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Absurdly, Orioles still in first place

The Red Sox lose more ground on the first place Orioles …

Jeez, what is up with Tim Wakefield? Four straight losses now?


Pretty typical Wake, though, he's had a couple of these rough patches every season he's been with the club.


Probably doesn't help, that's for sure. Sorta like it doesn't help the offense has gone 4 straight without a homah for the first time since August last yeah.


All I know is every day I have to endure seeing the Orioles in first place is torture … it's like being in a frickin' gulag.


Hello Amnesty International? Get your sorry asses ovah heah and feel our motherfucking Red Sox fan pain.



h.b - you guys win 1 WS in 86 years and suddenly 1st place is rightfully yours??? Give me a break! I heard some of the Orioles are wearing shirts that say 'Why Not Us?'. Maybe it's just their year, SAWX fans.

And before you all hammer me with requests to 'check the standings', I'm well aware of how my beloved Yankees are performing in KC. Now THAT's painiful!

"you guys win 1 WS in 86 years and suddenly 1st place is rightfully yours"

That's an interesting yet unintended conclusion to draw, I think. Hating seeing the Orioles in first does not imply the Red Sox don't have to earn 1st like any other club.


Actually, the Red Sox have won six World Series titles in 101 years. Minor point, perhaps, but I'm sick of hearing the same old "You guys win one WS and blah, blah, blah." And no, I don't feel like the Sox deserve anything except what they earn. But the fact is, every fan of every team would rather see their guys in first.

//I heard some of the Orioles are wearing shirts that say 'Why Not Us?'//

Tell the fucking Orioles to get their own slogan.

It seems that Wake just works better with Mirabelli..you know, like all famous duos:

Batman & Robin (minus the tights)

Beany & Cecil

Picard & Riker

Sponge Bob & Patrick (my kids made me add that)

Jay & Silent Bob

Taking nothing away from Tek or the new guy, but without Mirabelli, Wake appears to be mortal

"...and your obedient serpent is -- a Bob Clampett car-toooon!" (Sorry. I haven't seen a Beany and Cecil reference in years.)

I've been trying to explain to someone how apoplectic seeing the O's in 1st is making me. Brian Roberts? Bruce Chen? Rodrigo Lopez? WTF? Does Peter Angelos still own these bums?


He is truly grande.

Adios pelota! What a fucking badass- I think he waited for the count to be full. How 'bout Rent with the key bunt single?!

"...Rent with the key bunt single?!"

Fucking stunning.

That's exactaly what the Orioles were saying.

"nobody expects a bunt with one on and two out in the bottom of the ninth trailing by one!"

The Baltimore Oreos are for real this year, with that crunchy sweet pitching staff and a lineup that can really cream the ball. So get used to chasing them for first place. But hey, it's better than chasing the Chokees. We need a 10-game win streak and Baltimore needs to cool off a bit. Could happen soon. Nice observation about Mirabelli btw. Remember, all we need to do is get the Wild Card, get past the first round, and then win four against the O's!!!

"Tell the fucking Orioles to get their own slogan."

Actually, the shirts say "Why Not?," which is actually a reprisal of the 1989 Orioles' slogan, when the O's almost went from worst to first in the AL East (finished 2 games behind the Blue Jays).

Finally someone with some brains in this. Let me tell YOU something... i'm sick and fuckin tired of hearing all this bullshit down here from the sox fans. The sox won one god damn title in the last 86 years and suddenly you deserve the first place spot? I think not. The orioles have re-built from their last playoff run in 96' and now WHY NOT. The road to the world series runs straight through Baltimore... but you shouldn't have to worry, I'm sure you'll keep losing to the yanks for another EIGHTY-SIX YEARS.

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