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For the times they are a-changin

I stahted too but my eyes glazed ovah with boredom aftah the first few grafs …


Yeah, the "oh poor me I'm just a poor misunderstood newspapah repotah " tude is so transparent.


Using each email fans sent him as a chance to make a joke just reveals the typical media elitism. He's the smaht newspapah writah while his readahs, the fans, are a crazy, foul mouthed mob who just don't get it, right?


Funniest thing is when he says to Google "Tomase Manny" to behold the long list of positive Manny articles he's written … only problem is if you actually do that the results are a bit different.


I effin' love it. Top two results are of the BSMW blog being critical of Tomase and the rest of the page results are dominated by fan websites and message boards.


If you're scoring that at home it's web geeks 8, Tomase 2. What were we saying about the growing irrelevance of these guys?


Speaking of the inconsequential, I present to you the New York Yankees. "Does a team that goes 3-7 against Tampa Bay deserve to make the playoffs? I don't think so."


Hey, the only pahk the D-Rays have a winning record in, and this includes their home field mind you, is "Teh Stadium." Too effin' funny.


Yeah it's like watching botoxed Wang Chung onstage in that reality show Old Fuckahs Try Again or whatever it's called.



Wow, Genius Writers... Maybe he should have actually tried Googleing that topic first. Makes you think how much research goes into his articles when he can't spend two minutes on a web search...

P.S. .5 game back and looking good

Vote for Johnny!

Absolutely! And not to mention that Tomase said to search for "Tomase, Manny" i.e., with the comma in there which isn't proper keyword search syntax to begin with and makes Google cough up just a single unrelated PDF.

And the media wonder why they've lost the public's trust?

Is it my imagination or did that Ballclub Formerly Known as The Big Bad Yankees age 20 years last October?

Great job today h.b. What happened to Tomase? Not that I used to go out of my way to read him, but he used to seem more rational. Guess he decided he needed to sell-out and go the CHB route in order to try get people to pay attention to him. Sad. Can't imagine in the post-championship world that it's worth trying the bash-Manny shtick.

no kiddin', h.b. You can see it when they derisively refer to bloggers like these nutso-frothing-at-the-mouth "pajama conspiracy". Um, yeah, they're also your readers. Or were, at any rate. Not to mention that they actually take the time to research and fact check.

Gotta love those off nights where the Sox gain ground just by sitting around. If all goes well we'll own the division by the All Star break.

I have very little doubt that the Skankees will eventually make a big run. That they'll get real close to the top of the division. I also have very little doubt that the Methuselah's on that team will completely blow their load making said run, and will end the season in a slag heap of heating pads, walkers, and colostomy bags. Their final rally cry: "I've fallen, and I can't get up!"

<< "I've fallen, and I can't get up!" >>

If I may:

"I've fallen into third place, and I can't get up!"

Thanks for the link!

And is anyone else not really comfortable with "Google" as a verb yet? Is it that hard to say "search on Google," Tomase, you fancypants reporter? Seems like someone isn't as smart as a he thinks...

2005 D-Rays Stadium Smack-Down. I guess next we will have a 2004 ALCS Memorial Day at the Stadium to boost that suffering fan pride - there'll be a "Slappy McBluelips First Base Arm-Swat" bobble figure give away on that night, I'm sure.

"Google" used as a verb has been around for awhile now. I even hear it used in TV shows this past season. So guess we can cut Tomase slack on that one.

Let's hope Clement can keep the streak going in Philly tonight. Too bad mother's day was last month; anyway, I think we should all chip in and send Carl Pavano's mom a nice bouquet to thank her for being a Yankee fan and sending her son to the Bronx, forcing us to settle for Matt Clement.

As for Comase, maybe he's right about Manny. Maybe the Sox should just put Manny on waivers. Oh wait! They tried that! Remember, they wanted to dump Manny's salary so they could sign the "five-tool" wonder Alex Rodriguez. Good thing that didn't work out, huh? Whew!

One last thing. Let's Go Pedro! After the beat the Skankees tonight you can correct the statement you made last year. "The Yankees are my GRAND-daddy. Old, slow and always reminiscing about "the good old days" in the previous century.

Ah what a few weeks can do during the baseball season! Nice to see the Sox gettin their shite together a bit earlier this year. Is there anything more lovely to watch than the Boston beast offense when it is in freak mode? It's like staring down the barrel of shotgun...Let's just hope Bells either A)Starts striking out less and listens to the hitting coach (what do they say to him anyway??....Didn't enjoy hearing about Van's analysis of the costs of Mark's wastely ways or B) Starts packing his bags for a big trade for bullpen help I hope will come....Put Youks at second is my opinion! Also marvelous to see Rent getting into the groove. Let's hope it lasts this time. He really has a lovely swing, when it is pointing upward, he gets some nice long balls. When it is downward, it is DP city...Rotation making improvements And when Schills gets back...Woah mama! You heard it hear first my fellow baseball nuts: Sox will win 100 and the division....And a repeat title against the Cards (This time in 7 after the AL kills in the All Star Game)

Are you sure that Tomase URL is right? I get nothin' there, just ads and links to other stories. Do I need a subscription or something?

I'm not able to bring up the Tomase article either. Fortunately, I still had it cached in my browser.

Here is a PDF version:
Readers rush to Manny's defense against 'Terrible Tomase'

fuckin-a. 1st place. you guys meet me in beantown. 1st round is on me

Sox win, MFY and O's lose. Life is good, and so is First Place in AL East. Have a great weekend everyone, GO SOX.

Nice "homecoming" for Tito as well........

Thanks h.b. Rock.

Wow, what an ass, posting the name and school of a 15-year-old kid?

Awww, he didn't print my letter. ;-)

And thanks, Petey. Make the Yankees your daddy. Better late than never.

Has anyone ever seen John Tomase and John Popper photographed together? hmmmm...

or "I've falling and my formerly Big Unit can't get up" see also Wang.

Tomase takes the cake for traditional media. He doesn't even approach the garbage that is on Dirt Dog's site, though.

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