a car with Mass plates.

It's bad enough to experience some of E. Texas, h.b. (I have as well), but there is a great movie called "Paris, Texas" that really shows the bleak aspect of that area, plus it has a great soundtrack by Ry Cooder. Not to mention Nastassia (sic) Kinski......

Yep, I've seen the film Paris, Texas.

There's also this one, Dancer, Texas Pop 81 though this one (and I'm pretty sure Paris, TX, too) are set in more west in Texas and not the so called "Piney Woods" area of East Texas.

For any of you who haven't been in that area, it's just across the border from Louisianna and has similar flora/fauna and look/feel.

Though some people really love it there, as suggested by the Lucinda Williams songs that are set there, in particular the tune "Lake Charles" about a guy born Nagadoches in East Texas but who always told people he was from Lake Charles across the border in LA because that "was where he felt at home."

It's funny how regional things can be. I mean to New Englanders we'd probably think there isn't much difference between Nagadoches, Lake Charles, Beaumont, etc. but to the people who are from there, the places are vastly different.

Similarly, I imagine people visiting New England as tourists wouldn't pick up on the differences between Vermont, NH, MA, and Maine, the way locals and natives would.

I didn't watch the whole episode of the new season of QEFTSG but I did watch the whole marathon of Blow Out plus the new episode. I thought this show sucked last season but man was I wrong. Most of the women in the show are hotties and it is so funny watching people get frustrated by hair! Well here's a toast to Mr. Jonathan Antin and his whole crew for a new season and let's hope that tonite Mr. Donut has some stuff on the ball so that we can save face!!

Wells made 94 pitches, 74 for strikes. He went to three balls on just one batter.

Thank you.

Before it was Wells.
Now it's Boomer.


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