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Bridge to Total Freedom (It's not a cult. Really.)

The Red Sox start another win streak, beating the Cleveland Indigenous Peoples 5-2 …

So with a 5-2 lead and Wakefield turning the ball ovah to the pen, I'm thinking thank our inner thetans Foulke isn't on the bullpen value menu today.


But then the Mantay Ray comes in and throws 6 consecutive balls and I'm feeling about as comfortable as a psychiatrist at a Scientology convention …


Yeah, somebody dial up Tom and Katie and tell them the galactic tyrant Xenu is fucking with our bullpen again.


Have You Lived Before This Life? Well, yes the fuck I have. In 2003 and it was called bullpen by committee, and I don't want to live it again, OK, L-Ron?


Heh. But all's well that ends well. Mantei recovers, turns it over to Timlin and it's one, two, er, two and a quarter, ah, two and half, three(!) Timlin …


Right, no need to dust off the Handbook for Preclears or call in the auditors just yet.


Yeah, and talk about The Way to Happiness, ladies and gentlemen, behold Mr. Curt Schilling.


Now that's what I call a friggin' alternative to psychiatry.


Fuck yeah. Curt is our bridge to total freedom.



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