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Une étude en rouge

David Wells doesn't make it through 2 innings giving up 9 hits and 7 runs before getting lifted …

I'm so friggin glad David Wells rushed right back into the rotation, we sure as hell need his help.


Abso-effin-lutely. I'm so glad the Red Sox so respect the "veterans" that they let them call all the shots. I mean it's not like Wells needed any rehab time with Pawtucket or anything. Shit no.


Right, and it's not like Schilling came back too early or anything and got injured. You've got to give the veterans a wide berth. Don't try to, you know, "manage" them. That shit just won't work.


Seeing Wells lumbah like a dinosaur in a stop animation sequence from the 70s going aftah Kotsay's lead off bunt in the first, I was overcome by Wells' heft, by his very fullness …


His fullness looms like a room full of obsolete tools.


Hey did you heah the secret to winning in sports is wearing red? Guess those scientists overlooked a certain Red team's fortunes from say 1919 thru 2003.


Yeah, but what if the 86 year drought was from not having enough red? When did the Sox introduce the Sunday red jersey, 2003?


Holy coincidences, Batman, 5 outs from the World Series in 2003 and winning the whole shabang in 2004 and due to red jerseys on home Sundays?


Some curly haired guy should write a book about this intriguing phenomenon.


Yeah, and call it "The Curse of the Red Herring."



Think about it... when the Red Sox introduced the red caps in 1975 and they almost won it... it just wasn't enough RED. I think you guys may be on to something.

Here is some help for your research:



David Wells:

"Une étude dans le lancement incompétent"

but the Patriots only got good years after they went from "mostly red" to "mostly blue" ...

This red theory is crap (which would make it colon cancer, I guess). When the Patriots wore mostly red, they rarely won a game, much less a championship.

"When the Patriots wore mostly red..."

Reminds me that I used to have a Stanley Morgan jersey...

Yeah, way back in the day...John Hannah, Tom Fox, Steve Grogan back in the day...

BTW--when you review the Land of the Lost Cast(see link pertaining to Wells' agility), a "Bill Laimbeer" is credited as a Sleestak...you think?


Duh...Tim Fox.

YES it IS the same Bill Lambeer in Land of the Lost. They needed really tall guys for the suits, so they had college basketball players do the work.

More Land of the Lost trivia here:

Land of the Lost

I can't believe I spent the last ten minutes reading about Land of the Lost........ of course, it's better than dwelling on the Sawx' fine performance yesterday afternoon.

h.b., thanks for the Saturday morning flashback. All that was missing was the accompanying sugar buzz from a few bowls of self-served Count Chocoula while my folks slept in.

Re: "I can't believe I spent the last ten minutes reading about Land of the Lost..."

I was blown away about how much of that stuff I remembered.....I am staggered at the number of neurons I'm wasting retaining crap like that...and yet, I still forget my girlfriends birthday.

Confession: I'm currently on disc 3 of The Complete Land of the Lost Season 1 from Netflix.

You guys must be old if i can remember they remade Land of the Lost into a Saturday Morning Series and i cant recall being that cheesy and old but those sci-fi flicks are the best. As a kid i was always scared of claymation for some reason it just scared the crap out of me, liek the blockheads from Gumby they got me going, i'm alsos cared of Cla Meredith.. Thank You

>>> i'm also cared of Cla Meredith

A bat in your hand will cure of that.

If I'm not mistaken, Doug formerly shit all over the red jersey. Mayhaps he and his ilk caused the 86 year drought? I heard the reason they were going to stop producing it is because to make Wells' jersey they would have had to spend $2 million on a new contract with the company that makes the fabric, and that just covered the belly section.

Can we get Byun-Hyung Kim back? I shouldn't even joke about that.

Yes, Doug was anti-red jersey, while Mike liked it and owns one.

I like the red jersey myself FWIW.

""The Curse of the Red Herring.""

Pure. Effin. Genius HB.

Perhaps one of your best lines yet.

Didn't someone talk about doing a movie remake of Land of the Lost?

Thanks on the Red Herring line.

I think the movie version of Land of the Lost is coming out sometime in the next year or so. I vaguely recall that Will Farrell is cast as Will Marshall, which suggests that it'll be a comedy. That bums me out, if so, because the show is actually quite serious, all things considered.

In the first two seasons, lots of famous sci-fi writers were involved in the scripts including D.C. Fontana of STOS fame. (Sci-fi geek? Who me?)

Just picking up on the "Webby" accolade (need to repair the pop-up balloon thingie?)--didn't notice it before.

Damn, you ah wicked good H.B....

Hope there's some mad coin in it for you...somehow...somewhere?

BTW--I can not believe...I mean, can not believe that Wilkipedia has so much detail on Land of the Lost...

Looked up Joan Severance (TV/"Wiseguy"), just to see how inclusive Wilkipedia is...pretty inclusive.

Notice I'm not talking 'bout the Sox today.


Wow, I remember watching Land of the Lost, and I'm not old at all... maybe I was seeing reruns? Who knows. What a great show that was.

As for the red... well, I think a certain black and white team in the area has (unfortunately) done pretty well for themselves over the years without a stitch of red in their unis...

Just found out about the Webby Worthy bit yesterday afternoon myself. Pretty cool. It's been a good year for this site, that's for sure.

The Wikipedia info on Land of the Lost is incredible. When I was a kid, that whole notion of the "closed world" circling back on itself was lost on me.

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