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Who's your Dhimmi?

Don't look now but the Sox have won 4 out of the last 5.


Didn't Youkilis get called up, oh, 5 games ago? Coincidence? I think not.


Are you kidding me? Youks is a mofo Jewish hitting machine.


Note to the anti-semite, Holocaust denying, intifada pricks: I don't see any Arabs slugging .600 … I'm just sayin' …


Yeah, hello, PLO? Send us a couple of hot hitting prospects then we'll see about getting you Palestinian statehood.


Hey, we'll take pitching, too. I'm always seeing those TV scenes from Gaza of Palestinian kids casting the fuck out of stones and Molotovs, gotta be a potential Nolan Mohammed Ryan out there, right?


Dude, you are so begging for a Dhimmitude smack down.


Yeah, I've got your subservient dhimmi right heah.



“Jewish hitting machine”, “Greek God of Walks”…whatever…YOOOOOUUUUUUK!

Sosa’s still got some in the tank. The O’s beat Halladay 5-1…the AL East standings are a bit more palatable today…

Today’s NY Times NYY Headline: “Sinking Yankees Nearly Hit Bottom”

TB Double-A pitcher, Trever Miller, hit Giambi in the helmet—unintentional--but even though Giambi’s a Yankee, that HBP annoyed me.

Hopefully, the Bronson will dhimmify the Tigers by Breaking Ball Jihad…

I am now officially an infidel.

Holy cow, HB, you're on fire today.
As in the flames of Hell, even! ;^)

I mean, "casting the fuck out of some stones" ferchristsake?!? That's GOLD!

Oh my God! The Boss has gone and cut his GM's head off.


You can clearly see Cashman's severed head sitting on the ledge in front of Steinbrenner.

thanks bob, that picture is priceless. looks like a photoshop job it's so good!

funny stuff, hb.

Even weirder... Youk is 6 for 13. 613 is the number of the commandments in Judaism. What does it all mean?

Bronson is DEALING right now...

4 IP 0 H 5 K

How is it possible for Millar to be breaking bats like this? Do we need to take up a collection for him so he doesn't need to buy them off the sale rack at Walmart anymore?

Youk being back is great, but what is up with Gabe Kapler (our other Hebrew hero) being in Japan and I read something about McCarty getting traded/released/something? Am I going to have to call Theo and set him straight on letting all the players with personality who aren't in Moneyball go away?

Great Post today H.B. I love the edgy stuff.

Those kids are being groomed for Cricket over there-note the follow-through.

BTW-sox win! Bronson was awesome & Papi comes thru in the clutch! 5-2 on this road trip-nice!

Cinqo De Arroyo!

Make that 5 of 6 HB...Ahh, beautiful Jihad free day.

Uh, yeah... Just insult a people who had their land unfairly taken away, their homes bulldozed, their villages (already poorly equipped to deal with the population density) constantly raided, their rights violated, what little land they have left divided by a giant concrete fence & an ineffectual United Nations blocked from doing anything because the United States has veto power & constantly uses it.

BTW, h.b., have you ever had your home raided in the middle of the night by heavily-armed militants (the home is most likely heavily damaged in the process), your relatives taken away at gunpoint (after being beaten, most likely) because of the claim that they are the friend of a brother of a neighbor of a militant? Didn't think so.

Go back to bitching about the Yankees & leave foreign policy to people who actually know what the fuck they're talking about.

Whoa h.b. You might have stepped on the wrong toes.

Anonymous does not forgive.

This is now my favorite sox blog. Not many have the balls to stand up to all the liberal al-jezeera bullshit about Israel these days.

Big words anonymous. Now put a name with them so we can tell you what an idiot you are.

How many times did the Israeli's say "here, you guys have this land and we'll stop trying to stop you from killing us, we just want "?

Ten? Eleven?

Larry Miller- "Five hundred million Arabs; five million Jews. Think of all the Arab countries as a football field, and Israel as a pack of matches sitting in the middle of it. And now these same folks swear that if Israel gives them half of that pack of matches, everyone will be pals. Really? Wow, what neat news. Hey, but what about the string of wars to obliterate the tiny country and the constant din of rabid blood oaths to drive every Jew into the sea? Oh, that? We were just kidding. "

Go back to Indymedia anonymous, it's more your speed....

Uh oh H.B. I think we found something ELSE we argree on.

Hey Bigbri!

How are things?!!?

Any Yankee heads washed up on the shores of the East River lately?

Christ I feel for that horse in Kentucky though. He loses and he's fucking dinner for the team the next day, count on it.

Hey, h.b., regarding yesterday's comment about being limited due to the two-character conversation format: what, these people don't have speaker phones? God knows I've had plenty of conversation where 2 or 3 of us stand around blowing shit to 2 or 3 other people on the other end. And there's always people meeting at the water cooler/cafeteria in the office.

But hey; that's up to you. Merely a technical observation, not a bid to get you to modify the format or anything. I love it as it is!

anonymous is like sending a letter to the editor and not signing your name- if youve got the balls to have an opinion, put the john hancock on it. both sides have problems, but this is baseball. by the way, some of the foreign policy "experts" need to put together a better team. talk to theo- cashmans in the bunker.

wow, hb. today's post is nothing but awesome. i'm in the library now studying for finals, and i had a lot of angry people turn and stare at me when i burst out laughing. i love it.

go bronson, my boy!

I can't believe these people are encouraging you, hb. Anonypuss is right: your infidel ass has gone too far this time! I have to try to contact those Afghan villagers who were almost crying with gratitude, hugging me while saying they love America for saving them from the Taliban and their evil cohorts in Al Qaeda. I have to tell them how wrong they are to believe in the freedom the US represents and they should put the yoke of religious tyranny back on. Now that I think about it, they were probably plants from the Republikkkan party sent to Afghanistan to raise Bush*'s poll numbers among uneducated troops.

it's funny because it hits home and is still independent of politics...I sensed no endorsement of Israel OR Palestine in the cartoon...lighten up people...just goes to show that this issue is a sure-fire debate starter at parties!!

Strato's right. I'm a filthy pinko and I thought the comic was great. It's a fact that Palestinian rock hurling skills could be put to more productive use throwing beans at A-Rod than some poor 17 year-old Israeli border guard.

My geography is rusty but Afghanistan and Palestine are two different places. Not that that excuses anonymous's bitchin' and moanin' on a sports blog.

I second speakah phone/watah coolah action.

All good points.

And just want to add that one of the "prime directives" of this strip/blog is to have no sacred cows, to have nothing, no topic, no person, no event that can't be skewered, roasted, caricatured, or otherwise burned in effigy just for the effin' sake of it.

As long as we have a First Amendment, I plan to use the piss out of it.

As for the speakerphone and water cooler stuff, yes, yes, agree. Been on my list for awhile. Also characters sitting in the stands at games or walking through the Common during lunch.

Would also like to play around with the format a bit such that I could run a giant, single frame panel on Sundays like they often have in the Sunday comics.

All in good time...

True that, Brian. Palestine and Afghanistan are about 4,000 miles apart, but I wanted to mock Anonymous and have never been to either the West Bank or Gaza strip, so I had to ignore the facts and go with what I know. You know, like any political debater. Take that, Sean Hannity!

In actuality, I was sorta responding to the second paragraph, which I mistakenly saw as unconnected to the first paragraph. I figured Anonypuss was indicting our military intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq since the points he make are what the anti-war protesters say about us. Upon re-reading it, I realize he was confining his comment (I think) to the IDF actions in Palestinian Authority-controlled lands. Pin the schmuck award on me.

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